25 Highest-Paying Jobs In American That Are Not Lower Than 100K

There are a lot of highest-paying jobs in America, but law and medicine are still the best top-earning professions. In a report by Glassdoor, it noted that being doctors and lawyers sit as top-earning professionals.
The publication compiled the highest-paying jobs in America in 2016 by searching the analyzed anonymous salary reports from its users. To make it on the list, a job had to have at least 75 reports over the past year.
So, here are the 25 best-paying jobs in the U.S. that you may want to start practicing now.

1.      Physician
Being a physician is the top-paying job in American with $180,000 median base salary. Medical doctors’ employment is also seen to grow 14 percent from 2014 to 2024, which is twice as fast as the average for all occupations, as per Bureau of Labor Statistics.
2.      Lawyer
Although lawyers’ salary base depends on the type of law they practice, its median salary, which is around $144,500, is high enough to make it the second best-paying job in America.
3.      Research and Development Manager
R&D managers have different roles to do. Their task depends on their employer, but some of it include improving product design, leading new partnerships, and overseeing staff. It has $142,120 median salary base.
4.      Software Development Manager
Software development managers see and develop computer program systems. With a median salary base of $132,000, this profession is seen to grow 17 percent from 2014 to 2024.
5.      Pharmacy Manager
Aside from a doctoral degree, being a pharmacy manager has to have years of experience. But with $130,000 median base salary, their sacrifices will surely pay off.
6.      Strategy Manager
Strategy managers oversee the company’s plan to develop partnerships, drive growth, and create initiatives that will incite profits with $130,000 median base salary. This profession only requires a bachelor degree, but some employers ask for a master’s degree.
7.      Software Architect
Software architects create computer programs and plot companies’ technical plans, communicating it to their leaders. To be a software architect, you have to have a Bachelor of Science degree and start earning $128,250.
8.      Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer
Integrated circuit designer engineers do the works regarding electrical design, development support, and solve technical hardware issues. In electrical engineering, most professionals have a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree. Its median base salary is $127,500.
9.      Information Technology Manager
Information technology managers handle company equipment, software, and networks. They make sure these things are perfectly working. They also execute the companies’ IT goals. Aside from having a bachelor’s degree, IT managers have different technical skills, making them earn $120,000 a month.
10.  Solutions Architect
Solutions architects help in designing projects and projects and are involved in creating those in a technical way. Its education requirements vary. They can either have a bachelor’s degree in computer systems or information systems or a master’s in engineering or marketing. Its median base salary is $120,000.
11.  Engagement Manager
Engagement managers are involved in handling client relationships with a median base salary of $120,000. This role needs skill in marketing and project management. Knowing software or technical skills can also come useful.
12.  Applications Development Manager
Applications development managers work to improve internal systems and software. They oversee these things with a median base salary of $120,000. Anyone who wants to be a manager of this kind needs to have a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in the field.
13.  Pharmacist
To be a pharmacist, one should have a doctoral degree to start practicing. However, this work comes with long hours of duty and weekend shifts. But with a median base salary of $118,000, they will surely be compensated.
14.  Systems Architect
Systems architects handle the building and maintaining of companies’ databases, software, and system coding. To be a system architect, you should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, computer science, or related field. This also comes with a salary of $116,920.
15.  Finance Manager
Finance managers create financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies. They also handle the planning of the companies’ long-term financial goals. To start earning $115,000, finance manager aspirants need to have a bachelor’s degree or five years or more of finance experience, accounting, or any related field.

16.  Data Scientist
Computer and data research scientists solve complex computing problems. With a median base salary of $115,000, the employment rate is expected to grow 11 percent from 2014 to 2024, which is faster than average.
17.  Risk Manager
Risk managers have more complicated work, handling companies’ insurance, liability, and legal compliance. Its function and education requirements vary, depending on the industry that you’ll be in. It has a median base salary of $115,000.
18.  Creative Director
Creative directors create new marketing strategies for companies, leading branding, and design. Although job requirements vary, having a good track record in leadership is a big help. This job has a median base salary of $115,000.
19.  Actuary
Actuaries examine companies’ financial risk and uncertainty. They have a median base salary of $115,000. The BLS noted employment rate for this job is projected to grow 18 percent from 2014 to 2014.
20.  Data Architect
Data architects provide information and technology road maps for companies. To do the job, one should have technical skills and/or a bachelor of science in computer science or information system. This also comes with a high salary of $113,000.
21.  Tax Manager
Tax managers arrange businesses and individuals’ federal and state income tax returns. Tax managers have to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in accounting to have a job, which has a median base salary of $110,000.
22.  Product Manager
Product managers play a major part in the companies’ product development team. They make sure new products will be delivered on time needed. There are thousands of open positions for this job that has $107,000 median base salary.
23.  Design Manager
Design managers envision and execute customers or clients’ experience with companies. Their duties vary across industries, but it has a $106,500 median base salary.
24.  Analytics Manager
Analytics managers need to have strong points in statistics and data analysis. This work also has thousands of openings with a median base salary of $106,000.
25.  Information Systems Manager
Information systems managers do similar works to that of information technology managers. However, they have broader responsibilities. Information systems managers need to supervise information even if it looks organized. This has a median salary base of $106,000.

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