Take A Look At These Famous Celebrities And Their Shockingly Expensive Houses

Sam Elliott – Oregon and Malibu

People may know Samuel Pack Elliott as a cowboy and rancher in a number of films. Young people may recognize him as Bobby from A Star is Born. No matter what role you remember him as; the actor has already displayed his wisdom in investment planning. Sam owns two properties that he calls home. One of them is his childhood house in Oregon, where he stays every so often and plans to retire in. The other one is in Malibu, where he and his wife, Katherine, live. One thing is for sure: this guy is no cowboy when it comes to real estate investments!

Ross and Elliott live on a seaside ranch in Malibu, which they bought in the 1970s. Elliott also has a property in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. His mother died in 2012 at the age of 96. He also owns his childhood house in northeast Portland.

Tiger Woods – Jupiter Island, $40 Million

Tiger Woods is one of the wealthiest athletes of all time. He’s the most famous golfer in the world and his riches have amounted to a stunning price of $800 million! With all his money, he’s also been known to purchase lavish and outrageously expensive investments. No one can doubt that he has an eye for great real estate properties. He and his former wife home purchased his Jupiter Island for $40 million.

It took a while to reconstruct and renovate the house, but now it includes a fancy fitness room, tennis court, multiple pools, media room and even an elevator! It’s no wonder why Tiger hasn’t put the incredible property for sale yet. Woods mortgaged $50 million for this at the end of 2010, is one of the more expensive houses on Barrier Island. According to “Forbes” reports, in 2006 sales price was US$40 million, the highest price on Jupiter Island at that time.

Halle Berry – Malibu, $8 Million

Similar to other celebrities, Halle Berry uses her money on investments in real estate, cars, and clothing. But unlike the others, she doesn’t constantly hire a moving company since she’s been staying in one property for 13 years. Berry purchased a beach house in Malibu for $8 million for more than a decade ago. It covers 5,000 square feet, and it features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a spa with a jacuzzi. She can also easily access the beach, which could be one of the reasons she never sold this home.

Halle’s unparalleled building also has floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to enjoy sea views from almost every room in the house. As for the decoration, this lovely mother chose a modern look because the house is equipped with a glass top bar, stylish furniture and a striking appearance. Berry probably has excellent home insurance for this property.

Adele – Beverly Hills, $9.5 Million

Adele is one of the most popular singers in the world. This multi-Grammy winner can easily buy any property she wants. One of her real estate investments is in her home in Hidden Valley, Beverly Hills, which she bought for $9.5 million. It covers 3,500 square feet and features four bedrooms with each one having a fireplace, two bathrooms, two dining rooms, and two living rooms. The master bedroom also has two walk-in closets — she has two of almost everything!

Adele’s floor is covered with a cream carpet, and in the middle of the room is a round coffee table surrounded by mustard cloth. There was a flowering plant on the floor next to the window, and she seemed to have a London Underground sign with Tottenham Hale written on it.Even if her home is located in a guarded community, she probably still had a home security system installed.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Florida, $3.4 Million

Who wouldn’t know Dwayne Johnson or The Rock? Not only is Johnson a world-renowned WWE superstar, but he also pursued an acting career. With his earnings from both professions, he was able to make investments such as in real estate found in great locations. One of his properties is his recently purchased $3.4-million mansion in Florida, which covers 13,000 square feet. The property comes with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 14-seater home theatre, swimming pool with jacuzzi, and a lush green garden.

Of course, we would also be surprised if this wrestler purchases a property without a fully-stocked gym. He has a luxurious bathroom, after a whole day of work, he can shower. The high ceiling is a beautiful sight. Without a swimming pool, luxurious mansion is not complete. The weather in Miami is very hot, so if you need to, The Rock can take a nap or take some time to get a tan. The pool party here must be exquisite.

Clint Eastwood – Pebble Beach ,$9.75 Millon

Clint Eastwood is a highly respected name in Hollywood who has been getting huge paychecks for many decades now. Eastwood hasn’t retired yet and his most recent role was in The Mule in 2018. He once owned a nice home in Pebble Beach, California which was about 6,900 square feet. It has a total of six bedrooms and seven bedrooms. The interior was never really remade according to modern styles so whoever bought the place as it was would feel that classic 1920s vibe. The house was listed back in 2017 for $9.75 million.

The famous San Francisco architect Clarence Tantau designed the house in the 1920s and is characterized by its Spanish farmhouse style, which includes thick adobe walls, terracotta roof tiles, handmade ironwork and iconic Spanish door. The internal area is 6,900 square feet. The house is built around a central courtyard with towering oak trees and fountains.

Ron Howard – Connecticut, $27 Million

We all have Ron Howard to thank for our favorite films like Apollo 13, Cocoon and A Beautiful Mind. His talent in the film industry also shows in his acting career. Now that he’s also a producer, he continues to earn investment money to maintain his real estate properties. One of his greatest possessions was a mansion in Connecticut worth $27 million. He, his wife and his children loved their estate and Howard related in an interview that his family made unforgettable memories in their theater, observatory and even by the lake.

Now that his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard is also a famous director and actress, no doubt that Ron is proud of his life decisions. Howard’s residence is a classic New England manor, with six bedrooms, five full baths, and four partial baths. The Howard family owned the property for 20 years. The house itself has more than 17,200 square feet of living space. The manor is only one hour away from New York City and is an ideal place for entertainment and large-scale events. The Howards has hosted two weddings, numerous gatherings and fundraising activities at the property.

Britney Spears – Sherman Oaks, $7.8 Million

Britney Spears is an icon of pop culture, most famous for her chart-topping hits, dance moves and even her films. As one of the most popular celebrities in the world, her life is pretty much an open book. The world has watched the ups and downs of her career, but her real estate investments are proof that she still has some sense in her. Her Sherman Oaks property is worth $7.8 million and sits upon a 20-acre piece of land. The fancy villa is where Britney raises her two children and relaxes during her time off.

This new house is twice as big as her previous home, but only costs her a little more from the previous $7.4 million home. After selling a 7796-square-foot house in Beverly Hills, Britney bought the Sherman Oaks mansion for $7.4 million in 2015 for $7.8 million. Although the price difference is small, the lifestyle of the popular princess has changed dramatically. Her new house is about 12,000 square feet, almost twice that, covering 20 acres.

Celine Dion – Florida, $65 Million

Celine Dion is a legendary icon in the music industry. She can get all the finest things in the world, given her $380 million net worth. One of her investments is in real estate, specifically her Bahamian-themed home in Florida. This grand mansion is 10,000 square feet, and it comes with a water park that includes slides, a pool, and a man-made river. She bought this estate for $65 million, and she probably had to pay more to install a home security system. Aside from its pool amenities, it has eight bedrooms, multiple dining areas, game room, media room, and more.

The open-plan living area is very spacious. The whole house is well ventilated, with multiple glass walls, a tennis court and guest room, while in fact, the huge water park is a feature of this world. The swimming pool system requires 500,000 gallons of water and includes two swimming pools, two water slides, water cannons and a tree house. Not only that, there is more than 400 feet of land along the Atlantic Ocean.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – Hidden Hills, $60 Million

Kanye and Kim are probably one of the world’s most popular and powerful couples now. Both of them are insanely rich and famous in their respective industries, and both share their own scandals and success. Kim’s net worth is said to be around $240 million, while Kanye, as a music icon, is said to have around $370 million of investment money. With their riches, they have purchased a home in Hidden Hills worth $20 million in 2014. Now, with the renovations and added décor, the property is said to have increased in price, being worth around $60 million!

The house is completely decorated in soft tones of white, brown and gray-the couple said that color can relaxes them and makes them happy and escape chaos of the outside world. One of the most curious rooms is dedicated with huge soft sculptures similar to animals made by artist Isabel Rower.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith – Calabasas, $32.3 Million

Another Hollywood icon that’s famous all over the world is Will Smith. He skyrocketed to fame with his role in The Fresh Prince in Bel-Air and now, he rocked the big screen again with Aladdin as the Genie. His wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith is another actress, making their combined net worth a whopping $280 million. Their stunning collection of investments includes a mansion in Calabasas worth $32.3 million. Aside from the fancy décor, the amenities of the home also include a home theater and recording studio, perfect for the children who are musically-inclined.

The Smiths snapped up the ranch and started building their luxurious compound in 2003, but it took 7 years to complete the project, Will and Jada both participating. The custom-built houses equip luxurious leisure facilities, it containes basketball courts, tennis and volleyball courts, and sunken trampolines.

Brad Pitt – $13.1 Million, Beverly Hills

Brad Pitt is an American award-winning actor and film producer. He bought his house with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston back in 2001. It cost them $13.1 million to buy this mansion in Beverly Hills. It was designed by Wallace Neff and was built in the 1930s. His home features four bedrooms, a screening room, floor-to-ceiling windows, a pub room, 20-seater dining room, a fireplace, and a swimming pool. He also had to spend on renovations and flooring, as he had heated marble floors installed. They sold it to Jonathan Brooks for $22.5 million – now, that’s a worthy real estate investment.

The house was described by the Wall Street Journal as a “French Normandy Revival Property”. It has four bedrooms, a swimming pool, plenty of outdoor space and a championship tennis court. The house was originally listed in May 2019 at a price of US$49 million. In October 2019, the price was reduced by US$45 million. According to the Los Angeles Times, it was sold to an unidentified buyer through an over-the-counter transaction for $32.5 million.

Bryce Dallas Howard – New York, Undisclosed Amount

Bryce Dallas Howard only used to be known for being Ron Howard’s daughter. Now, she’s making a name for herself as a great actress and budding director! You might recognize her for being in Jurassic World with Chris Pratt and for having a role in an episode of Black Mirror. Her Instagram followers know that she likes to read and keep her mind sharp, but she’s also good at investment planning because she had bought a new home in upstate New York with her husband, Seth Gabel.

The property is located in the Hollywood Hills and was built in 1931. It has a gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, sauna and canyon views. The house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It is decorated in a minimalist style and has polished wooden floors throughout. We trust that Bryce has found a home that would suit her lifestyle and provide an amazing house for her family. We also hope to see more of her beautiful face in future movies and TV shows.

Rob Lowe – Montecito, $47 Million

Rob Lowe is one of Hollywood’s finest actors, and now, he’s also a producer and director. He also owns a collection of awards such as Screen Actors Guild Awards. His nominations for Golden Globes and a Primetime Emmy Award are also proof of his acting prowess. His amazing net worth of $60 million has allowed him to purchase cool properties with his investment money. This includes his Montecito property, which he bought for $7.5 million in 2005. Now, the 10,000 square-feet property has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a guesthouse and a poolhouse, making the property worth about $42.5 million!

This gorgeous house covers 3.4 acres with sea views, tennis courts, rose garden and a hotel bigger than our dream home.The actor and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff Lowe, listed Sotheby’s International Real Estate as a California luxury home for $47 million in 2018, and then reduced the price in August 2019 US$42.5 million.

Ed Sheeran – Framlingham, $4.6 Million

Looking back to when Ed Sheeran had almost nothing, but his guitar and his passion for music, the world has seen how the singer has grown into the successful young man that he is today. And he’s come a long way now since his net worth is around $160 million and he still continues to make incredible music. He spends his investment money building up a mini village of his own in his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk. It seemed that he wasn’t content with his house purchase in June 2012 and continued to purchase the nearby properties. His little village now has a pub, a treehouse and many more!

Ed has a unique tree house with a living room, study and TV room, and a four-car garage like a barn. The musician also obtained permission to build his own bar on the site in 2017, which has a basement including a cinema and a tunnel to the main house.

Wesley Snipes – New Jersey, $10 Million

Wesley Trent Snipes is not only a popular actor but a director, producer & an author too. He lives in New Jersey in his modest house worth $10 million with his wife Nakyung Park. His wife is a talented painter. Talking about Wesley’s house, it have a Swimming Pool, Home Cinema, & an Office. Looking at the amenities he have in his house we don’t think he would apply for a home loan to buy another property.

The movie star, known for his “blade” trilogy, bought a 1.16 acre property in the 9000 block of Deakin Court in 1993 for just over $1 million. Snipes has been a resident of an upscale community for more than a decade, after which he sold the foreclosed Tibetan lake property in 2004 for $635,900. Records show that Dykgraaf bought the house in 2006 for $2.7 million. She is the American aerobics champion and president of Windermere Sports Company.

Michelle Pfeiffer – Pacific Palisades, $7.7 Million

One of Hollywood’s best leading ladies, Michelle Pfeiffer, has made a name for herself as a talented actress. She’s been known to strut down red carpets looking as glamorous as ever, despite her age. But it turns out that the actress can’t help herself when it comes to great real estate investments as well. She had bought a home in Pacific Palisades for $8.15 million back in 2016 and seemed pretty satisfied.

But when the next door property went on sale for $7.7 million just recently, she couldn’t help but purchase the property as well. It seems only natural, since the house suits her tastes really well. Since the transaction has been confirmed in the market, the specific details are still somewhat confidential, but this is what we know. It is more than 10,300 square foot, has 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a swimming pool, gym and 4 garages.

Nicole Kidman – Australia, $4.8 Million

Nicole Kidman is an award-winning American-Australian actress who worked hard to gain a net worth of $183 million. With this amount of money, she can afford a luxurious life filled with expensive yachts and gorgeous houses. Part of her countless assets is her investment in a farmhouse in Australia. She bought this property for $4.8 million back in 2008, just before she gave birth to her adorable baby girl. She also has a Beverly Hills mansion with a price tag of $4.7 million and an estate in Southern Highlands which lessened her net worth by $6.5 million.

The house has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a tennis court and a swimming pool, providing plenty of space for Nicole, Keith and their daughter Faith and Sunday. Nicole’s husband Keith Urban can also record new music at home because he has his own recording studio equipped with all speakers, mixers and recording equipment.

George & Amal Clooney – London, $20 Million

Celebrity couple George and Amal Clooney bought their Berkshire mansion in 2014, but they only recently moved in with their twins. They purchased it for $20 million. This is worth the price tag since it comes with nine bedrooms, outdoor playground, pool house, tennis court, 12-seater home cinema, nanny’s quarters, and Subterranean irrigation system. With a property this expensive, they probably have to pay a pricey homeowners’ insurance and get a home security system. But it’s not a problem for this couple given their combined net worth of more than $500 million – that’s halfway to becoming a billionaire couple!

Soon after moving in, the Clooney couple remodeled their estate, building their own private cinema, new swimming pool and spacious entertainment terrace. In the house, the original wooden floors, marble finishes and elegant interiors renew the magnificent space.

Novak Djokovic – Miami, $15 Million

Novak Djokovic is one of the best tennis players in the world and of all time. With 16 Grand Slams under his belt, he can surely afford an expensive home in Miami. He purchased an exclusive complex in Eighty-Seven Park for $15 million. This current world number one tennis player’s new home comes with five bedrooms, a huge dining area, a private garden, and more. We don’t know if it comes with a tennis court or not.

The building uses eco-friendly glass structure, which is very suitable for Novak’s commitment to creating a clean lifestyle.The property is separate from the hustle and bustle of South Beach, allowing residents to escape from the fast pace of the city. With a property this huge, he needs to have a reliable home security system installed. His home insurance is probably more expensive than the average person’s mortgage payments.

Denzel Washington – Beverly Hills, Undisclosed Amount

As one of Hollywood’s most prized actors, Denzel Washington has raked up a stunning net worth of $220 million. Not only is he a great actor, but he also makes money as a great director and producer. His possessions include a garage of expensive luxury cars and a collection of prestigious awards like a Golden Globe, a Tony Award and two Oscars. Aside from those, he also owns a 28, 887 square-feet mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

The Mediterranean décor of the property reflects his classy taste, which can also be seen in the vintage and antique pieces scattered throughout the household. This house is suitable for kings. Located on 2.13 acres of land, it has a swimming pool, tennis court and even a beautiful fountain. This beautiful home in the Los Angeles area has 8 bedrooms and 14 bedrooms.

Bill Gates – Medina, Washington, $127 Million

Bill Gates is the second wealthiest man in the United States and in the world! With a stunning net worth of $105.7 billion, it’s enough to make all our credit cards bleed dry. For someone as wealthy as him, he can buy anything he wants! His property is Medina, Washington is massive and has every luxury you can ever imagine. The 66,000 square-feet property was only worth $2 million when he bought it in 1988. Now, many years and many dollars later, the stunning mansion is now worth an amazing $127.48 million!

The house has 24 bathrooms, including ten baths. That is a lot of bathrooms. There are only seven bedrooms in the home, which means there are more than three bathrooms in each bedroom in the house. The mansion took seven years to build and cost $60 million. Each room has its own touch panel to control the room environment. In addition to tracking personal preferences, the smart home system also allows music to follow you from room to room.

Courteney Cox – Malibu, $33 Million

If you are a fan of the popular sitcom Friends, then you probably know who Monica Geller-Bing is. The actress behind this character is Courtney Cox, and she was able to earn a lot thanks to this production. No wonder it was easy for her to buy a home in Malibu that cost $33 million without getting a loan. The estate has a seafront view, and it features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a screening room, a saltwater swimming pool, a tennis court, and a few guest cottages. We don’t know if she got a degree in interior design, but she was the one who decorated her home.

Courteney’s living room uses relaxing neutral tones, and the cream sofa is covered with chocolate-colored cushions. The Friends actress hung artwork on the wall and used flower vases, table lamps and accessories to add decorative touches.

Julia Roberts – Malibu, $6.4 Million

Julia Roberts is among the list of the best actresses in the world. She has a long array of amazing films and her roles have earned her numerous awards to be considered as one of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. In her collection, she owns a Primetime Emmy Award and three Golden Globe awards, making it no surprise that her net worth is now up to $140 million. With her investment money, she’s able to purchase a $6.4 million home in Malibu.

The property is 6000 square feet of unique designs and décor, with its beach Asian style of exterior taste. Julia is often seen sporting simple, yet classy fashion so we have no doubts that her house would be the same. The house includes four comfortable bedrooms and three bathrooms. As a bungalow suitable for relaxing on the beach, there is no traditional front door; instead, guests must enter through a sliding door that leads directly to the informal dining area. The sunny kitchen is equipped with mid-range stainless steel appliances, and the spacious living room has whitewashed walls and vaulted ceilings

Leonardo DiCaprio – Belize, $1.75 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous actor who is best known for his role in the classic film Titanic. Not only did this celebrity buy a huge mansion, but he got an island as well. His grand investment has a size of 104 acres, and it’s called Belize’s Blackadore Caye. He bought the island for $1.75 million, and it can fit 72 villas and residential homes. But he had to spend more for renovations, specifically, turning it into an eco-friendly island. It’s not a problem for him, and this expense probably didn’t even make a dent in his net worth.

