10 Industries With Massive Openings Today

It’s not an easy task to find a new job today, despite the many industries hiring right now. You have to have a set of skills, statistical advantage, and the right degree to land a job. You have to fit the job’s qualifications.
Glassdoor, the famed site that compiled job information, revealed the top 10 industries hiring in the U.S. right now. It also analyzed the numbers of employers in different sectors, like health care and business, which at least has one job listed on the site. The companies’ business outlook and satisfaction ratings are also noted.
So far, business and tech job hiring are on the top of the list. Glassdoor community expert Scott Dobroski said these industries’ employers are eyeing to hire a lot of employees to fill different competitive roles. “Job seekers with big data, mobile or analytics skills are in high demand,” he told Mashable.
So, here are the top 10 industries with massive openings that you can try.

1. Business Services

There are over 16,000 employers who are looking for new employees in the business services field. In the Glassdoor company review survey, about 42 percent of employees believe there will be more jobs available in this business, 33 percent think it will stay the same, and 27 percent deem it will get worse.

2. Information Technology

Although there is a big difference between business services and information technology, this profession comes second on the list with more than 10,000 hirings. Forty-five percent of employees think there will be more job openings for this field, while 24 percent deem the employment will get worse.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing has over 9,000 listings, making it third on the list. However, compared to the first two, 36 percent of employees believe there will be more jobs coming, while 27 percent think things may get worse for this business.

4. Healthcare

There are about 5,600 openings for the healthcare industry. However, only 33 percent of workers believe there will be more jobs available, while 30 percent think it will dip.

5. Finance

The finance sector comes fifth on the list with over 3,700 job openings. Around 40 percent of employees believe there is a chance that the employment will rise up, while 24 percent think it will go down.

6. Retail

With the emergence of buying and selling today, retail comes sixth on the list. There is almost 3,700 job opening for this field. Around 31 percent of workers positively think that this business will continuously boom, while 29 percent believe the opposite.

7. Accounting and Legal

Accounting and legal go together and are number seven on the list. With over 3,600 available jobs, 42 percent of employees strongly believe it will grow bigger, while only 22 percent think its future will get worse.

8. Construction, Repair, and Maintenance

These three come along on the eighth list with more than 2,100 hirings. Despite the small number of employees 41 percent of employees are optimistic that it will grow, while 26 percent think it will get worse.

9. Media

About 1,800 employers post, at least, one job listing for this business. Around 34 percent of employees believe this sector will continuously prosper, while 31 percent think it may decline.
10. Restaurants, Bars and Food Services
The food business completes the list with roughly 1,500 job openings. Thirty-seven percent of workers believe there is still a chance for this business to grow, while 20 percent think it may continuously fall.

Photo Sources: Facebook, Motor Beam, Ad Filmmakers