Blackadore Caye (also the name of the island) will have 36 holiday bungalows and 36 manor houses, all of which will be powered by 100% renewable energy harvested from solar panels. Rainwater will be collected and filtered on site, combined with solar desalination devices to meet the water needs of the resort.

Heidi Klum – Los Angeles, $24 Million

Heidi Klum is a supermodel and television star who has gained a high net worth thanks to her amazing career. She used some of her money on investments in real estates, such as her $24-million home in Los Angeles. Klum’s property covers 12,300 square feet that don’t even take up one acre of her 8.5-acre land. She needs to have a high-end home security system installed to make sure that no one wanders in.

The house has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a rustic-style kitchen, various living rooms, dining areas, a private gym and a dance studio.For her home, it has a touch of Italian, and it features eight bedrooms and a children’s playground. When you enter the backyard, Heidi’s home almost becomes an outdoor oasis. The residence is equipped with a huge swimming pool, a lounge area and a dining space. Heidi’s backyard even has a trampoline, pizza oven and playground. Her home insurance must be expensive!

Jamie Foxx – Hidden Valley, California (CA), $2.99 Million

Eric Marlon Bishop, known by his stage name Jamie Foxx, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and comedian from Texas. Foxx gained his recognition when he started his career as a comedian in 1989. That was the start of his acting career. As of 2019, Jamie Foxx’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million dollars. A midcentury-modern Tarzana home once owned by Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx has dropped its asking price by $304,000. The single-level home has now listed at $2.995 million.

Jamie’s Hidden Valley property also features a magnificent Olympic swimming pool with outdoor pavilions, tennis courts, a double guest house, and a fully custom basketball court with stadium-style seating. Aerial photos of Jamie Foxx’s home show that there are always many activities to keep his children busy, including two large trampolines, an outdoor playroom, table tennis and ample bike lanes.

Ryan Seacrest – Beverly Hills- $36.5 Million

Most people would probably know Ryan Seacrest from American Idol, and he has been the host of the show for a very long time. Until now, no one can ever take his spot as the hit show’s host. In fact, with a net worth of $350 million, Seacrest is TV’s highest paid host. This means that he knows his money management. With that, he can also buy any property he wants, but he’s wise to buy properties from his trusted friends.

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, in Beverly Hills apparently, once owned his latest home. The price she charged for the property? A stunning $36.5 million, but it already includes 9,200 square feet of living space, 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms! The living room has 22-foot ceilings, it has a movie theater, a spa, an incredible world-class gym and a master suite with its own meditation garden. It even has a super cool bar/lounge.

Chris Hemsworth – Byron Bay, $15 Million

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you have probably seen the Thor movie series. The actor behind this superhero is Chris Hemsworth. He recently moved back to Australia, his homeland, with his wife and children. They currently live in their Byron Bay mansion, which he bought for $7 million. This expensive 11-acre estate had to be renovated, which lessened the net worth of this famous actor by $8 million.

His investment is worth every penny, given that his wonderful home comes with eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, lagoon pool, and private access to the seaside. Inside the house, you can find a variety of luxurious styles. Some rumors indicate that there is a small man-made island and underground cave in Chris Hemsworth’s mansion, but these reports have not been confirmed. The house is compared to a shopping mall because of its sheer size.

The Weeknd – Hidden Hills, $20 Million

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, or more popularly known as The Weeknd, won the hearts of his fans thanks to his amazing voice and electrifying performances on stage. One of his real estate investments is his home in Hidden Hills, which he bought for $20 million. The property covers 12,000 square feet, and it features nine bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a music lounge, a recording studio, a cinema theater, a wine cellar, a wet bar, and a dining room with a fireplace.

Huge rooms span one side of the building, including bars and balconies at both ends. The fully equipped kitchen is located on one side of the large room, and four large bedrooms surround the rest of the apartment. Moreover, if the star does not like meeting neighbors, he will have the luxurious experience of a unit gym. He probably had a top-notch home security system installed, especially since his grand mansion comes with expensive amenities and facilities.

Nicole Kidman – Australia, $4.8 Million

Nicole Kidman is a brilliant actress, known for her incredible performances in various films and TV shows. She’s also considered one of the most successful professionals in show business in terms of her finances and her career aspirations. On the other hand, her husband, Keith Urban, is a well-known icon in the music industry, and the two of them together form a very strong and star-studded combo. Their combined net worth is enough to buy the couple properties all over the world—and that’s exactly what they did!

A prime example would be their real estate investments in a couple of key places such as Beverly Hills estate and Australia. The two stars spent around $4.7 million on a mansion in the lovely neighborhood of Beverly Hills and purchased another one in the calm and lovely Southern Highlands of Australia for $6.5 million. As if that’s not enough, the couple spent more of their investment money on their main home in Nashville and another $4.8 million on a farmhouse in the land down under.

Mandy Moore – Pasadena, $2.5 Million

Who doesn’t know the name Mandy Moore? We bet a lot of you have heard her voice in her albums and saw a couple of her movies, such as the 2001 film The Princess Diaries and A Walk to Remember in 2002. This celebrity is very successful in her career, so it’s not a surprise that she has a luxurious lifestyle and a really good credit score to boot. One of her prime real estate investments is a dreamy $2.5-million classic 1950s mansion in Pasadena. It covers 33,551 square feet and features three spacious bedrooms.

The property also has other amenities such as a spa-like bathroom, which is perfect for relaxation after a long day in Hollywood, as well as an office that gives her all the privacy and focus she needs. The huge kitchen with an ingeniously designed breakfast nook also adds another touch of elegance to her classic home.

Richard Gere – Hamptons, $47.5 Million

Richard Gere is one of the top actors and producers in Hollywood in the past couple of decades. As a prominent figure in the industry, he easily dominated show business with his charisma and unique acting style. There was even a time that money never became a problem for him, and it was the window he waited for to finally get a hold of his dream home.

We can expect property in the Hamptons to have a million-dollar price tag – which isn’t a problem for the famous actor. With that said, he immediately put this real estate as his prime investment. He purchased a spacious estate where his mansion sits. It has some of the coolest amenities money can buy, such as a classic entertainment area filled with all kinds of expensive fixtures, a gourmet kitchen, and a first-class family room. Other amenities also include fireplaces, a pool, and of course, a basketball court.

Chris Evans – Hollywood Hills, $3.5 Million

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you probably know who Captain America is. The actor behind this iconic character is none other than Chris Evans. Over the past couple of years, his career showed steady growth, which translated to bigger paychecks. This became apparent, especially after his portrayal of Captain America in a couple of films under the Marvel MCU. Not only did he win wars against supervillains, but he also won a bidding battle for his home in Laurel Canyon. He was able to purchase this 4,599 square-foot mansion for the reasonable price of $3.5 million.

His new superhero lair seems to be a perfect fit for him, no matter how we look at it. His home comes with three bedrooms, including a master’s bedroom for a champ. The floor-to-ceiling windows are strategically placed around the house to make sure the interior of his property gets enough sunlight. It also sports a massive dressing room and has room for an open-concept kitchen.

Lady Gaga – Malibu, $22.5 Million

Lady Gaga was born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Not only is the Born This Way singer an iconic music artist, she’s now also one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. With a jaw dropping net worth of around $300 million of investment money, it’s no wonder that she can buy the fanciest mansion she lays her eyes on, like her 10, 270 square-foot mansion in Malibu, right across Zuma Beach.

The property’s open floor plan allows vast creative decorating and Gaga likes it rustic and modern. Along with gorgeous views, incredible amenities and amazing features, the house is worth about $22.5 million!

Jennifer Aniston – Bel-Air, $21 Million

Jennifer Aniston is another one of Hollywood’s hottest women and one of its best actresses. With her memorable roles in films and TV shows, she has no doubt won over the hearts of millions of fans. Her role as Rachel in the iconic TV sitcom Friends is still the talk of the town even today serving as proof that she deserved the Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, and Screen Actors Guild award she received.

Her net worth of $240 million of investment money is not at all surprising, considering that she’s one of the most famous celebrities out there. Despite her recent split with Theroux, Aniston seems to be doing just fine in her $21 million home in Bel-Air. Snaps of the amazing home can be seen from her stylists’ Instagram posts and the property looks as fantastic as she does! The amount of greenery around the property is also pretty astounding!

Jared Leto – Hollywood Hills, $2 Million

Jared Leto first gained recognition when he played the role of Jordan Catalano in the TV series My So-Called Life in 1994. Shortly after, in 1995, he debuted on the big screen in How to Make an American Quilt. The actor received praise for his performance in Prefontaine where he played the titular character of Jared Prefontaine.

Leto bought a home in Hollywood Hills for $2 million. It covers 4,000 square feet and is two stories high. This former rockstar’s investment features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully-equipped recording studio, a full-bar entertainment room, a fire pit, a gigantic pool, and tropical-themed landscaping for the exterior of his home. His investment is worth every penny, especially since it’s the sole home in the street. Leto can enjoy his privacy, and he probably had a security system installed. Even if he didn’t need to spend on renovations, the amount of his homeowner’s insurance must be jaw-dropping.

Joaquin Phoenix – Los Angeles, $1.39 Million

The multi-awarded Joaquin Phoenix who received two Golden Globes, an Oscars, and a Grammy is not only a brilliant actor but also an environmentalist, producer, and animal rights activist. He has shown support for various organizations like the Peace Alliance and Amnesty International. Did you know he is also a vegan and a member of various rights groups?

It comes as no surprise then that instead of buying and moving into a larger real estate investment, award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix opted to expand his current home. Back in 2013, he bought his neighbor’s house for $1.39 million, but he still hasn’t merged the two of them. His new property covers 2,511 square feet and has a vintage-style decoration. Aside from this property, he purchased another mansion in Los Angeles with his sibling in 2018. He can freely use his savings since he surely earned a lot in the recent Joker film.

Minnie Driver – Hollywood Hills, $2.5 Million

Amelia Fiona Driver, or more popularly known as Minnie Driver, is an English-American actress, singer, and songwriter. She is best known for her portrayal of Skylar in Goodwill Hunting. Her performance exceeded expectations that she received nominations for both a Screen Actors Guild Awards and an Oscars for Best Supporting Actress.

Driver is also a good singer and she released two singles, “Invisible Girl” in 2004 and the following year, “Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket”. With her multiple professions, she was able to increase her net worth and spend some of her earnings on real estate investments. She purchased a home in Hollywood Hills for $2.5 million. The interior decoration is so beautiful that it was featured in an issue of Elle Décor. Her furniture is arranged in a gypsy-inspired manner, and she has a lot of items where you can slip and fall on. We hope she has home insurance to cover for any accidents a guest makes.

Kenny Chesney – Saint John, US Virgin Islands, $11 Million

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Kevin Chesney had the early makings of a country singer. He received his first guitar at an early age and when he started fiddling with it, he knew that he would go into the music industry. He self-released a demo album in 1989, which surprisingly sold 1,000 copies, despite the absence of a powerful marketing arm.

Life is definitely good for country singer Chesney. It seems that even if he was born and raised in landlocked Knoxville, Tennessee, Chesney loves the ocean. That’s why he has multiple investment properties in the Caribbean, particularly in Saint John, US Virgin Islands. One of them is this property in the Upper Peter Bay, another one is the Stoneridge house located off of Centerline Road, and lastly, a house in Estate Chocolate Hole. All of his properties are owned by the Grigsby Farm Trust, an entity that represents the famous country star. With a $225 million net worth, it’s not surprising that Chesney would invest handsomely in real estate properties.

Lauren Conrad – Pacific Palisades, Undisclosed Amount

Conrad isn’t just a pretty face you can see on Television. She was 18 years old when she appeared in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County in 2004, but now, she’s a fashion designer and author, aside from being a TV personality. Her first novel, L.A. Candy, which was released in June 2009, became a bestseller in The New York Times. That success led to two more sequels in 2010.

She later became a part of The Hills in 2006 and has been earning investment money ever since. Now, she is able to purchase real estate properties that would fit her taste. As a creative designer, it would only be natural to have an amazingly decorated home and her Pacific Palisades house flaunts its clean, white, modern style with its contemporary and antique pieces. Her house is touted to be the very definition of California cool, with its white-painted interior that is pleasing to the eye.

Reese Witherspoon – Los Angeles, $20 Million

Reese Witherspoon is a famous actress who has a net worth of $150 million. Her massive wealth was brought about by her well-received performance both on the big screen and as an entrepreneur. She has starred in blockbusters such as Legally Blonde, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Sweet Home Alabama. Witherspoon also spent some time working on romantic-comedies on top of establishing her own production company, Type A Films.

She recently purchased a real estate investment in Los Angeles for $20 million. It covers 10,000 square feet, and it comes with three family bedrooms and guest suites. These aren’t ordinary bedrooms as these master suites also have a private living room. For other indoor amenities, there is a full gym and a screening room below the basement. It also has several outdoor living rooms and an infinity swimming pool. She probably had to get the best home security system installed to protect her wonderful home.

Bruce Willis – Bedford, New York, $9 Million

Bruce Willis is a famous actor who was able to increase his net worth thanks to his amazing career. Did you know he has starred in over 70 films? His most remembered performance of all is arguably that of John McLane in the Die Hard franchise. One fact others might not know about the talented actor is that he also had a singing career, having released three albums, starting with The Return of Bruno back in 1987.

To a degree, it’s not a surprise that he spent some of his earnings on real estate. He purchased a mansion in Bedford, New York, for $9 million. It covers 8,400 square feet and looks amazing from the outside. Since Willis doesn’t want to share his personal life with the public, there’s not enough information about his interior of the home. He probably installed a state-of-the-art home security system to protect his assets and maintain his private life. Let’s respect this amazing actor’s privacy.

Steve Carell – Toluca Lake, $6 Million

Steve Carell is easily one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedians. His natural gift for gags has made millions of people smile, whether they’re watching his films, TV shows, and even his animated movies. People remember him most for his portrayal of the boss, Michael Scott in the sitcom The Office. He also was at times the producer of the series, even the writer and director. This is why he was given credit as “America’s Funniest Man” by Life Magazine.

Aside from comedy, he is also known to portray serious and dramatic characters, making him a versatile actor. There is no doubt that Carell has an expensive net worth and is able to purchase any property he wants. His mansion in Toluca Lake is one of his gorgeous properties, which features a spa, study, tennis and basketball court, pool, guest house, cabana, and even an elevator. The 5,028 square-foot property sounds like a dream and Steve Carell is lucky enough to live in it!

Jim Parsons – Los Feliz, $6.95 Million

Whenever the name Jim Parsons comes into view, the associated The Big Bang Theory series inevitably comes up. It is not really a surprise given that the actor portrayed one of the show’s characters, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, so well that he is now tied to it, perhaps forever. Parson’s character in The Big Bang Theory may have issues letting go of things he holds dear, but the actor is apparently not the same. Five years later after purchasing the property from Robert Pattinson, Jim is already willing to sell the house for $6.95 million.

The mansion flaunts a classic Spanish Colonial theme, especially because it was first built in 1922. The antique pieces and décor tell of its classy and unique style, complete with amenities such as a library, dining room, and a maid’s room that’s fancy enough to be anyone else’s master bedroom. Even with the price, Jim is pretty confident that the property won’t go to waste because of its great features.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka – New York, Undisclosed Amount

Neil Patrick is one of the people’s favorites, especially on How I Met Your Mother. His gift for gags is not the only talent he flaunts, because he is also a good host, singer, and dancer. In fact, he won a Tony Award for his role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. His other TV credits include Doogie Howser, M.D. and A Series of Unfortunate Events. For his excellent performance, he was named as one of Time magazine’s most influential people for 2010.

Now, he is married to David Burtka since 2014 and they both own a real estate portfolio that is enough to impress anyone. This includes their New York house that boasts of its sleek, modern, and classy style. The furniture pieces follow the theme of the mansion, and they all complete the property’s amazing décor and design. Purchased at just under $4 million, the New York townhouse is definitely a steal!

Leslie Mann and Judd Appatow – Santa Monica, $14.5 Million

Both Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann are prominent figures in the film industry. Apatow is the founder of Apatow Productions that has produced films like Knocked Up and This is 40. Mann, on the other hand, is well-known for her appearance in various films such as Big Daddy, Funny People, and The Cable Guy. The two combined are indeed a powerhouse.

The couple has been married since 1997 and they’re still going strong in their relationship. Their individual net worth is stunning, with Leslie having $20 million and Judd having $90 million. That’s why it was no wonder that the couple was confident enough to spend $14.5 million on a real estate property in Santa Monica. The 8,026 square-foot penthouse is enough to contain six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The view you get is fantastic and most likely installed with the latest home security system for the couple’s privacy and protection.

Selena Gomez – Texas, $4 Million

Selena Gomez is a famous actress who started as a child actress in the series Barney & Friends. She rose to prominence early when she played Alex Russo in the TV series Wizards of Waverly Place. The actress was not limited to TV, though, as she also starred in Another Cinderella Story, Getaway, and Spring Breakers.

Deciding that she needed to spend more time with her family, Gomez bought a property in Texas so she can be with them more. She bought a huge mansion in Fort Worth for $4 million. This resort-styled property covers 10,000 square feet and comes with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theater, a parking lot for eight cars, a gaming room, a saltwater pool, and a tennis court. It also has two kitchens, an indoor and an outdoor one. She probably spent a lot on home insurance so that the family could experience peace and quiet while the actress enjoys a little bit of privacy in her sanctuary.

Sean Connery – $1.84 Million, County Wicklow

Sean Connery was a famous actor who was best known for portraying the first James Bond. He rose to fame and was able to increase his net worth to $120 million. James Bond was not his only identity, though. He also starred in films like The Hunt for Red October, Finding Forrester, and The Name of Rose.

We’re glad to see that he used some of his earnings on real estate investments. One of his properties is an Irish-styled home which he bought in the 1970s. It’s located near County Wicklow, but apparently, he sold it for $1.84 million. We don’t know why he sold it but it’s surely not because he was nearing bankruptcy. Now that the actor is gone, we do not know what would happen to the property, but for sure, if he had a will, it would undergo probate and the court would dispose or divide them as appropriate.

Angelina Jolie – Los Feliz, $24.5 Million

Angelina Jolie is an American filmmaker, humanitarian, and one of the most popular actresses in the world. Apart from her many films, Jolie has also served as an inspiration to many because of her charity works. One quote from her that many find particularly meaningful is this: “Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.”

With her earnings, she was able to easily buy herself this grand mansion which was formerly owned by Cecil B. DeMille. She bought this property in Laughlin Park for $24.5 million — it was a fair price given that it’s in a community filled with celebrities. Her new home comes with six bedrooms, a huge dinner area, a modern kitchen, and a pool. Jolie probably had a state-of-the-art security system installed to ensure her family’s protection. The amount of her home insurance must be jaw-dropping!

Katy Perry – Beverly Hills, $17.995 Million

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known as Katy, born on October 25, 1984, is a Santa Barbara-raised American TV judge, songwriter, and singer. It looks like Katy Perry is sticking to her California Girl reputation. With all her hit singles, albums, and even music videos, Katy had amassed a net worth of $330 million as one of the music industry’s most prolific icons.

Her fashion choices differ from one event to another, but she’s known to make crazy outfit choices every once in a while. Apparently, she’s not afraid to make expensive investments either, just like she did in the form of a $17.995 million mansion in Beverly Hills. The 5,427 square feet property has five fantastic beds and baths that are complete with state of the art features and amenities. Upon reaching the home, you are going to have to travel along a quarter-mile paved driveway before having to reach the magnificent and huge gates.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani – Los Angeles, Undisclosed Amount

It seems like The Voice judges Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are taking things to a more serious level in their relationship. The celebrity duo who first dated back in 2015 now owns a house together in Los Angeles, and both of them seem pretty happy with it. There’s not much detail about the LA property. Still, if it’s anything like Gwen’s investment property with former husband, Gavin Rossdale, it’s definitely a great find, especially since Stefani’s former house had seven beds and baths and was sold for $24.995 million!

Oddly enough, the house was reported by Variety to be priced at $13.2 million — it is 13,000 square-foot in the luxurious area of Encino in San Fernando Valley. With both of them having a keen eye for great properties, it’s no wonder that they had found a home that would suit both their tastes. Not much of it is known since Stefani and Shelton purchased the home in a private sale to keep away from any exposure or publicity.

Jessica Alba – Los Angeles, $10 Million

American businesswoman and actress Jessica Marie Alba who was born on April 28, 1981, is not only beautiful and talented; she’s also a smart woman who has made wise investments in the past. Alba’s early career starring in the film Dark Angel has given her a cult following. Then she became more famous as a Hollywood star after the success of her movies such as Sin City, Fantastic Four, and Honey. Most people would go dizzy from her net worth of $350 million, and her skills as a co-founder of the multi-billion dollar company The Honest Company.

Together with her husband, Cash Warren, Jessica spent her earnings wisely on a $9.95 million property in the exclusive estate of Oak Pass in Beverly Hills, California in 2017. Her beautiful mansion is decorated in a traditional charming and sophisticated East Coast style. You can’t doubt it is all worth it once you step into the East-Coast-inspired masterpiece with seven bedrooms, nine baths, and the detached guest cottage.

Cameron Diaz – Los Angeles, $2.178 Million

Cameron Michelle Diaz, an American born model, producer, author, and retired actress, was born on August 30, 1972. She is another one of Hollywood’s famous female favorites. Her signature look that includes tantalizing eyes, blonde hair, and gorgeous red lipstick grace the screens often. It would be weird if you don’t know her or haven’t watched one of her movies before. Now, she’s married to Benji Madden, a vocalist and lead guitarist of the rock band Good Charlotte.

Together with her husband, they have secured a few investments, including their LA Studio City home worth $2.178 million! The property was originally built in 1964 in the neighborhood of Los Angeles’ Studio City, but now the couple has styled it to their tastes. The house is set in a gated community with an open floor plan that combines the kitchen, dining, living, and the fireplace is a standout detail in the house.

Kendall Jenner – Hollywood Hills, $6.5 Million

Born on November 3, 1995, the famous 25-year-old Kendall Nicole Jenner is an American model, socialite, and social media icon who is part of the Kardashian Klan. At her age, she has already progressed so much in her career, and her earnings have helped her make multiple investments, specifically in real estate. She has already bought her mansion, which is worth $8.55 million or approximately £6.5million. It covers 6,625 square feet, and it comes with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a walk-in-closet, a gym, and a swimming pool. Jenner needs these amenities to maintain her figure and a room to place all her high fashion clothes and accessories.

The house has a Spanish-inspired feel to it, terracotta tiled flooring, high beamed ceilings, and Mediterranean influences. Upon entering the house, you will immediately see a traditional log fire in the living area with coffee tables and sofas. Kendall Jenner turned two rooms into a fitting room, which she calls the “Hannah Montana room,” and a glam room.

Martin Freeman – North-West London, $6.2 Million

Born on September 8, 1971, Martin John Christopher Freeman is an English actor who rose to fame for his role in the mockumentary series The Office. He is of course also known and well-loved for playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. After going through an unfortunate divorce with his on-screen and real-life wife of 16 years with whom he had two children, Martin Freeman decided to move on by buying a $6.2 million home in North-West of London. The location is also said to be near where his on-screen partner, Benedict Cumberbatch, lives.

The actor can definitely afford the investment home since he has a net worth of $20 million, which he has earned throughout his acting career. A report said that Martin Freeman is a big star, and his new house is an A-list property beloved by both TV and film stars. His new home boasts of five amazing bedrooms, sprawling landscaped gardens, and a wine cellar, Freeman will no doubt be inviting some of his co-stars over for some wine.

Sam Smith – London, $12 Million

Samuel Frederick Smith, born on May 19, 1992, is a music icon who just recently bought an amazing piece of Grade II listed real estate property in the lush area of Hampstead for $16.2 million, where the likes of Jude Law and Liam Gallagher live. The move is pretty unsurprising, especially since Sam is one of the most famous singers in the music industry today and has already amassed a net worth of around $45 million. He decided to plant down roots in the capital in a bid to be smart and mindful of his impressive earnings.

His chart-topping hits and albums have brought him huge success, and that means he can afford to spend his investment money on properties like this one. The home is made even more picturesque because of the lush greenery that surrounds it. Originally built back in 1763, Smith’s new Georgian home was once owned by the author, Sir Kingsley Amis. It also boasts of its five bedrooms, making sure that there’s enough space or room for all his guests, and a cozy appeal that would surely make Sam feel right at home.

Zayn Malik – Bel-Air, $3.195 Million

Born on January 12, 1993, Zayn Malik might be an ex-member of One Direction, but the star certainly hasn’t experienced any trouble making music lately. When it comes to inspiration, the singer has definitely not lost his touch. As he continues to explore his music style, he is also known to have switched lovers, and it’s being reported that he is now together with Gigi Hadid. Now, it seems that he’s also changing homes.

The Bel Air mansion boasting a minimalist theme which was previously owned by Malik may have appeared to be the best bachelor pad for the former One Direction star, but it seems that he is heading for a different direction instead, and his 1-acre Bel Air mansion with three bedrooms and 1.75 bath house is now up for sale for $3.195 million. Zayn guarantees that the amenities and features of his home are well worth the price because of his artistic inclination, and he has divulged that he previously graffitied the walls of his Bel Air home, but that the house had a total makeover before ever going up for sale.

Chuck Liddell – Hidden Hills, Estimated $2.6 Million

Born on December 17, 1969, Chuck David “The Iceman” Liddell is an American UFC champion and legendary mixed martial arts fighter. He retired a few years ago. He started his career by studying a lot of martial arts techniques and is credited for making mixed martial arts a well-loved and recognized sport. Liddell first announced his retirement in 2010 but later came out of retirement in 2018. Finally, on March 3, 2020, he has officially announced his full retirement from mixed martial arts. But before he hung his gloves, he had increased his net worth to $14 million to match his luxurious retirement plan.

This wrestler bought a mansion in Hidden Hills that is worth around $2.6 million and is preparing his retirement days like a real champion. The investment property stands on 5,923 square feet of land and comes with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, an office, maid’s quarters, vaulted ceilings, a library, and a full-on basketball court where The Iceman can practice his dunking and shooting skills whenever he wants.

John Travolta – Florida, $12 Million

Born on February 18, 1954, American pilot, singer, actor, and dancer John Joseph Travolta initially rose to fame during the 1970s when he appeared on TV sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, and had a starring role in the box office success Grease and Saturday Night Fever. With John Travolta’s career success and net worth of $160 million, we shouldn’t be surprised that his compound in Florida comes with its very own airport and a 7,550-foot-long paved runway that can accommodate aircrafts as big as a Boeing 747, or Travolta’s own 707 Jetliner. It also has a grass runway with a length of 3,600 feet.

The $12 million he spent on this investment seems to be worth its price. Not only does his home have a long landing strip and airplane hangars, but it also comes with a golf course, 8,700 square feet conference center, a pool, and 17 unsold property lots that have easy access to his runway!

DJ Khaled – Beverly Hills, $10 Million

Born on November 26, 1975, DJ Khaled is a world-renowned DJ, hip-hop entertainer, producer, and social media superstar. The red-hot, hip-hop producer is well-known for recording monster-hits with extremely famous artists. He also cleverly promotes himself through repeated self-shoutouts. With his different professions, he was able to increase his net worth to $65 million in 2020 and use some of it to make investments such as real estate properties across the globe.

He recently bought an estate in Beverly Hills that covers 10,681 square feet with a price tag of $26 million in Miami Beach from the inventor of the famous yellow “Baby on Board” signs, Michael Lerner. For DJ Khaled, purchasing the $26 million mansion was probably a “No Brainer.” His home, which was furnished by Christian Liagre and Holly Hunt, features seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a media room, a large kitchen, a gym, butler’s pantry, and maid’s chamber, fireplace, two-level gazebo, outdoor shower, and a home theatre.

O. J. Simpson – Las Vegas,$1.8 Million

He was in San Francisco, California, on July 9, 1947. OJ “The Juice” Simpson is a former American football running back for the Buffalo Bills, advertising spokesman, broadcaster, and actor. Ever since OJ Simpson got out of prison back in 2017, he decided to begin a new life and make a fresh start in Las Vegas. There are reports Simpson’s friends persuaded him to stay in Las Vegas but was advised by the Florida state attorney general that he was not allowed to continue on living in the Sunshine State — so far those reports don’t seem to be true.

Indeed, he is enjoying his time in a 5,000-square-foot home worth $1.8 million. It is located in a gated community, and OJ can, to some degree, be found playing golf almost every single day. His friend even revealed he is now living the life of a regular person. Simpson now makes around $350,000 to $400,000, which is far from the $10 Million to $15 Million he used to make in a year.

Ann Coulter – Palm Beach, Florida

Ann Coulter is an American political commentator, lawyer, syndicated columnist, and writer who was born on December 8, 1961. She studied and earned her degree at Cornell University and earned her Juris Doctor degree at the University of Michigan. She gained popularity for appearing in three films during 2004, Feeding the Beast, FahrenHYPE 9/11, Is it True What They Say About Ann? She’s also known for her controversial speeches, as well as for being a media pundit. Ann Coulter has a net worth of $10 million and is known to have made a lot of investments on the side.

One of her investments is a home in Palm Beach, Florida. Though the amount is undisclosed, by the look of it, it sure does look to be worth millions of dollars. Ann Coulter owns a similarly appointed apartment at 300 East 77th Street, which she purchased for $1.5 million back in 2003. She also owns an apartment in Los Angeles and a condominium in Manhattan, which is a 1,400 square-foot unit that has high ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, and leadlight windows.

Kate Upton – Benedict Canyon, $5.5 Million

American actress and model, Katherine Elizabeth Upton, was born on June 10, 1992. Her fame started when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 2011. She returned as the cover model for the same magazine’s 2012, 2013, and 2017 issues. Additionally, she was the topic for Vanity Fair’s 100th-anniversary cover. Even before Kate Upton was able to wear a wedding dress, she and her fiancé Justin Verlander bought a mansion in Benedict Canyon for $5.5 million in Beverly Hills, California.

With a staggering net worth of $20 million, she had the means to purchase the investment property. It covers 5,500 square feet and was originally built in 1976. The home was previously owned by musician Kenny G, tennis legend Pete Sampras, and had at one point been occupied by the blockbuster producer of Man of Steel and Batman, Jon Peters. One amazing highlight of the house is the remodeled kitchen, which has a huge island that opens up to a wet bar.

Marshawn Lynch – San Francisco Bay- $3.6 Million

It seems like sports is another route to travel if you want to rack up a fortune. Specifically, you’d want to end up like Marshawn Lynch and have his $30 million net worth. In a 2016 report, Lynch revealed that he had not spent any earnings from his career. Nicknamed “Beast Mode” for his hard-charging style of running, Marshawn Terrel Lynch is regarded as one of the greatest running backs to have ever played the sport. Even as one of the best players in the National Football League, it is still understandable that he retired at a young age in 2018.

He also has an amazing real estate investment worth $3.6 million to come home to. The 7,000 square foot property boasts five bedrooms, expansive glass walls, a soaring living space, a boat deck, his very own movie theatre, a wine cellar, and an elevator. The house is adjacent to the famous Dillingham Airfield and to the Hawaii Polo Club field, which houses some of the successful businesses such as Pacific Skydiving Center and Skydive Hawaii.

Christina Aguilera – Los Angeles, $13.5 Million

The singer and TV personality became a prominent figure in the industry after she appeared on various TV shows in her early years. She released a self-titled album in 1999 which topped the records in the US. The success of the album gave birth to three more singles that also made her net worth grow. Aguilera’s $13.5-million home in Los Angeles is worth every penny seeing as it has been featured in several magazines.

This gorgeous estate covers 11,000 square feet and if you are familiar with Aguilera, you’d know she’d bring her unique style and taste to the design of her home. Her property also comes with a walk-in-closet, a huge wall full of designer shoes, and a recording studio. Everything is mostly color-coordinated, and she even has one of the best home security systems. The money she spent on this home is the right move to protect her assets.

Dan Bilzerian – Bel-Air, $16 Million

Dan Bilzerian isn’t a part of the Hollywood industry, but he’s still pretty famous on the internet. He is best known as a social media influencer. His gambling has made him pretty popular online and his follower count on social media is enough to keep up even with actors and actresses who appear in movies. In 2004, the influencer asked his lawyers to file a case against the film Lone Survivor, as he was not given the original screen time he argued they agreed to give him initially. He dropped the case eventually.

As a big online personality, Dan earned millions of dollars and was able to start purchasing real estate properties, like his $16 million-dollar mansion in Bel-Air. The 1.03-acre property includes incredible amenities like a bowling alley, swimming pool, 40 parking spaces, home theater, 19 baths, 12 beds, and even a fancy home theater that can be used for movie marathons and watching parties.

MIKE TYSON – LAS VEGAS, $2.5 Million

We all know Mike Tyson as a former boxer who is dubbed as one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. He wouldn’t be called Iron Mike, Kid Dynamite, and The Baddest Man on the Planet for nothing. The now 54-year-old icon was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990 and the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title.

Of course, his success didn’t come without a great paycheck. After more than two decades of fighting in the ring, he managed to buy himself a Las Vegas mansion, which reportedly went for sale for $1.5 million. It takes excellent money management to buy a house as massive as this. The home in question has 5,800 square feet of living space with five beds, six baths, and three fireplaces. It is a two-story house styled with sky bridges, open ductwork, and vaulted ceilings, made with luxurious materials like wood, steel, marble, and slate. Despite the controversies Tyson has been through, we now know how luxuriously he lives his life.

Rush Limbaugh – Palm Beach, $44.44 Million

Rush Limbaugh is a famous radio personality. As a conservative political commentator and radio talk show host, he has his own show called The Rush Limbaugh Show. He’s not just a radio host, according to Talkers Magazine; his show is the most listened to radio talk show in 2015, with about 13.25 million unique listeners. He has also written seven books and remains to be among the highest-paid radio personalities. Limbaugh has also been a very vocal supporter of the conservative movement in the US, with President Donald Trump awarding him the Presidential Merit of Freedom.

It is absolutely no wonder that his net worth has amassed to a jaw-dropping price of $500 million in 2016! According to Forbes, he owns a property in Palm Beach County that he purchased for $3.9 million in 1998. Now, according to property records, the real estate investment is worth $44.44 million!

Austin Lee “Chumlee” Russell – Las Vegas, $1.85 Million

Austin Lee Russell, or more popularly known as Chumlee, rose to fame and increased his net worth thanks to the show Pawn Stars. With his earnings, he can live a lavish lifestyle and make several real property purchases without nearing bankruptcy. He also enjoys collecting shoes and is a sports lover. In 2013, the TV personality shifted to a healthier lifestyle, realizing that health was of paramount importance as his father had died young due to an illness.

He reportedly started eating more vegetables and drinking fruit juices. His diet allowed him to reduce his weight significantly. He used to own a house in Los Angeles that featured five bedrooms and a guest house with four bedrooms. Russell listed this home for $1.85 million. Aside from this investment, he also has his own candy store called Chumlee’s Candy that can be found on the Boulevard. Russell probably didn’t need to get a small business loan for this shop.

Betsy DeVos – Holland, $10 Million

Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education who has figured prominently on the news recently. She lost a case involving 19 states who accused her of delaying regulations that would protect stakeholders from predatory practices involving student loans. Her loss, however, did not mean she did not care for student welfare. The Secretary even has a foundation that she and her husband launched in 1989 that focuses on giving help for education, arts, community, leadership, and justice.

DeVos acquired a property in Holland for $10 million. It seems that it was part of her real estate portfolio and it probably didn’t even make a dent on her net worth of $1 billion. This property covers 12,000 square feet, and it features a guest house that is larger than an average home. The summer home is opulent and has a nautical theme. The roof makes use of the shingle-style, inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in the 19th century, making the house dated, yet classy.

Mark Wahlberg – Beverly Hills, $30 Million

Mark Wahlberg is a popular actor who probably doesn’t need to be introduced. He gained recognition first as a rapper, but then he transitioned to acting and appeared first in the film Renaissance Man in 1994. The newly-minted actor received critical praise for his performance in Boogie Nights, inspiring him to take on more big-budget and action-oriented movies in the early 2000s.

He started expanding his real estate portfolio and one of his investments is a property in Beverly Hills, which he bought for $30 million. His home is so amazing that it even became an inspiration for the show, Entourage. This 2-acre property looks grand inside and outside, so it’s not a surprise that it comes with this price tag. It also features seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a movie theatre, and a large deck. It’s the perfect home for a guy who has a net worth of $255 million. He probably has a top-notch security system installed.

Robbie Williams – London, $17 Million

Robbie Williams gained fame for being a member of the group “Take That” from 1990 to 1995. He achieved more success, however, when he went solo starting in 1996. He has since then released seven singles that made it to the UK top hits list, while 11 of his 12 album studios also reached the top spot in the UK. Instead of getting a large mansion or a fancy home, singer-songwriter Robbie Williams decided to get a whole building for his real estate investment.

He bought this property in Kensington, West London for $17 million! The estate features 46 rooms and a large garage. He probably had a top-notch home security system installed. Aside from the initial cost, he had to spend more on renovations and roofing. It took him three years after he purchased this building before he was finally able to settle in it. His money and time investment is worth it since it now looks brand new!

Michael B. Jordan – Sherman Oaks, $1.7 Million

Michael B. Jordan has played quite a few roles for superhero films now. Before appearing on screen as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, he was a part of the Fantastic Four remake, as Johnny Storm or Human Torch. Apart from doing films, the actor also has a prolific TV career, appearing on shows like Friday Night Lights, All My Children, and The Wire. He served as an inspiration to many and in recognition of that, Time Magazine named him as one of the 100 top most influential people in the world in 2020.

As a fantastic actor, it’s no surprise that he’s been scoring great roles recently and earned enough investment money to purchase a $1.7 million home in Sherman Oaks. You might think that the rough-looking actor would be living on his own, but he’s sweet enough to let his folks share his home. At 4,627 square feet, the Jordan family enjoys the amazing property until this day.

Tyler Hoechlin – Hollywood Foothills, $1.98 Million

Most people may know the handsome Tyler Hoechlin from the hit TV series, Teen Wolf. But now, Tyler Hoechlin every so often appears as the man of steel in Supergirl, alongside Melissa Benoist. He first became known, however, when he appeared in the film Road to Perdition in 2002. The actor is also a baseball player and started quite young, at age seven. He played in both schools he enrolled in, Arizona State University and later on the University of California, Irvine.

With his actor status and increasing net worth, Tyler was able to purchase a home for himself in Hollywood. His 4,000 square feet property is said to be worth around $1.98 million. The home features a guesthouse, five bedrooms, a garage, and, of course, a high-end home security system for the rising actor. It’s not Superman’s cave, but if it’s enough for a star like Tyler Hoechlin, it might as well be!

Joe Jonas – Sherman Oaks, $3.7 Million

Joe Jonas is a famous singer, songwriter, and actor who is best known for his band Jonas Brothers. Despite an initial failure to make a commercial entry in 2006, the band members persevered and in 2007, made their initial breakthrough after they signed with Hollywood Records. They have since appeared in many Disney Channel shows, making them household names. Jonas also had a very prolific love life, having dated fellow celebrities like Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle.

He bought a mansion with two stories in Sherman Oaks. It covers 5,600 square feet and features six bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, a seven-seater home theater, an office, an open kitchen, and a pool. Before getting his own real estate investment, Jonas used to rent a place and spent six figures in less than four months. He made the right move by purchasing a home because renting a mansion is so wasteful. Kudos to his financial advisor for helping him manage his money.

Drake – Hidden Hills, $7.7 Million

Drake is considered one of the best rappers in the world. The Canadian singer is remembered for helping popularize the Toronto sound, but he first came into people’s recognition when he acted in the TV series “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. He knew, however, that his passion was in music, so he pursued it relentlessly. The singer released his album, Thank Me Later in 2010 which made it right away to the top of the US Billboard 100.

It’s not a surprise that one of his real estate properties is this expensive mansion in Hidden Hills, complete with swimming pools and waterfalls. He has been eyeing a property in this location for a long time, and we’re glad he was finally able to get his dream home — and for a great price! It was originally being sold for $27 million but he was able to purchase it for only $7.7 million. He saved almost 20 million dollars, which he can use on renovations and a home security system.

Miley Cyrus – Malibu, $2.5 Million

Miley Cyrus is a 28-year-old celebrity who has a wealth of a seasoned entertainer in her field. Gaining popularity first as Hannah Montana, the actress had since then appeared in a variety of music shows and films. Her personal life has also been the subject of media attention for a combination of bad and good exposure. She is best remembered for her songs “Wrecking Ball”, “See You Again” and “The Climb”, all top-charting singles.

She has a net worth of $160 million, so we weren’t shocked when she was able to purchase a property on a 2.06-acre land for $2.5 million. Her new home is located in Malibu and is seated on lush greenery. It features two bedrooms and a swimming pool. She probably pays a handsome sum for homeowners insurance, but it should not be a problem for the well-to-do celebrity. Even if Cyrus had a party-girl reputation, she knows when to sober up to make a great financial move.

Ryan Lewis – Seattle, $8 Million

Ryan Lewis is one of the most popular DJs in the world. He has self-produced albums like This Unruly Mess I’ve Made and The Heist. In 2006, he made friends with fellow rapper Macklemore and that friendship turned into a business partnership for the two as Lewis became the man behind the scenes, producing, mixing, and recording for Macklemore. Lewis also co-wrote and produced the single “Praying” released in 2017.

Thanks to his successful career, he was able to increase his net worth and use some of it to acquire real estate. He acquired an estate in Seattle for $8 million. It covers 7,610 square feet, and it features five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a home theatre, a library, and a music studio. The interior is well-designed and has a gold-leaf ceiling with marble floors. He probably spent on a state-of-the-art home security system but it’s not going to be a problem for this entertainer.

Vanna White – Beverly Hills, $47.5 Million

If you watch the game show Wheel Of Fortune, you probably recognize popular host Vanna White. She has been working on this project since 1982 — that’s almost three decades! Apart from her appearances on TV, the actress is also a knitting aficionado who learned how to do it at the age of five, when her grandmother taught her. She has then been very vocal about her hobby and speaking about it when she guests on TV.

She was able to increase her net worth and use some of her earnings on real estate investments. The TV personality is known to flip houses. White purchased a mansion in Beverly Hills, but she listed it for sale back in 2017. She is selling her Tuscan-styled home for $47.5 million, and we don’t know why she suddenly decided to give up this property. She currently has a net worth of $50 million, so it’s clearly not because she needed the money.

NAOMI CAMPBELL – £78 Million – Moscow, Russia

Judging by the looks of its innovative design and a hefty price tag of £78 million, we’re safe to assume that model Naomi Campbell made a lot of investments to be able to afford this stunning and futuristic mansion. Located in a high-class suburb in Moscow, Russia, the property features various amenities which include a personalized gym, a spa, a 20-meter swimming pool, and even its own nightclub! On the upper floor, you will be greeted by a private bedroom and bathroom with a stunning view of your garden from above.

It’s believed that the mansion was built by Campbell’s ex-boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin as a supposed wedding gift for her. To whoever can afford this beautiful marvel of home architecture, they’ll be assured that they won’t be disappointed with their purchase, regardless if they’ll use it as their primary residence or vacation home.

MARK ZUCKERBERG – $59 Million – Lake Tahoe

You’d think that by your own private lake house, you’d need to save loads of money. For someone like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, however, that’s barely any scratch on his wealth. In fact, he didn’t just buy the house, but the entire compound as well! If he is able to afford all of that, then it’s safe to say he won’t be taking any home loans anytime soon.

Looking at the pair of properties, it has a total land area of 10 acres, with 15 bedrooms and various piers to dock multiple boats found within the compound. Reports say that Zuckerberg made the purchase of the properties through a limited-liability company in order to keep details of the purchase out of the public, most likely for safety reasons. He also took the extra effort by having his property specialist agents signed non-disclosure agreements.

TOMMY HILFIGER – $24.5 Million – Golden Beach, Florida

The stunning and tropical property is set on a hundred feet of private beach frontage, with it specifically designed for luxurious and leisurely living. It has over eight bathrooms, four half bathrooms, and seven bedrooms, truly a dream of anyone wanting to own a luxurious estate such as this. In addition to that, there are various wallpaper artworks and patterns that are also combined with unique flooring for each room. The living room features various modern home amenities of walls of windows and its own personal bar as well.

Moving to the outside, we can find an infinity pool looking out to the beautiful Atlantic coastline, and it is also worth noting that the property is just a few steps from the white-sand beach as well. Other outside amenities also include a lounge area, a barbecue, and a beach cabana. Although not mentioned, with a property as massive as this, Hilfiger has probably installed some home security systems in it as well.

KIMORA LEE SIMMONS – $15.7 Million – Los Angeles, California

The property itself has many amenities from what you’d expect a Hollywood celebrity’s mansion would look like. The total weight of this Mediterranean villa-style mansion is just about 15,000 square feet, not including two more buildings within the property area that bring the total living area to a total of 20,000 square feet.

Going inside the main house, we are greeted by twin curved staircases on both sides and a double-height foyer. Other amenities that we may find include a wet-bar family room that includes a stone fireplace, a catering kitchen with a variety of commercial appliances, and a screening room that has a view of a private courtyard, filled with lush green tropical plants, including bananas and palm trees. Unfortunately, the actress and her ex-husband Tim Leissner have agreed to sell their property for a lower price of $15.7 million, an unfortunate decision that was probably influenced by Simmons’ financial advisor and close acquaintances.

KELLY RIPA – $27 Million – Manhattan, New York

Together with her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, the couple has an estimated net worth of about $160 million, so it’s no surprise when we find about how many properties they own together, and how expensive they can possibly get. Living with their children Michael, Joaquin, and Lola, the family’s stunning New York residence features five bedrooms and six bathrooms, complete with lavish amenities such as an elegant living room with a fireplace and textured carpets, a pristine kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and wide living space enough for Ripa to practice ballet at home.

The inside of their property has a light color palette going around, and it can be seen through various parts of the house. From seeing pictures of their estate on Ripa’s Instagram, it’s certain that her fans are envious of how amazing their property is. We’re certain that the couple made some good investments to be able to afford where they can live.

MEL GIBSON – $14.5 Million – Malibu, California

Situated in a residential area within Malibu, California, Mel Gibson’s estate is tucked away in a canyon, giving it a sense of privacy and seclusion. It includes amenities such as five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a private pool house, a French kitchen, a stunning view of the canyons and Pacific coastline, and many more. Outside, we can see a collection of eucalyptus trees and various plants, while being surrounded by two swimming pools with stunning ocean views, a personal gym, and a rustic-looking pergola. The guest house, found detached from the car garage, is situated near.

The rustic estate was actually owned first by actors Tea Leoni and David Duchovny and features a unique design of exposed wood beams, massive fireplaces, and hardwood floors. We’ve got to give credit to Gibson’s choice of architecture and interior designers for making such an exquisite and stunning piece of architecture.

JACK NICHOLSON – $4.25 Million – Malibu, California

The famous Hollywood actor’s mansion has a stunning view of the surrounding nature, from stunning mountains and the ocean, giving it a somewhat serene setting. The 70-acre residence was built in 1966, has various amenities included such as a ranch-style inspired main house, a tennis court, a swimming pool and spa, and a cabana. Having 2,313 square feet of living space, it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and quarters for caretakers.

Nicholson has owned the property since the ‘70s, and in addition to that, he also owns various other properties in the Los Angeles metropolis. With a house like that, we can be assured that it has the latest state-of-the-art home security system installed. The property also has a healthy atmosphere, complete with natural lighting and rich wood all around. This probably added warmth to the area, making it a comfortable space.

STEVE HARVEY – $15 Million – Paces Neighborhood Buckhead, Atlanta

Located in the Buckhead’s Paces Neighborhood, the stunning property is home to amenities such as 7 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and resort-like designs. These include an indoor gym, an infinity pool, a home theater, lighted tennis courts, a wine cellar, a large garden, and many more. A very unique amenity, that almost no other house would probably have, is an underground ballroom, complete with its own catering kitchen inside. For an ordinary person to afford this, they would probably have to take massive amounts of loans, something which a financial advisor would probably not recommend doing.

The home, originally purchased by Tyler Perry back in 2009, was listed by Perry in 2015 for a whopping $25 million, the highest property sale that Atlanta had at the time. Before ownership went to Steve Harvey, it was originally sold to evangelist David Turner and his wife Jennifer in 2016.

CHUCK NORRIS – $3.5 Million – Tustin, California

Chuck Norris’ estate was built all the way back in 1977. In modern times, it lacks the open floor plan that a majority of multi-million-dollar properties have nowadays. Having said all that, it is most likely that the house will receive extensive remodeling in the future. The house, however, still seems livable, having luxury house amenities such as an outdoor barbecue, a formal dining room, a living room with its own bar, a patio and deck, and even its own spa and dry sauna.

Having an extensive career, Norris has appeared in various critically acclaimed movies for which he’s been given extensive credit – some of which include Way of the Dragon alongside Bruce Lee, and The Expendables. He’s also appeared in the television series Walker, in which he starred in. He had been seen more recently in television ads, where he could be seen as a sponsor working out for a home fitness equipment business called Total Gym.

CARSON PALMER – $5.8 Million – Del Mar, California

Filled with lush landscapes and stunning ocean views, not to mention a little bit of craftsman charm added to it, the stunning home is the perfect Southern California spot to spend the time soaking in the sun and enjoying the summer breeze at the beach. The four-bedroom 3,809-square-foot was built way back in 2007, which was the same year that Carson Palmer purchased it.

It features three decks and green surroundings, with a grill, dining area, hot tub, and a fireplace. Inside the kitchen, you will find beautiful ocean views, a farmhouse decorated sink, and Viking-inspired appliances. We can deduce that the purchase of this home may say that the longtime quarterback will be retiring soon, after playing 15 seasons in the National Football League. At least, with all the investment money he’s made buying this luxury mansion, surely his retirement will be an enjoyable one.

LAURA INGRAHAM – $3.3 Million – Mclean, Virginia

Laura Ingraham is an American political commentator for the program Fox News. She also has some hosting experience as the host of her self-entitled show The Laura Ingraham Show. She graduated high school in Glastonbury in 1981, and she earned her degree in Dartmouth College in 1985 before pursuing law studies at the University of Virginia School of Law. To our surprise, the actress has never been married but has a history of dating noticeable actors such as Keith Olberman, Robert Torricelli, and James V. Reyes, to name a few.

Despite that, she has a total of three children; Michael Dmitri Ingraham, Nikolai Peter Ingraham, and Marie Caroline Ingraham, one of her daughters she adopted from Guatemala, while her two sons were adopted from Russia. A while back in her life, she once lived in Glastonbury, Connecticut, before moving to Mclean, Virginia.

MICHAEL STRAHAN – $21.5 Million – Brentwood Neighborhood, Los Angeles

Michael Strahan’s long career in football began in 1993, playing for the New York Giants as the 40th overall pick in the NFL draft. Upon getting a spot in the limelight, he didn’t waste time and quickly rose to stardom, and by 1997, he clinched his first trip to the Pro Bowl with the Giants.

The mansion he lives in is certainly a beautiful sight to look at, and it has certain amenities that you’d expect from someone having a salary as an NFL player, such as a gym room, a game room, a home theatre, a unique library that is cigar free, and even a Prohibition-style wine cellar. Although not mentioned, we’re certain that it also has a home security system tied into it as well. Outside, you can find a massive 59-foot swimming pool with a perfect outdoor barbecue area to pair with it, making it a great place for bonding outside with family and friends.

ELON MUSK – $29 Million – Los Angeles, California

Thickly walled and protected by the state-of-the-art home security system, the area would measure around 16,000 square feet, and it’s said that the property hosts seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. From the looks of photos taken by mesmerized paparazzi, we can see that the house boasts lush gardens, several dining patios, a swimming pool with an inset spa, and a personalized garage housing Teslas, just what we’d expect from the CEO himself.

The property was recently purchased by William Lei Ding, a Chinese national and like Elon Musk, a tech entrepreneur as well. The purchase of this house is said to be part of Musk’s grand plan, which has been highly publicized. Although admirable, he still has a long way to go before he can actually achieve that goal. Fortunately for him, he was able to sell his house at a profit, with an additional $12 million from the price he originally bought it for.

JAY LENO – $13.5 Million – Ocean Drive, Florida

Built way back in the 1930s, the oceanfront estate was known originally as Terre Mare. The estate was designed by James Mackenzie Jr. and Verner Zevola Reed Jr., who became vice-president of the Chase Manhattan Bank in 1981, appointed by then US President Ronald Reagan. From the outside area, we are first greeted with a gated entrance and a long winding drive to the actual estate. Judging from pictures, we can notice the face of the house, having a crescent-like shape to it.

Inside, you can find that it has very classy decals and design, with floor-to-ceiling windows bathing the home in bright light. The dwelling’s curved design can assure that every guest inside the room can be greeted with ocean views from the outside. We can also see that Jay Leno is an avid fan of collecting cars, as has even made investments in adding a six-car garage in his estate.

REESE WITHERSPOON – $17 Million – Brentwood, Los Angeles

Located in the affluent area of Brentwood, Reese Witherspoon spared no time in her life in selling the property for a hefty $17 million to a buyer who paid in cash last April. Some noteworthy amenities you can find in the stunning mansion are an impressive claw foot tub and a floor to ceiling chandelier hanging above the bathroom. Meanwhile, the stunning foyer opens to a large room with natural light coming all around, due to the fact of having large wide windows with wooden beams lining up all around the ceiling.

The home had been Witherspoon’s residence for a long period, and she lived together with her husband Jim Toth, whom she married back in 2011. Together they raise their young son Tennessee. Witherspoon had been married in the past to fellow actor Ryan Philippe and had two children with him, namely Ava and Deacon.

TIM MCGRAW & FAITH HILL – $18 Million – Exuma Islands, Bahamas

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are considered to be among the most esteemed power couples in the music industry. However, they are also equally successful in their own right. McGraw is one of the bestselling country singers of recent years, while his wife, Hill is a bonafide country music superstar. Their marriage has inspired a lot of people, for they have stood the test of time. Perhaps much of their success comes from the fact they don’t have to worry about money at all.

Indeed, the two lovebirds now have a combined net worth of about $165 million. However, what makes these two even more special is their business-savvy mind and excellent investment planning. The couple owns several real estate properties, including their vacation home located in the Bahamas, which they bought for $18 million. The property boasts a naturalistic décor and a private pool. Of course, there’s the added benefit of enjoying the great waters of the Bahamas.

PAT SAJAK – $1.2 Million – Severna Park Home, Maryland

Pat Sajak is a beloved television game show host who’s also considered to be one of the wealthiest television personalities in America. The Wheel of Fortune host reportedly bought a lavish house on Severna Park Home in Maryland for $1.2 million in 1991. Back then, that was a relatively high price for Sajak so he first made a down payment of $275,000 and paid the rest through a loan. Luckily, he was able to settle his debt for the house in 1998.

There were also reports that the county earned a sizable amount from Sajak’s substantial tax payment. It is such a wonderful home, however, and so we think he has no regrets about when he first purchased it. At present, he has several other properties across America, which is sustained by his massive $70 million net worth.

TAYLOR SWIFT – $17 Million – Westerly, Rhode Island

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful pop artists today. Because of her grit and determination to succeed, she was able to acquire a massive net worth of $360 million, which makes her one of the world’s richest musicians as well. This only shows that she also has excellent money management skills aside from her obvious gift for music.

The pop superstar bought the 1,000-square-foot and $17 million property in 2013. The moment we laid our eyes on it, we already knew that it is an extraordinarily expensive mansion, but of course, Swift could afford it! The house is considered to be her little beach abode that she goes to whenever she wants to take a break from her busy lifestyle and career. Her current primary residence, however, is in Los Angeles, California, which she purchased for $30 million in September 2015. Indeed, with her massive net worth, there may be other lavish properties that we haven’t heard of.

MATT DAMON – $16.6 Million – Brooklyn, New York

More than being an A-list actor in Hollywood, Matt Damon is also an accomplished writer, producer, and philanthropist. However, he also impressed many people when he and his wife have shown an astute business mind and proper investment planning as seen through their purchase of a real estate property worth millions of dollars. This property is a massive 6,000-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn and is reportedly worth an astounding $16.6 million. It is also considered one of the most expensive properties in New York.

The property features six spacious bedrooms and a gym, among many others. With a $170 million net worth, we wouldn’t be surprised if Damon acquired more lavish estates. It is safe to assume that he won’t be seeing any difficulties preserving this elegant house along with his other properties, especially with his successful acting career.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON – $30 Million, Beverly Hills, California

This Hollywood legend probably needs no introduction. Samuel L. Jackson no longer has anything to prove in the industry as his enduring legacy has already been cemented throughout his prolific and illustrious career. Because of his diligence, he is now worth an estimated $250 million. Undoubtedly, he has also shown excellent investment planning, as we can see in the numerous luxurious properties he has acquired.

He and his family are currently residing in an extravagant 11,738-square-foot home in the Beverly Park neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California, which he purchased for $8.35 million. The property features three independent structures. It has a separate garage outside the main house, while the swimming pool sits adjacent to the guest house. It also boasts a tennis court and, of course, a stunning view of the expansive California hills. Jackson is said to have made a wise move since the property is now worth $30 million.

MORGAN FREEMAN – Undisclosed Amount – Charleston, Mississippi

Morgan Freeman is a massive star with a massive estate to match his incredible career. Noted for his reserved demeanor and authoritative speaking voice, he has become one of Hollywood’s most popular and respected actors. The Shawshank Redemption star lives in a 124-acre home in Charleston, Mississippi, which he has turned into a honeybee sanctuary in 2014. He is said to have imported a total of 26 beehives to the ranch and has planted bee-friendly Magnolia trees and lavender on the property.

The views of the surrounding property and small lake are both magnificent and serene, and it is completely encircled by trees. Freeman must really love nature! Indeed, with a massive net worth of $200 million, he can do whatever he wants with his property, but we’re also impressed that he’s mindful of the environment as well. Kudos to him for his amazing investment planning.

DREW BARRYMORE – $10 Million – Santa Barbara, California

Drew Barrymore is undoubtedly one of the most beloved actresses of her generation. You may know her as a former child star and for starring in the hugely successful romantic-comedy film 50 First Dates and for her swashbuckling role in the action-filled movie Charlie’s Angels. However, what most people don’t know is that Barrymore is also a proud owner of a sprawling estate in Santa Barbara, California.

The investment property boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and traditional interiors, all of which are set on two lush acres over 6000 square feet of land area. It features a guest house and a lush and abundant garden. The property’s lawn is also huge and spacious that you can build another mansion on it. With over $125 million in her bank account, she can surely afford the lavish property and perhaps even more!

JANE FONDA – $5 Million – Los Angeles, California

It’s not that easy to think of another actress who’s as iconic and beloved as Jane Fonda. Indeed, the veteran actress has achieved a lot over the course of her and illustrious career. She has won various awards and recognitions including two Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards, seven Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, the AFI Life Achievement Award, and the Honorary Golden Lion. With all of her accomplishments, it comes as no surprise, therefore, that Fonda has a thing for real estate just like many A-list celebrities.

She recently bought a $5 million townhouse in Los Angeles, California. The luxurious Mediterranean-style abode features four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, all of which sit on 6,679 square feet of space. There’s also a large, private courtyard outside and a terrace on the third floor. Furthermore, the windy atmosphere continues indoors, where there are lots of windows for enjoying the view.

PEYTON MANNING – $4.575 Million – Cherry Hills, Georgia

Peyton Manning is a former American football player from the NFL team Denver Broncos and is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He is also known as “The Sheriff” and is one of the most recognizable and parodied players in the NFL. In fact, he was so good that entire teams changed their offensive strategies just to match his incredible talent on the field.

Given his successful career in sports, it’s not surprising to see that he has amassed a massive fortune as well. Indeed, Manning is reported to have spent a whopping $4.575 million for real estate in Cherry Hills Village. The large Georgian estate features seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and sits on 16,464 square feet of space. There’s also a media room, a billiards room, an elevator, and a spacious veranda outside where the Manning family usually bond and enjoy the Georgian sun.

RICK HARRISON – $4 Million – Red Rock Country Club, Las Vegas

You may know Rick Harrison as the grumpy but business-savvy pawnshop owner from History Channel’s hit series Pawn Stars. As the co-owner of the famed Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, he has been accumulating wealth since they first opened the shop in 1989. This is seen in the property investments he has made such as his $4 million home in Las Vegas.

The lavish house sits on an enormous 8,845 square feet of floor space. The house is filled with rare and priceless memorabilia that we usually see in his shop such as a 12th-century stained glass window and an 18th-century door, among many others. In fact, the entire house is characterized by its dated look. Everything from the cabinets, ceilings, walls, and countertops look white and old. According to Harrison, his favorite part of the home to hang out in is his office as he felt like he was in a 17th century English manor.

BARRY WEISS – $2 Million – Los Angeles, California

Barry Weiss is a famous reality show personality who rose to fame for appearing on the hugely successful series Storage Wars, where items are auctioned and sold in the storage locker rented by customers who have defaulted in their debt. He was one of the legendary members of the show, and his legion of loyal fans remember him as “The Collector”. Given his unprecedented success, it’s not shocking to learn that he has sizable investments in properties as well.

His net worth is $10 million, and with that money, he was able to purchase a lavish mansion in Los Angeles, California. His house is reported to have been built in 1928, and it has four spacious bedrooms. In fact, the area where his house is located, Laughlin Park, is one of the most luxurious areas in Los Angeles – no wonder famous actress Natalie Portman also has a home here.

GUY FIERI – $1.475 Million – Santa Rosa, California

Guy Fieri is widely regarded as one of the most successful celebrity chefs in America. As a master cook, we’re quite curious about what his kitchen looks like. However, as it turns out, his lovely abode has much more than that. The interior of the house has a unique mix of rusty and modern. There’s also an abundance of wood, black iron, hammered steel for texture, and ornate handles.

Unsurprisingly, Fieri considers his kitchen as his favorite spot and home office. It boasts components only a master chef could be aware of such as a 27,500-BTU Viking gas wok burner, a flat-top griddle, a digital jukebox, and three foot-pedal sinks. We’re not sure what those are for, but when it comes to food, he’s not someone you should argue with. His home is a testament to his hard work, and for that, he deserves the fruits of his investments.

CHUCK LIDDELL – $2.6 Million – Hidden Hills, California

Chuck Liddell is an American UFC champion who is widely regarded as one of the most legendary MMA fighters in the world. He is also known as “The Iceman” for his cold-blooded punching ability and raw power that instantly freezes his opponents. He started his journey by studying a lot of martial arts moves and is known for making mixed martial arts a globally popular sport. Over the course of his career, he was able to accumulate a net worth of $14 million.

With that money, he bought a mansion in Hidden Hills that is worth around $2.6 million. The investment property sits on 5,923 square feet of area and features five bedrooms, five restrooms, vaulted ceilings, a library, and a full-on basketball court where “The Iceman” can practice his dunking and shooting skills whenever he wants. The perfect home for this star athlete!

PARKER SCHNABEL – $950,000 – Alaska

Parker Schnabel is another reality TV star on the list. He rose to prominence following his appearance in the hit reality TV show Gold Rush. In fact, he was so well-loved in the show that the producers allowed him to star in a spinoff series called Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Perhaps what surprised us the most is that at a young age of just 26 years old, his net worth is already $10 million. What’s more, is that Parker has reportedly mined a total of over $13 million worth of gold by age 24.

He used his earnings from the show to buy his dream house in Alaska, a sprawling investment property with many modern amenities for $950,000. With his new girlfriend, Sheena Cowell, who also happens to be a producer on the show, they must be enjoying the time of their lives in his lovely abode.

ASHTON KUTCHER & MILA KUNIS – $10 Million – Santa Barbara, California

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are perhaps one of the cutest and most lovable couples in Hollywood who are equally famous in their respective careers as an actor and actress. Kutcher is known for his comedic chops in shows such as Two and a Half Men, while Kunis is an accomplished actress known for her roles in major films such as Black Swan and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Their love story is quite romantic and interesting, too. They have known each other since they were kids and haven’t realized that they were meant for each other until later in life.

We’re also gushing about the fact that their home is as lovely as they are. They own an oceanfront house in California. The beach house has a gorgeous deck to watch the sunset, where you can also relax while listening to the waves of the ocean. Indeed, it’s a great investment for two of the most hardworking celebrities in Hollywood.

BETH CHAPMAN & DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER – $2 Million – Honolulu, Hawaii

Beth Chapman, along with her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman, were known for being bounty hunters who starred on three reality shows namely The Dog’s Most Wanted, Dog and Beth: On The Hunt, and Dog The Bounty Hunter. For those appearances, they surely amassed their money from working in these successful reality programs. With their salary, part of it was used to buy a home in Hawaii and Colorado.

Their home in Hawaii was bought back in 2015 from Craig and Karen Mills who originally owned the house. It seemed that they directly paid the house to the owners instead of relying on a mortgage. When Beth Chapman passed away in 2019 from a health problem, he decided to sell this fabulous home in order to move forward following his partner’s passing since they have remarkable moments and memories in that house.

MEG RYAN – $5 Million – Montecito, California

Meg Ryan is an actress who has a net worth of $85 million, which is no wonder she has a good investment portfolio and several real estate properties. She has formerly owned a property in New York that was sold back in 2017 for $10 million and another in San Francisco, California that is listed for $17.3 million. The latter features the majestic view of San Francisco bay.

Currently, the actress resides in her $5 million Montecito home, and like her previous homes, it has an elegant look. It spans a total of 4,135 square feet and has a total of 3 and a half bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Her backyard has a relaxing atmosphere where you can take a dip in the pool and spa. It also features other outdoor amenities such as a food preparation area and barbecue grilling area, creating an inviting space. Inside her home, there’s a cozy living room where you can feel the fresh and cool air as well as a chef’s kitchen. This probably creates an atmosphere as if one is eating in a fine dining restaurant, especially with the wine pantry just located next to the kitchen.


Jennifer Lawrence, or J-Law as some people call her, is an actress who became internationally famous after she portrayed Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and Mystique in X Men films. After her earnings from these successful movies, she can easily purchase expensive real estate properties such as her $8 million home in Beverly Hills, California. A wise investment because its selling value is bound to increase in the future.

About her house, her cozy living room is filled with elegant sofas and a fireplace and it is located near the foyer. In addition, she has a walk-in closet with a purpose-built hair station where we can imagine the actress dressing up and preparing for red carpet premieres. Her home also comes with a formal dining room as well as a gourmet kitchen with marble finishes and lavish appliances. In the kitchen, you will also find a French door that opens to the garden. Of course, her secluded backyard won’t be complete without a swimming pool.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY – GBP 3 Million – Wilkes Street, London

Keira Knightley’s former Manhattan apartment kinda looked like an office perfect for IT companies simply because of the interior design. It was sold for $6 million back in 2017, and the property measures about 3,280 square feet and has a total of 2.5 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. It comes with a master bedroom with flower-themed wallpaper. The house also features spiral stairs and Japanese doors, giving it a unique and geometric design. Other notable amenities of her former apartment are a library and a private patio.

Besides her Manhattan apartment, she and her husband, James Righton, once owned a home in a star-studded east London which they bought for GBP 2.4 million. The property spans a total of 3,223 square feet and features a total of 4 bedrooms. Eventually, it was listed for GBP 3 million back in 2013. She also had another home in London that was probably installed with home security and CCTV cameras to protect herself from stalkers.

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY – $21 Million – Austin, Texas

Matthew McConaughey has owned several houses throughout his life. With his total net worth of $140 million, he can afford lavish homes which are also considered as a form of investment since houses are known for soaring values. He once owned a fabulous 3,831-square-foot home in Malibu which sold for $15 million to Phil Lord, who is the man behind the films such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and The Lego Movie.

The actor also owns a Mediterranean-style home in Austin, Texas that measures 10,000 square feet with a total of 8 bathrooms and 7 cozy bedrooms plus a guest house, a kitchen, a terrace, and an awesome lake view. His Texas home is known for its overall elegance which would surely impress his guests and himself since this home is considered his own reward for the hard work he has done.

KYLIE JENNER – $6.7 Million – Hidden Hills, Los Angeles

As one of the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, she became an instant celebrity who has also built an empire of her own, which is why she can easily afford any luxurious things. For example, her lavish homes – yes, plural – which we are now going to talk about. At the young age of 17, she bought a home in Calabasas, California, for $2.7 million and her neighbors were reportedly none other than her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. She renovated the house by painting it black and white all around it. Two years later, she sold it for $3.15 million.

The second one was her home in Hidden Hills which spans a total of 7,400 square feet. This was considered her second home but it was eventually sold way back in 2018 for $6.7 million. Her second house has a great view of mountains, and of course, it isn’t complete without a pool, where she surely enjoys taking a dip. Aside from having the perfect outdoor area for pool parties, the home also features a total of 7 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. It is considered a wise strategy and amazing investment planning that she bought houses and sold them at a higher price. We’re amazed she was able to do this even at a young age, which was attributed to the increase of her net worth in addition to her cosmetic business.

EMILY BLUNT & JOHN KRASINSKI – $11 Million – Manhattan, New York

This Hollywood couple was featured together on the film A Quiet Place and is said to reprise their iconic roles on its sequel slated this coming April 2021. Other than this popular film, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski also appeared in movies such as The Muppets where they both had cameo appearances and Animal Crackers.

The couple bought two properties in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The first property was bought in 2016 for just $6 million and has an overall French-Renaissance design. It comes with a total of 3 and a half bathrooms and 7 bedrooms, and it spans 5,200 square feet of space. Their second apartment was bought by the couple back in 2019 for $11 million, and it comes with a nice view of Manhattan. The overall elegance of the house will make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel.

SETH MEYERS – $7.5 Million – Manhattan, New York

Seth Meyers is known for hosting his eponymous late-night show on NBC. He surely made fruits of success, and with his net worth of $12 million, he can make investments in lavish homes such as his $7.5 million Greenwich Village property in Manhattan, New York, that was once owned by Mary Louise Parker.

The property comes with a total of 4.5 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms plus it measures 3,200 square feet. It is filled with 26 windows which makes the apartment well-lit. It also comes with amenities such as an eat-in kitchen, dining area, and living room. In addition, the apartment has two fireplaces, one located in the living while the other is in the dining room. Overall, the environment of the apartment really suits him because he and his wife Alexi Ashe and their children can enjoy this cozy apartment.

PATRICK DEMPSEY – $15 Million – Malibu, California

Patrick Dempsey has become widely known for his performance as Dr. Derek Shepherd in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Aside from being an actor, he is also a racecar driver who owns a racing team. The Grey’s Anatomy star lived in this Malibu home since 2009 and the house has stylish architectural looks, credits to Frank Gehry’s effort. The house has 5,000 square feet of space, and it has a spacious interior particularly in the living room where we can imagine the actor’s wife and children or even his guests sharing a moment together while enjoying the airy environment.

The dining room comes with retro seats, but if they want to enjoy eating while savoring the fresh air, there is also a canopy-covered outdoor dining area. In addition, there is a swimming pool outside surrounded by a wooden deck perfect for their family bonding as well as a garden filled with lush plants. Other amenities include an outdoor pizza oven and a sculpture studio. However, he decided to part ways with the property and his Malibu home was sold for $15 million in 2015.

HARVEY WEINSTEIN – $11.65 Million – Hamptons, Long Island

Harvey Weinstein has owned several properties throughout his life. He owned a property in Hamptons and bought it for $11.65 million back in 2014. The house comes with 8.5 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms and has various amenities including a garage that can fill up 3 vehicles, a movie theater, a gym, and a warm pool. The house was formerly owned by Men In Black director Barry Sonnenfeld. The property was reportedly purchased by Taisho Holdings.

Another notable property he owned was a townhouse located in Manhattan, New York, that was bought back in 2006. The said apartment was built back in 1915 and spans a total of 5,066 square feet of space and was listed for $25.6 million in the market. His other property, which is located in Connecticut, was sold to his neighbor for $16 million. This house comes with 10 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms. With all these properties, it shows his enthusiasm for investments in real estate.

SYLVESTER STALLONE – $35 Million – Palm Beach, Florida

The man known as John Rambo and Rocky Balboa has owned several properties in the previous years, credits to the efforts and dedication he made in the midst of his career. Last December 2020, Sylvester Stallone bought a lavish property located at Palm Beach, Florida, for $35 million.

The Spanish-style house measures 10,500 square feet, and of course, it has a pool pavilion that resembles the shape of a keyhole and a spa. It also comes with other amenities such as wine storage and a gym which is surely his favorite spot since the actor likes to buff himself up especially when preparing for his movies. Other features include a guest house which is a great place for his family and friends to stay and hang out within his property. Stallones also currently owns a house in Beverly Park that measures 15,401 square feet of space.

DREW SCOTT – $7 Million – Los Angeles, California

Drew Scott’s passion for homes is already evident on his show Property Brothers and it also applies the same in reality. For one, he owns a Tudor-style house in Los Angeles, California with his wife Linda Phan. The interior of the home is spacious and it comes with a living room with a fireplace on it plus it is adjacent to the dining room which feels like eating in a fine dining restaurant. The gorgeous kitchen also looks like a perfect place to shoot any kind of cooking shows with its marble-topped island and two ovens. He also has an office that includes a picture frame of the house blueprint hanging on the wall. There is also a craft room inside his house, which was reportedly her wife’s favorite spot as well as an elegant laundry room. When you go to their walk-in closet, it feels like going to a clothes store because of its space and design.

For their family and friends who want to stay, there is a guest suite built for them. It has a mix of retro and modern design, which may discourage their guests from checking in hotels. Why get a hotel room when the overall design of the guest suite is overwhelmingly akin to a 5-star hotel room? With all these amenities, the Property Brothers host who has a net worth of $100 million probably won’t have any problem with the homeowner’s insurance.

JONATHAN SCOTT – $5 Million – Las Vegas, Nevada

Like his twin brother Drew, Jonathan Scott also has a profound passion for homes since he is a contractor and co-host of the program Property Brothers. Their house has a great design, as expected from people who have a career in the home improvement industry. It also probably has a home security system since the property appears to be secluded.

Their home in Las Vegas, Nevada also comes with an open space living room and amenities such as a game room with a billiard table. They may be twins but they have their own respective bedrooms; Jonathan’s bedroom has a modern-looking chandelier and contains two hickory chairs right next to the bed. On the other hand, Drew’s bedroom has an overall Parisian vibe since he cited that he loves the capital city of France. Outside, there is a pool area that comes with a slide, making the space fun and the perfect spot for organizing parties.

SHERYL CROW – $5.8 Million – Nashville, Tennessee

Sheryl Crow was prominently known for the hit singles he has on the record including If It Makes You Happy and Tomorrow Never Dies, which was used as the theme song of James Bond film of the same name. The revered singer has a total net worth of $70 million and with that kind of money, she can easily make investments in luxurious real estate properties.

For one, she has a lavish home located in Nashville, Tennessee, where you’ll find an antique collection of old books. Aside from that, the living room contains lamps that have a country design, specifically a figurine of a horse and a boot. Since she is a musician, she made sure to have a piano room and a home-based recording studio where she reportedly created her albums 100 Miles from Memphis and Feels Like Home. The recording studio also has a display of her guitar collection.

JEREMY PIVEN – $6.8 Million – Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

Jeremy Piven is familiar to the fans of Entourage fans as Ari Gold. He has owned homes throughout his whole life and one of the fabulous homes he owned was his Hollywood Hills home which he bought back in 2017 for $6.8 million.

The house has a total of 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. The property also has amenities such as a game room next to the living room, which is partitioned by a mirrored bookshelf. Other than that, his master suite features a fireplace and is adjacent to the balcony, featuring a view of mountains. It features a majestic view of the city and has plenty of windows which fills the home with plenty of natural light. Since the house is almost made out of glass due to the numerous windows, it probably has a home security system.

PHARRELL WILLIAMS $15.6 million – Beverly Hills

American singer, songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur Pharrell Lanscilo Williams has made quite some impressive real estate investments. He recently purchased a $15.6 million estate in Beverly Hills. He is famous for forming the R&B and hip hop production duo during the early ‘90s called The Neptunes, with whom he was able to produce songs for different recording artists.

He purchased the property back in 2017 from Tyler Perry, who bought it from late billionaire philanthropist, inventor, and physicist Alfred E. Mann, with the help of realtors Josh and Matt Altman. The huge 17,245-square-foot was originally built back in 1992, and it features angular ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, pyramid-shaped skylight. It also comes with several fireplaces, but the most noteworthy aspect of the house is its sheer size. With a net worth of $200 million, we are pretty sure this isn’t the only property to his name.

LIONEL RICHIE $11.4 million – Beverly Hills

American composer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Lionel Brockman Richie Jr. wasn’t born from a rich family, but his determination to make it into the music industry is what gave him the millionaire status and his $200 million net worth. His recordings as a solo artist and with the soul and funk band The Commodores made him one of the most successful balladeers in the ‘80s. Throughout his entire career, Richie was able to sell more than 90 million records, making him one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time.

He is happily spending his time in his $11.4 million, six-bedroom, ten-bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills. The estate features 18th-century furniture, a recording studio, and four garages. He originally purchased the property back in 1999 for an exact amount of $6 million. You wouldn’t need a finance degree to know that this purchase is a very profitable investment since it is now valued at almost double the price it was when he bought it.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. – $11.9 Million – East Hamptons, New York

Robert Downey Jr. is undoubtedly one of the greatest and highest-paid actors in the Hollywood industry. Born for the role of Iron Man, he has made a total amount of $345.5 million from his role in the nine movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was among the 100 most influential people in the world back in 2008, according to Time magazine, and was named Hollywood’s highest-paid actor from 2013 to 2015. He is also the sixth-highest-grossing box office star of all time; his films have a total gross value of $14.4 billion worldwide.

Downey now owns some impressive real estate investments, and one of which is his $11.9 estate in the East Hamptons. The 8,500-square-foot property was originally built back in 1885, and it features seven bedrooms, five half baths, and six full baths. It also comes with a potting shed and a three-car garage on the property.

JESSICA CHASTAIN $8.875 million – New York

American producer and actress Jessica Michelle Chastain, who is well known for her feminist themes in her roles in films, was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine back in 2012. She has several accolades to her name, including multiple nominations at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. She developed a liking for acting from an early age and made her professional stage appearance in 1998 in Shakespeare’s Juliet.

She may not be as wealthy as other Hollywood celebrities, but she has still earned a lot throughout her career in the industry. She now has a total net worth of $40 million, which she used as investment money in purchasing her townhouse in the Upper West Side of New York for $8.875 million. The 6,600-square-foot property has seven bedrooms, a private backyard, and a light-filled living room.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON $3.88 million – Los Angeles

Known for her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Black Widow, the American singer and actress Scarlett Ingrid Johansson was once the highest-paid actress in the world back in 2018 and 2019. She has been featured on Forbes Celebrity 100’s list multiple times. Her films made her the ninth highest-grossing office star of all time, with a total gross value of $14.3 billion worldwide.

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York City, Johansson now has a total net worth of $165 million, which she credits to her successful career in the Hollywood industry. One of her most recent property buys was in 2014 when she purchased the $3.88 million residence in the affluent and historic area of Los Feliz in Los Angeles. The two-story, 3,500 square-foot residence features four bedrooms, two half-baths, and an all-white center island kitchen in the dining room.

DIANE KRUGER $11.75 million – New York

You know the German former fashion model and actress Diane Kruger for her role in the 2004 epic war film Troy as Helen and in the 2004 and the 2007 sequel of the heist film National Treasure as Dr. Abigail Chase. She won the Satellite Award for Best Actress and the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress back in 2017 in her German-language debut In the Fade, which was directed by Fatih Akin.

Kruger now has a total net worth of $24 million, which she used to make some investments in her real estate portfolio. Together with partner Norman Reedus, Kruger recently purchased a townhouse in New York City for $11.75 million. The property approximately measures 3,800 square feet and features five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also comes with a custom kitchen and a huge walk-in closet for the celebrity couple.

TOBEY MAGUIRE $6.9 million – Brentwood

Best known for his portrayal of Spider-Man or Peter Parker in the Spider-Man trilogy from 2002 to 2007 by Sam Raimi, Tobias Vincent Maguire seems to be keen on expanding his real estate portfolio. Maguire is the new owner of the midcentury-style estate in Brentwood, California. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man purchased the amazing property for $6.9 million.

His new property comes with four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and is filled with hardwood, polished concrete flooring, and light spaces with clean lines. Maguire can also relax in front of the fireplace found between two sitting areas, where you can find sliding glass doors that can lead you to the outdoor patio. It’s no surprise that he wants to make some investments in real estate since it is a common trend for other celebrities as well, and it’s no problem for him since he has a total net worth of $75 million.

AARON RODGERS $8 million – Del Mar

American football player Aaron Charles Rodgers is the quarterback of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. Having a net worth of $120 million, he surely has the means to splurge in luxurious things and make investments in the real estate world, such as his $8 million property in Del Mar. It is certainly an exuberant celebrity crib if you look at the photos. It comes with a huge swimming pool found in the courtyard and meticulously manicured trees.

Rodgers’ mansion is nothing short of an athlete’s house since it comes with a football field, a basketball court, a gym, and a sports room. As for relaxation, Rodgers can spend his time after a tiring game in his estate’s sauna, beauty salon, and spa. You can also find home entertainment, including a gaming room, a home cinema, and a pool table.

TRAVIS BARKER $2.8 million – California

American record producer, songwriter, and musician Travis Landon Barker is well known for being the drummer of the rock band Blink-182. Born on November 14, 1975, in Fontana, California, Barker now has a total net worth of $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He started his passion for drumming at a young age and started playing back in 1996 for the Aquabats, but later left to become part of Blink-182 in 1998.

One of his recent purchases is his estate, which he bought for $2.8 million. It features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and comes with a home theater, a fitness room, and a spa. Originally built back in 2006, the Mediterranean-style house stands on the luxury enclave called Oaks in Calabasas. The 7,196 square-foot home has one of the biggest floor plans in the private community. The rock star surely doesn’t have any problems paying for the mortgage since he still rakes in money from work, future projects, and royalties.

CIARA $6.7 million – Meydenbauer

American dancer, model, singer, and songwriter Ciara Princess Wilson, is well known in the music industry. Traveling around the world at a young age, she signed a publishing deal with the producer Jazze Pha. She made her debut album entitled All You’ve Got back in 2006 and later had an appearance in the 2012 American musical film Mama, I Want to Sing!, and in the 2012 American satirical comedy film That’s My Boy.

Now, the 35-year old star has a total net worth of $20 million and has made some real estate investments to expand her portfolio. She and her husband, Russell Wilson, are living in the $6.7 million mansion located in Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Bay. The mansion features a grandiose entrance that is designed with a stunning chandelier and an elegant spiral staircase. Originally built back in 2008, the Mediterranean house sits above Lake Washington with 220-degree views.

JILLIAN MICHAELS $9.75 million – Malibu

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Jillian Michaels is a TV personality, author, businesswoman, and personal trainer, who is famous for her appearance on the American syndicated talk show The Doctors.

Michaels purchased a house, which was built back in 1990, and it features three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also has a minimalist-modern face with a tiled exterior underscored by walls of glass. Inside, you will find a stunning floating steel-and-glass staircase between thick pillars of concrete. Her Malibu mansion must also have a state-of-the-art home security system. She has put it up for sale for $9.75 million but dropped the price to $8.88 million for reasons we don’t know. It’s not like it’s a big loss for the fitness star since she has a total net worth of $18 million. In any case, we’re not sure if it’s been snagged by a buyer already, but if the photos of the property are any indication, we’re betting that it has.

CONOR MCGREGOR $1 million rent – Las Vegas

Irish boxer and professional mixed martial artist Conor Anthony McGregor is a former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion. He is currently ranked #13 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings as of January 19, 2021, and is at the #4 spot in the UFC lightweight rankings as of December 24, 2020. He holds the record for the fastest victory in a UFC title fight when he knocked out Jose Aldo 13 seconds into the UFC Featherweight Championship.

McGregor now has a total net worth of $120 million and doesn’t have a permanent residence in the United States. Whenever he is in the U.S., he chooses to rent a 12,000 square-foot house for a million dollars each year instead. It features six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a sauna, an expansive infinity pool, a spa, and a fully-equipped gym. He certainly has a good credit score since he earns millions of dollars for every fight.

GIGI HADID $4 million – New York

Born on April 23, 1995, Jelena Noura Hadid, who is professionally known as Gigi Hadid, was named by the British Fashion Council as the International Model of the Year. Over the years, Hadid has made 35 appearances on the international cover of Vogue Magazine. She is regarded as one of the highest-paid models in the world who makes an estimated $9 million to $10 million each year from her contracts with companies Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Evian, BMW, and Maybelline.

Having a reliable financial advisor and good money management skills has helped her earn a total net worth of $29 million. She used some of that money to purchase a $4 million apartment in New York. The 2,085-square-foot home comes with two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, which should be perfect for her, her boyfriend Zayn Malik, and their first child.

VANESSA HUDGENS $2.7 million – Los Angeles

American producer, singer, and actress Vanessa Anne Hudgens is well known for her portrayal of Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical film series which aired from 2006 to 2008. The role made her famous to a certain degree and brought significant success to her career. She made her film debut in the 2003 American teen drama film, Thirteen. She then released two studio albums, Identified in 2008 and V in 2006, after signing a recording contract with Hollywood Records.

Hudgens now has a total net worth of $16 million. She sold one of her properties in the foothills of Studio City, California, for $3.895 million — this was a property that she purchased back in 2009 for $2.75 million, which means she made a nice profit from the sale. It features six bedrooms, a Moorish design, a stucco exterior painted in crisp white, and hanging Moroccan-style lamps.

JOSH HUTCHERSON $2.5 million – Hollywood Hills

American producer and actor, Joshua Ryan Hutcherson, started his acting career in the early 2000s. He has appeared in various film and TV roles — as well as several commercials — before he landed his first major role in an episode of House Blend. Hutcherson made his film debut in the 2003 show, Miracle Dogs, on Animal Planet, followed by the 2004 film The Polar Express.

He made some real estate investments in 2012, including the purchase of a $2.5 million property in the famed Mulholland Drive in Hollywood Hills, California. Just a few years ago, he then sold this house for $3.5 million, giving him a profit north of a million dollars. The property features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a movie room. Given the house’s amenities, and the fact that it was previously owned by other celebrities (including the late Heath Ledger), the price for it seems reasonable, don’t you think?

LUCY HALE $2.5 Million – Los Angeles

One of America’s newest budding stars, Lucy Hale, is on the way to becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest topics with her acquisition of a beautiful home in Los Angeles. However, it’s been reported that the actress has put up the property for sale for $2.5 million. It won’t be a surprise if many will definitely take an interest in this magnificent home.

The house takes inspiration from Spanish homes with its bright red roof, its off-white exterior walls, and its sharp angles that can be seen all over the place. The house has 3,880 square feet of living space, which is a generous amount considering the fact that it is packed with features. The main living areas are the living room and family room, both of which are spacious places to entertain guests. Hale is living the dream in this house, for sure.


Former couple Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers bought a Malibu mansion in December 2019 with a staggering price of $28 million. Indeed, it was huge investment money, but imagine buying a home of the British superstar Robbie Williams—it’s worth it. This house even had previous legendary owners. Before Williams, who bought it for $20 million in July 2019, it was previously owned by the Netflix Content Chief Ted Sarandos and Janet Jackson. It might be the reason why its selling price was the third-highest in Malibu when Patrick and Rodgers bought it.
With 4,636 square feet of living space, the house boasts four beds and four baths with an open floor plan. It also brags its spacious living room, dining area, and gourmet kitchen. In addition, it also comes with a guesthouse with two bedrooms. To top all the amenities it has, Patrick and Rodgers probably enjoyed swimming together in its pool overlooking the ocean before they parted ways.


Ellen DeGeneres is not only known for being a famous TV host, but also for being a comedian, actress, writer, and producer. The 63-year-old star and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are both into buying and selling houses, thoroughly planning their real estate investments across the US. The couple already has a number of properties to their names, including this $27 million mansion in California.

The 8,188-square-foot home is every inch lavish with its design, aesthetics, and furniture. Everything inside actually looks luxurious. According to reports, Ellen bought this not-so-humble abode on January 10, 2019. Her manager, Harley J. Neuman, is listed as the trustee, although he refused to comment on the purchase. There are reports that Harley has been registered as the trustee on most of Ellen’s real estate holdings, including her properties in Montecito, California, and Beverly Hills.


Chloe Grace Moretz is now joining the list of Hollywood heavy hitters at a young age. At the early age of 19, she bought her own mansion worth $3.4 million in Studio City, California, in 2016. She must have done a thorough investment planning before she decided to push the purchase through.

The property is a far cry from a young teenager’s usual studio apartment, proving Chloe’s refined taste. It has five beds and six baths, sprawling over 5,592 square feet of living space. It’s tucked away on the private cul-de-sac in the hills of Studio City, probably with its own home security system. The two-story home was built in 1998 and features a gourmet kitchen, complete with luxurious built-ins and superb appliances. It has everything that Chloe needs, from a private sitting room to dual walk-in closets to an oversized master bath and more.


Julianne may have been missing her hometown of Nashville, so she bought a country home in the Hollywood Hills for more than $1.9 million. The house looks similar to the abodes from her country roots with its rustic ambiance, so she doesn’t mind spending her investment money on it.

It comes with four beds and three and a half baths, sitting on 2,101 square feet of living space. Its view alone is enough to make Julianne calm and help her relax after a busy day – which most people would feel when surrounded by the city lights and mountains. She can even see the iconic Hollywood sign from here. On the inside, everything looks light and bright with its huge chef’s kitchen, equipped with a center island and top-of-the-line appliances. Julianne will surely enjoy its huge master suite with a massive bath and a lanai that leads to the lawn and pool area.


Hilary Duff has been living in LA for about a decade, and it looks like she has no plans to move out yet. The 33-year-old star reveals she likes how her house makes her feel nested with its hedges in the backyard and mountains behind. She also chose to purchase this house at an unknown price due to its incredible degree of privacy.

Hilary, however, had to remodel it twice to give it her own style, eliminating its “super ‘80s” looks. It’s now more prominent and brighter, with huge spaces in between. She handles the interior design and invests a lot in the furniture, which she makes sure she can reuse in different ways, like being climbed and beat up by her kids. After a few arrangements here and there, it makes Hilary glad that this house has become their family home.


Bella Thorne placed her house on the market for $2.55 million in 2020, and it remains to be known if it has already been sold. The house in question gets the credit for being the most bizarre listing in LA. Why? Aside from the fact that it’s painted with a hot pink hue, it’s full of clashing colors, added with extravagant murals and rooms filled with roses.

The two-story house is described as a “reinterpreted contemporary traditional,” which Bella did herself. She reportedly did a lot of reinterpreting when she’s still living here, turning it into pink from black-and-white. The house also used to have subtle living spaces, and now it’s filled with over-the-top additions. It will welcome everyone with its rainbow stairs, multicolored mural wall, and gold glass nook. If you want an extravagant place to take you to a different world in every room, this may be a good place for you.


Power couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have officially bid goodbye to their Massachusetts mansion, selling it off for a staggering price of $32.5 million. The deal is reportedly off the market. The property was originally listed for $39.5 million in 2019 until the price decreased to $33.99 million and sold for the said much lower price.

It might be pricey for others, but it’s definitely worth it with its 12,000 square feet of living space, not to mention it’s also custom-built and designed by Richard Landry. It comes with five acres of land, a huge swimming pool, sun deck, organic vegetable garden, and a separate 2,400-square-foot guesthouse, which used to be Gisele’s sanctuary. The main house has a rec room, playroom, gym, spa, wine room, and chef’s kitchen. The new owner had perfectly secured a good investment after buying this.


Rachel Maddow lived in this airy and bright home in Manhattan that she bought from the REM lead singer Michael Stipe for $1.25 million back in 2010. The house is made up of two combined units that they made as one to make it bigger and broader. Would you believe it was once a pre-war paper warehouse back in the day?

Now, it looks every inch modern, featuring two beds, one bath, complete with 10-foot ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, built-in woods in the living room, and original hardwood flooring. It also has exposed wood beams and bricks. Rachel used to share this home with her partner of more than 20 years, Susan Mikula, enjoying its stunning Hudson River view from the huge window surrounding the house when they’re still living here. According to reports, the property is now on the market for $2.349 million and marked “under contract.”


Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Bieber, had sold their stunning Beverly Hills home for only $7.995 million. Mind you, it’s also fully furnished, so the new owners don’t have to worry about swiping their credit cards here and there to buy new furniture. The couple, however, experienced a massive loss for selling it way below the original price they paid for it in 2019, worth $8.5 million. It’s also a far cry from their first asking price of $8.995 million.

Though it seems to be modest with its 6,100 square feet of living space, the inside looks lavish with its features and amenities, not to mention over-the-top equipment. Its sizable sunken living room leads to the backyard, the swimming pool, and the cabana through its sliding-glass-door walls. It also comes with a cozy kitchen, complete with white oak cabinets, a home theatre, and a wine cellar with Art Deco-style wet bar.


Marshawn Lynch is one of the most recognizable NFL stars today. He’s best known for his nickname “Beast Mode,” as he’s used to running over defenders and breaking tackles consistently. He’s played over 12 seasons in the NFL, primarily with the Seattle Seahawks, in which he’s made numerous Superbowl appearances. Without a doubt, Marshawn is one of the best running backs that the sport has ever seen!

He also goes “Beast Mode” not just in the gridiron but also in the real estate industry. He’s known to have acquired several real estate investments over his career, and one of his most recent acquisitions is his over-the-top mansion in the Bay Area. Marshawn’s Bay Area property sits in front of the San Francisco Bay, and it features five bedrooms over 7,000-square-foot of living space. It also sports luxurious amenities such as a soaring living area with expansive glass walls, an elevator, a home theater, and breathtaking waterfront views from every room. It even has its own 58-foot long boat dock!


Eric Braeden is a well-known German-born American actor. He’s appeared in countless films and television projects over the course of his tenured career, however, he’s best known for his credit role as Victor Newman on the iconic soap The Young and the Restless. Eric also appeared as Hans Dietrich in the hit television series The Rat Patrol back in the 1960s. Without a doubt, he managed to carve an incredibly recognized and successful career as an actor!

With the fact that Eric is a widely successful actor, it’s almost automatic that he can have anything he wants. With a staggering net worth of $25 million, he purchased a beautiful 3,500-square-foot mountain home in Santa Monica. He’s called the property his home, together with his wife Dale Gudegeast, for almost 30 years! His sprawling mountain home features celebrity-grade features such as a swimming pool, stone fountains, and exceptional mountain views!


Adam Sandler is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood today. The Brooklyn-native has been able to cultivate a successful career not just in acting but also as a comedian and a filmmaker. He is best known for his performances in his movies such as Click, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, The Longest Yard, and many more. Adam’s Hollywood films are estimated to have earned over $2 billion – no wonder he’s also one of the wealthiest actors today. He currently has a net worth of $420 million.

With a staggering net worth, you’d certainly expect that he’d have a palace-like home. Interestingly, he has a good number of mansions across the United States. One of Adam’s most beautiful real estate investments is his sprawling property in Los Angeles. He reportedly paid over $12 million for this 12,860-square-foot home that features seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. The property also features a massive yard equipped with a huge swimming pool, sports area, and other luxurious amenities.


Oprah Winfrey is an iconic American talk show host, actress, producer, and author. She’s best known for her iconic television talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, which soared in the ratings for over 25 years. Oprah also received credit as the “Queen of All Media,” and she’s also one of the wealthiest television personalities today. As of writing, she is worth a whopping $3.5 billion!

You’d think that with a fortune like that, Oprah would be able to buy anything that she wants. Interestingly, she spent over $100 million on her home located in Montecito, California. Oprah’s 70-acre estate features a main house that spans over 23,000 square feet! It comes with several living rooms, a top-of-the-line kitchen, a library, two home cinemas, a home office, six bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms. It certainly is a possibility that you’d get lost if ever you’d have a chance to visit Oprah’s palace-like Montecito mansion!


Tom Selleck is a widely successful actor and film producer who has appeared in countless television projects and films. His first breakthrough as an actor came during his portrayal of Thomas Magnum in the hit television action series Magnum, P.I. back in the 80s. His credit role in this show has definitely made him a household name. With the fact that he’s a widely recognizable and successful actor, he certainly has no problems buying any property that he wants.

When it comes to real estate properties, Tom likes to keep them more private and low-key. With this fact, his 65-acre ranch in California is as private and low-key as it can be! He purchased the ranch back in 1988 for $5 million, and it came with the main house and around 1,500 native trees that Tom maintains himself. The main house surely is no pushover as it’s a Spanish colonial-style ranch house that features eight bedrooms, a heliport, a cabana, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a three-hole putting course where he can unwind and work on his putting game.


Everyone remembers Bob Barker and his 35-year run as the host for the hit CBS game show The Price Is Right. Besides this show, he also hosted another game show called Truth or Consequences, which ran for 19 years from 1956 to 1975. Without a doubt, he was one of the most tenured personalities on television. Bob’s also one of the wealthiest game show hosts ever as he was able to amass a fortune of $70 million over his career!

It’s fitting that an iconic game show host like him would reside in a historical mansion. Bob currently lives in a two-story Spanish colonial-style home located on the southwest corner of Outpost and Hillside drive. The home was built in 1929, and it was made a “Historic-Cultural Landmark” by the government of Los Angeles and promptly given the name “The Outpost II.” Unfortunately, there was a recent accident that caused a car to crash into the walls of the historic home. Luckily, Bob was safely inside the home, and we’re confident that his home insurance would cover the repair costs.


Joanne Woodward is an incredibly accomplished American actress and producer. She’s managed to receive an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and three Primetime Emmy Awards for her performances in several films and television shows throughout her career. Joanne is best known for her exceptional acting performance in The Three Faces of Eve, which earned her a much-deserved Academy Award for Best Actress. Without a doubt, Joanne’s six-decade career is one of the most storied and recognized careers in Hollywood!

With an accomplished acting career like Joanne Woodward, it’s reasonable to expect that she can purchase any property that she wants. Rightfully so, she once purchased a beautiful property in Westport, Connecticut. Joanne’s Westport property features 10.4 acres of prime Connecticut land that includes two historic residences and a converted Grist Mill. One of the two historic residences is currently up for sale for $2.4 million. It’s the residence that Joanne once purchased as a gift for her mother. It’s definitely a great real estate investment with the fact that it is a historic home, and it has direct ties with the great actress Joanne Woodward!


If you’re a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines as much as we are, then seeing sneak peeks and glimpses of their stunning farmhouse on their Fixer Upper television show has most likely left you wanting more. They own a beautiful 1,700-square-foot Victorian home that sits on a 40-acre land in Crawford, Texas. When they aren’t busy flipping homes for their clients or working on exciting renovation projects, they are comfortably relaxing in this lavish property. As expected, Chip and Joanna’s home features their signature style that Fixer Upper fans often see from their renovations on television.

They purchased this 1895 farmhouse as an investment back in 2012, and they immediately got to work by renovating the property. It took Chip and Joanna around a year and a half for them to transform the place into their dream Texan home. What started as a two-bedroom property can now easily accommodate a family of seven with an open layout on the main floor. Chip and Joanna’s home also features several rooms, a beautiful kitchen and fireplace, and a garden that’s exceptionally serene.


Nick Nolte is a successful American actor, author, and producer. He took home the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for his acting credit in the 1991 film The Prince of Tides. He also earned numerous nominations for his acting performances in several other movies and television projects. His accomplishments in the entertainment industry paved the way for him to earn a fortune worth $75 million. In turn, it’s reasonable to believe that he can have anything and any property that he wants!

Indeed, Nick can buy any property that he wants, and he certainly did when he saw a listing for a beautiful Malibu mansion. He reportedly paid around $6 million for the Malibu mansion, and it features four bedrooms on 6,000 square feet of living space. Hus home also features lavish details such as arched windows, marble and onyx floors, skylights, and a library. This beautiful 2-acre Malibu property also has a guest house, a lagoon pool, and a tennis court.


Diana Ross is an incredibly successful American singer and actress. She first got her breakthrough as the lead singer for the iconic vocal group The Supremes. Diana then decided to leave the group and pursue a music career as a solo artist, in which she also achieved massive fame. She constantly found herself and her hits on the music charts, and it helped her amass an astounding fortune worth $250 million! With a massive fortune like that, it’s reasonable to expect that Diana has a couple of prized real estate investments under her belt.

One of the properties under her ownership is her lavish mansion located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Diana’s reportedly paid around $7.3 million for the property, and it spans 12,562 square feet with eleven bedrooms, six bathrooms, and five fireplaces. The town’s Board of Assessment Appeals currently values the property at $14.4 million, which means she’ll definitely get a sizable return when she decides to sell it.


OJ Simpson is a former professional American football player, actor, and broadcaster. He rose to fame in the National Football League or NFL as the running back for the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. To his credit, in 1985 he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After his retirement from professional football, OJ then moved on to sports broadcasting and acting. At that point, everything was going well for him, but in 1994, his life would turn for the worst as he’d face criminal charges.

Despite going almost bankrupt after everything that has happened, OJ bought a $1.8 million mansion in Nevada. The sprawling 5,000-square-foot mansion features 5 bedrooms and a modest putting green in the backyard. This luxurious mansion is certainly quite the turnaround for the retired footballer considering he spent a little less than a decade in a correctional center.


Chris Cuomo is an American TV journalist for CNN. He is known for his segment Cuomo Prime Time. However, before landing his very own program for CNN, his career beginnings consisted of him appearing in various news broadcast networks such as MSNBC and CNBC to tackle current social and political issues. Later on, he’d be a correspondent for Fox News and would also serve as a political policy analyst for the network. When he made the transfer to ABC though, he co-anchored the segment 20/20. It wasn’t until 2013 he’d make the move to CNN.

With his success in the field of journalism throughout his career, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Chris has amassed a considerable amount of wealth that he’d use for investments. One of which is a luxurious house in the Hamptons. The 6-acre lot consists of the main house with a shingle-style architecture and includes 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Recently, he has sold the property for $2.5 million.


Eddie Murphy is one of Hollywood’s most famous actor-comedians. He is also a singer, writer, and producer. Eddie quickly rose to fame doing stand-up comedy and becoming a cast member of the famous sketch show Saturday Night Live. He then made a move to films and was able to cement his celebrity status for his role as Axel Foley in the comedy movie series, Beverly Hills Cop. To his credit, he is also a recipient of a Golden Globe Award for his role in the movie Dreamgirls. Apart from his acting career, he is known for his voice talent in animation movies such as the Shrek movie series and Mulan.

To this date, Eddie is considered to be one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. As such, the prolific comedian has a $20 million mansion in Beverly Hills. It is reported that Eddie bought the property for $10 million back in 2001 and spent $20 million for a complete overhaul in 2005. The mansion consists of 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a cinema, a pool, and even a bowling alley on a sprawling 18,598 square-foot property.


Giovanni Maria Versace, or better known as Gianni Versace, was a world-famous Italian fashion designer who founded the luxury brand Versace. His company produces clothes, accessories, fragrances, make-up, fragrances, and home furnishings. As the majority shareholder of Versace, it was estimated that he had a net worth of $800 million back in 2017. Aside from this business venture, Gianni was also credited to be one of the first designers to connect the fashion industry with the music industry as he was a costume designer for theatre and films.

Sadly, on July 15, 1997, Gianni passed away at his Miami mansion. This mansion is reported to be worth $32 million at the time it was acquired and renovated. Nowadays, it is a hotel where tourists and locals can spend the night for $749. The Victor Hotels Group has paid $41.5 million for the acquisition of the property.


Bella Hadid is a famous model and the daughter of real-estate powerhouse Mohamed Hadid. She started modeling at the age of 16 for a number of commercial projects. She was then signed to IMG Models, a modeling agency, in 2014. Eventually, she proved herself to be one of the agency’s most valuable investments as she’d quickly rise to stardom and celebrity status. The young model appeared in the editorial shoots and covers of prestigious magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Glamour, and Elle. She also starred in fashion campaigns for different luxury brands such as PINK, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, and Botkier Bags.

Even though Bella was born into wealth, she made her own earnings with an estimated net worth of $25 million. The supermodel also boasts of an $8.86 million house in New York. A luxurious loft-style house with 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, and a private terrace.


Alicia Cook, or known professionally as Alicia Keys, is a famous American musician. She is a classically-trained pianist that started writing songs at an early age of 12, and by 15 years old, she was already signed to record label Columbia Records. Alicia later transferred to J Records where she’d release her debut album Songs in A Minor. The album was an instant success and would sell over 12 million copies worldwide. The album would also garner her 5 Grammy Awards in 2002. Her succeeding albums would earn similar critical acclaim and commercial success.

Throughout her career, she has sold 40 million singles and 30 million albums worldwide. It goes without saying that Alicia has amassed a degree of wealth that we rarely see among music artists. In 2020, she is reported to have acquired an ultra-modern architectural masterpiece abode, The Razor House. Located in La Jolla, South California, the property was acquired for $20.8 million, which is a great deal considering that it was originally listed for $48 million. Apart from the futuristic style of the architectural design, perhaps the most notable part of the house is the subterranean garage which Tony Stark used in the Iron Man films.


Mohamed Hadid is a real estate developer powerhouse. He is known for building mansions and luxury hotels. Mohamed’s career started as an exporter of equipment and reseller of classic cars. He later moved to Greece for a time and owned a nightclub where he’d earn the investment money needed to start a career in real estate back in the US. In the 1980s, he made the bulk of his wealth with his partnership with the SAAR Foundation. He is also credited for the acquisition and development of various Ritz-Carlton Hotels all across the US. Currently, he is focused more on building and developing mansions, mostly in the Bel-Air area.

In 2010, Mohamed developed and sold a $50 million mansion in Bel-Air. The mansion spans a sprawling 40,000 square-feet on a 2.2-acre property. It includes 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a massive ballroom that can fit 200 visitors.


Usher Raymond IV, or professionally known as Usher, is a famous pop and R&B singer. In his early life, it was already evident that he had a passion for music and singing. At the age of 6, he sang in the choir of his church, and by 14 years old, he started his music career. He appeared on the talent show Star Search which earned him his record deal with LaFace Records. By the age of 15, he’d release his first studio album. To his credit, he would then dominate the R&B scene with album hits such as My Way, Confessions, and Looking 4 Myself among others. Apart from his music career, also dabbled in acting and would be a TV personality coaching for the talent show The Voice.

Back in 1999, Usher bought a mansion in Georgia worth $1.2 million. The mansion spans 10,823 square-feet which was originally built in 1988. It included a home theater, yoga studio, chef’s kitchen, sauna, and a spacious living room, among other amenities.


Kelly Clarkson is a famous music artist and TV personality. Any fan of the famous talent show American Idol knows of Kelly’s singing prowess. She has the honor of being the talent show’s maiden victor. After her win with the contest, she journeyed on to have an illustrious career winning multiple accolades along the way. To her credit, she is a recipient of 3 Grammy Awards.
Apart from her music career, she is also a TV personality coaching in The Voice and the host of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

With all the wealth she has earned through her career, Kelly and her family lived in a 20,000-square-foot home on a sprawling six acres property. The manor includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and boasts a lakefront yard with a private dock. In 2020 the property was put on the market for $7,499,000.


Zsa Zsa Gabor was a famous actress and socialite. She gained her initial fame when she won the coveted crown in the beauty pageant for Miss Hungary in 1939. She then moved to the US and would become a well-sought actress known for her European style and flair. Zsa Zsa’s first film was Lovely to Look at. Later she starred in We’re Not Married! and Moulin Rouge. Apart from her acting career, she was famous in Hollywood for her extravagant lifestyle and her many marriages – she was married nine times.

In 2020, Zsa Zsa’s mansion was reported to have been sold for $16 million. She originally bought the property in 1973 and resided there until she passed away at the age of 99 in 2016. The mansion has switched owners twice since then. During her days living there, the house displayed luxurious statues and a golden piano. Quite fitting considering the lavish persona that she was widely known for.


Mary-kate Olsen is a fashion designer and a former actress. She along with her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, started their acting career at a very tender age of 9 months old. They starred in the sitcom Full House, and later on, would appear in numerous films such as Getting there, The Challenge, When in Rome, and New York Minute. Eventually, they also landed roles in various TV shows. In 2012, she and her twin would make the announcement of retiring from their acting careers to pursue their passion, making investments in fashion. They co-founded the luxury brand The Row, Elizabeth and James, and other affordable brands such as OlsenBoye and StyleMint.

In 2015, it was reported that Mary-Kate along with her then-husband, Olivier Sarkozy, purchased a $13.5 million house in New York. The 8,000-square-feet luxurious house includes 5 bedrooms, a garden promenade, a private elevator, a hall of mirrors, and a rooftop pool. It is truly a house worthy of a high-profile fashion designer.


Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., or professionally known as Lil’ Wayne, is a record executive, rapper, and actor. In the genre of hip hop, he is regarded as one of the most influential artists of his generation. His career started when he was 12 years old when he joined the record label Cash Money Records. His solo album debuted in 1999 was considered to be his breakthrough in the mainstream. His succeeding albums garnered similar commercial success and would further his reputation in the industry. To his credit, he is a recipient of five Grammy Awards. For years, Lil Wayne was the face of the record label until he parted ways in 2018.

In 2015, he was reported to be selling his 15,101-square-foot beach home in Miami for $18 million, which he originally bought for $11.6 million. The mansion includes 9 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a professional recording studio, a rooftop skatepark, and a shark lagoon. In 2017, the mansion was sold for $10 million.


Robert Pattinson is an English actor who is considered to be one of the world’s highest-paid actors. He started acting at the age of 15 doing theater plays, and later on, he would later land a role in the Harry Potter franchise as Cedric Diggory. However, it wasn’t until his portrayal of the character Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise that he’d gain international recognition. The movie series was a huge commercial success grossing over $3.3 billion worldwide. Later on, he’d star in romantic dramas such as Water for Elephants and Remember Me. To his credit, Robert would then follow those performances up by starring in a string of different movie genres exemplifying his skills as a diverse actor. In his most recent project, he is highly anticipated to portray Bruce Wayne in The Batman which is set to release in 2022.

Robert is reported to have purchased a Spanish-style house in Hollywood Hills worth $2.17 million. The house is very private and presents an air of simplicity that you don’t usually see in celebrity homes. It has 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms – just the perfect size for a bachelor in the Hollywood industry.


Amethyst Amalia Kelly, or professionally known as Iggy Azalea, is a rapper, singer, and model. The Australian native made her move to the US at the age of 16 to pursue a career in music. She initially gained her fame with her music videos, like her song Two Times. Her first studio album, The New Classic, gained massive commercial success making the top five on various charts worldwide. With the success of her singles Fancy, Work, and Problem, Iggy joined the ranks of music legends like The Beatles to rank first and second simultaneously in their Hot 100 entries. Now having released two albums, Iggy has sold over 22 million singles and 48 million records worldwide.

In 2017 it was reported Iggy was selling her house with her then-fiance Nick Young, which they purchased from Selena Gomez. They purchased the mansion for $3.4 million. The 6,630-square-foot house includes 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a basketball court, a pool, and an outdoor kitchen among other amenities. The house is considered one of Iggy’s profitable investments as she was selling it for $3.6 million, a good $200,000 profit from her original purchase.


Ashley Benson is a famous actress, singer, and model. She is widely known for her portrayal of Hannah Marin in the series Pretty Little Liars. During her younger years, she studied various forms of dancing including, ballet, hip hop, and jazz. She then sang in choirs and performed in musicals. At the age of 8, she’d sign with a modeling agency, Ford Models. Eventually, she landed her first role on TV, appearing in the daytime soap Days of Our Lives. In 2004, she’d make her film debut in a comedy 13 Going on 30. Later on, she starred in other films such as Chronically Metropolitan, Spring Breakers, and Her Smell among others.

In 2020, she is reported to have bought a new house in Laughlin Park worth $4.5 million. This was major news for Ashley as not three years prior, she bought a house around that area for $1.8 million. She must have had a good financial advisor in the early months of 2020 as she would sell that property for over $2 million and upgrade to a new property in the same year. Her latest luxury house boasts of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms spanning a good 4,825 square-feet.


Louis Tomlinson is known globally as one-fifth of the boy group One Direction, which was formed in 2010 from the TV competition show The X Factor. Although they did not win, Simon Cowell risked signing them to his record label, Syco Records. Since their debut, the group released five chart-topping albums and earned seven Brit Awards, seven AMAs, and four VMAs. The success of the group increased Louis’s net worth to $70 million.

With this amount of money, he bought a house in Hollywood Hills amounting to $7.3 million. The 6,000-square-foot estate was built in 1937. It boasts four spacious bedrooms, six bedrooms, with a theatre and a bar. This one-of-a-kind investment has French doors and glazed with jaw-dropping views of Los Angeles including the famous Hollywood sign. Although One Direction has been on hiatus since 2015, Louis still has a solo career that keeps him busy.


Bella Thorne is a distinguished actress and singer in Hollywood. She became known for her roles as Cece Jones in the series Shake It Up on Disney Channel, which aired for three successful seasons, starting in 2010. The same year, she released her debut single Watch Me and it earned a spot in Billboard Hot 100 at number 87. Her music, acting gigs, and numerous endorsements helped Bella to stack up cash in her bank and eventually buy a house in 2016 for $2 million.

She stated in her Vogue interview that the house she bought in Sherman Oaks, California, was mortgage-free. The house sprawls on 4,500 square feet of land and contains five bedrooms, a centered kitchen, and six bathrooms. The paint of the exterior walls is in the shade of hot pink, while the staircase boasts bizarre-looking murals. In 2020, Bella listed the house for $2.55 million.


Although she hasn’t released a solo album in half a decade, Queen B still keeps on buzzing. In 2017, Beyonce and her billionaire husband, Jay-Z, purchased a 2-acre hillside property in Bel-Air for an astounding price of $88 million. It is considered the sixth most expensive purchase for a house in the history of Los Angeles. They got it after handing over more than $30 million off their pockets while they applied for a $52.8 million mortgage from Goldman Sachs.

The 9,000-square-foot mansion has eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a 15-car garage, and bulletproof windows, to name some of the impressive features. The couple’s estate also has a full-sized basketball court and four stunning swimming pools that can be used by their three lovely children. Apart from this historic purchase, Beyonce made history in 2021 after winning her 28th Grammy award, making her the most decorated woman since the award-giving body’s inception in 1959.


Demi Lovato might have gone through a lot in recent years, but she’s still resilient and confident enough to face the world. Her career as a singer and actress started in Barney & Friends in 2002, where she played the role of Angela. Since then, she landed roles in various films and TV series, but later on, she decided to focus on her singing. As of 2021, Demi already released six albums, including her debut Don’t Forget and her recent Tell Me You Love Me.

Living under the spotlight contributed most of her riches. In 2020, she bought a house in Studio City, Los Angeles, California amounting to $7 million. The modern farmhouse spreads 8,500 square feet and is packed with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The flooring is made up of wide-plank hardwood, while it has high ceilings and surrounded by large glass windows. The estate is also equipped with security cameras and electronic lights that can be operated by Demi using her phone or tablet.


Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit series Friends. It ran for 11 years and aired 10 successful seasons, from 1994 to 2004. The show is considered his biggest break and has been the major contributor to his $120 million net worth. Matthew’s reported base salary from the 236-episodes show was $90 million. You can add the backend bonuses and other royalties after.

In 2011, using the earnings he earned from all his endeavors, he bought a beachfront mansion in Malibu, California, for an eye-popping amount of $12 million. The 5,500-square-foot estate has four beds and four baths, while he can also enjoy the outdoor spa and movie theater. On the other hand, the open loft-like living room gives him a beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean. Although this two-story house has a lot to offer, he listed this outstanding investment in 2021 for $13.1 million.


There are two things that Emma Stone has been collecting – awards and real estate. She has been one of the highest-paid film actresses on Earth. Among her films that you can binge-watch are Birdman, The Amazing Spider-man, and La La Land. The latter gave her a historic win after bagging all Best Actress in a Leading Role award from the Academy, BAFTA, SAG Awards, and Golden Globes.

All the salaries she got from her works did not go to waste, rather she spent some on real estate investments. To add to her properties in New York, Emma bought a house, without the need of house loans, in Westwood, California, for $2.3 million. It contains five bedrooms (probably equipped with its own bathroom) but doesn’t have a typical masters’ that is spacious and has a walk-in closet. The estate also has an adjoining dining room and kitchen. Plus, when you step out, you can find a stunning pool, elevated spa, and a garage that can be converted to whatever Emma wants.


Armie Hammer is a gorgeous American actor who became known for his box-office hit films The Lone Ranger and Call Me by Your Name, where he earned several Best Supporting Actor nominations including Golden Globes and Satellite Awards.

The 6,275-square-foot English Tudor-style mansion is sitting in the exclusive Hancock Park area in Los Angeles, California. The floor plan will show a three-story house, with seven bedrooms and six baths. The indoor walls are intentionally painted in white and the ceilings are significantly elevated, while the floor and staircase are made up of wood. The living room is equipped with a large TV and a cozy-looking fireplace. The dining area has earth-colored walls and can occupy at least ten people, although he only has two children with his now-estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers. In September 2020, Armie listed the house for $5.8 million, months after the announcement of his split with Elizabeth.


Shonda Rhimes is an American producer, director, and writer. She’s the founder of the television production company, Shondaland, which produced TV series that have lasted for multiple seasons. Some of these hit series are How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal. Shonda is undeniably a genius in production, however, she also proved that she’s brilliant when it comes to investments when she purchased a property in Los Angeles.

She purchased the former house of Patricia Heaton in 2014 for a staggering amount of $8.8 million. Once transferred to her name, she called her team to renovate the “ugly” 8,400-square-foot mansion, which houses six bedrooms and six baths. The renovation includes bringing the original facade back, which was removed by a homeowner sometime in the ‘50s or ‘60s. The roofing was altered and the front door was also replaced from wooden to glass, while they preserve the living room, front hall, and library. When she saw the picture of the original living room and its magnificent ceiling, she requested for her designer to replicate that look.


Jennifer Garner is a film producer and actress who appeared in numerous films such as Peppermint, Elektra, and Daredevil, with former husband, Ben Affleck. In 2020, she had a net worth of $80 million, and since she separated from Affleck, Jennifer has been leasing a mansion in Los Angeles while she is waiting for her dream house in Brentwood Park to finish. The price when the house was previously sold was $13.86 million.

Before entering the house, you would notice the lush and tall hedges for privacy. The 10,500-square-foot mansion has six bedrooms, seven-and-a-half bathrooms, and a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, where she often posted baking and cooking tutorials on Instagram. Other house features are a double-height foyer, sophisticated dining and living room, a library with office, and a gym coupled with a sauna. The home is also probably equipped with a tight home security system so her children Seraphina, Violet, and Samuel can watch in their home cinema or play in the spacious swimming pool outside safely.


Jamie Dornan is an Irish actor and established model who gained worldwide recognition for his provocative film trilogy series, Fifty Shades. He starred as Christian Grey opposite Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele. The trilogy grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide. Jamie’s first salary was reported to be just $250,000, despite the movie’s success. However, his firm suggested in 2015 that he pocketed $1,184,935 in dividends. It’s no surprise that in 2016, he must’ve hired a moving company after he purchased a house in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, for a whopping price of $2.843 million.

The 2,510-square-foot estate has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The living room is packed with furniture set with a fireplace in the middle. From the dining, you can easily go to the kitchen through a glass door which also serves as the wall. On the outside, you’ll find a picturesque patio, spa, rectangular swimming pool, and a magnificent fire pit. Although it was an outstanding buy, he later listed it for $3.195 million.


Kristen Wiig is an American actress, writer, and comedian who is well-known for her stint in the long-running Saturday Night Live. She also appeared and wrote the screenplay for the blockbuster film, Bridesmaids, where she earned a nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical from Golden Globes and a nomination for Academy and BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay. Her success in show business has given her a $25 million net worth.

In 2014, she purchased an incredible 3,500-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles, along the Silver Lake area, for $1.4 million. The house was built in 1952 and is the epitome of California-style modern architecture in the mid-century. Kristen’s real estate investment has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, sitting on the hillside on a combined 17,000-square-foot lot. She reportedly put the house under renovation to add 21st-century technology and artistry, an infinity pool, studio, sauna, and spacious freestanding guest property. Although it features priceless views of Silver Lake, she sold the house in 2018 for $5.225 million.


Anna Faris is an American comedian, singer, and actress known for her horror-comedy film series Scary Movie, and she’s been a regular in the CBS sitcom Mom. Her reported salary in the series is $200,000 per episode. It’s no surprise that in her two-decade-long career, she’s able to afford a $1.995 million house.

This house’s location is in the lower part of Nichols Canyon in Hollywood Hills. This one-story ranch-style estate was built in the 1950s and had three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The white-painted walls blended well with the wooden flooring. The kitchen is fully-equipped with appliances that every mom wishes to have. It also has a private patio with an outstanding view of the canyon, while the lagoon-like swimming pool complements the green surroundings. She bought the house in 2005 when she was still married to Ben Indra, and eventually, she used it when she tied-the-knot with Chris Pratt. Unfortunately, she let the house go and listed it for $2.5 million.


Jason Derulo is a singer-songwriter, actor, and dancer who became worldwide famous for his chart-topping hits like Whatcha Say, Wiggle, and Savage Love featuring BTS and Jawsh 685. According to Celebrity Net Worth in 2020, the Talk Dirty singer has a fortune of $16 million – included in this is his $3 million home in Tarzana, Los Angeles.

The main house where he shot most of his TikTok videos has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, while there is a separate house for the guests. It has a studio where he could record his music whenever he wants. He will also not get bored during this current global situation as this purchase offers indoor and outdoor activities that he could do, such as play billiards, watch in the home theater, and play basketball. However, the main attraction of this investment is the pool area. It has a bridge that connects the house to the lounge, which has a built-in bar where he could host a party or have some drinks with his friends.


Kaley Cuoco is up for another big bang when she and her husband, Karl Cook, bought a house in Hidden Hills, California. The brand new estate costs the pair a mind-blowing $11.75 million. Tyson Chandler was the previous owner of the 1.5-acre lot property, but Peter Baer of Strategic Acquisitions tore the abode and constructed a trendy contemporary farmhouse-style mansion.

According to Variety, Kaley and Karl’s house was never listed publicly – photos of the estate and its specification are not existing. However, records show that this is a 50/50 purchase. Kaley is best known for her role in The Big Bang Theory, which aired for 12 seasons on CBS. She reportedly earned a hefty $1 million per episode for the 11th and 12th seasons. Karl, on the other hand, is the heir of tech entrepreneur Scook Cook with a $3.7 billion net worth. Undoubtedly, they are capable of paying this home without the need for cash loans or mortgages.


Cher is an American actress and singer who has a six-decade-long career under the spotlight. She performed with her former husband, Sonny Bono, in the ‘60s and ‘70s, establishing her name. Now, she already has a Grammy, Emmy, Cannes, Academy, and Golden Globe awards sitting on her shelves, while her reported net worth in 2020 was $360 million – successful is an understatement.

In the early decade of 1990, Cher bought a property in Malibu for $1.5 million. Since then, she renovated the estate into an Italian renaissance-style villa. The 16,000-square-foot property has three stories, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a theater, and an indoor gym. The exterior includes hand-carved marble, fireplaces made up of limestones from Mexico, and the loggia has marble arches. The Believe singer wanted a tropical Florida vibe for the landscapes, so she designed it herself. In 2016, gossip swirled around that the power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z bought this house for $40 million.


Most of us, if not all, dream of owning and living in a cozy, spacious house—home insurance included, of course. Luckily for some, they are doing just that. Hollywood star Chrissy Teigen, along with her celebrity husband John Legend and their children—is currently residing in a rental home after selling their Beverly Hills house, previously owned by Rihanna—in September last year. They have bought a newly-made mansion costing $17.5 million still located at the top of Beverly Hills. The new house has a contemporary design with plenty of space. It has 10,000 square feet of area, an outdoor barbecue pit, a saltwater infinity pool, a fire pit, and a wine cellar.

Chrissy started her career—back in 2008—as a briefcase model for the game show Deal or No Deal during its earlier episodes. A couple of years later, she appeared in the 2010 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. Her career in Hollywood eventually blossomed, leading to more television shows and movies. Chrissy and John got married in 2013. Presently, she is one of the cast members of the sitcom show Mr. Mayor.


Dubbed by the European press as a style icon and the “Princess of Pop,” Kylie Minogue is one of the successful music artists in the music industry. She had sold over 70 million copies worldwide, becoming the highest-selling Australian female artist of all time. Kylie gained prominence as a recording artist in the late ‘80s. With her career spanning for many decades now, it’s not surprising her financial asset grew as well.

With Kylie’s investment money, she bought one of the most expensive apartment buildings in London. Located in One Hyde Park, her home—a penthouse—is estimated to be worth a whopping $25 million. While it’s exciting to see her home’s design, the celebrity singer has kept most of it under tight wraps. However, Kylie shared bits of photos of her house on the internet. One can immediately see her personal recording studio in the pictures—no wonder, given her line of work—with a large piece of art hanging on the gray wall. The round metallic lamp gives a contemporary feel to the room. Guess we’ll just have to wait for more photos to come.


As one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses, Demi Moore—also a film producer—had a long career in her belt. Her most memorable film to date is the supernatural romantic drama movie Ghost. Furthermore, Demi has a business investment with Andie Swim, a women’s swimwear company. With that in mind, she naturally has the financial capacity to buy an expensive house—and that, she did. Presently, she’s living in a ranch located in Hailey, Idaho, with her family.

The house is very spacious, with many large glass panes on the walls, including the ceilings. Shiny wood panels cover most of the living room, kitchen, and dining room flooring. Big sofas, tables, lamps, and other furniture can be seen around. Interestingly, a large bathroom sprawling with brown carpet with a large “saint” statue can be seen beside the bathtub, standing against the windows’ wall. It also has a floral sofa and other accents.


Sting, born Gordon Matthew Thomas Summer, is one of the famous music geniuses of our time. Perhaps the most identified song with him is Every Breath You Take. In addition to being a musician, Sting is also an actor and a philanthropist. With a successful career, the financial reward is expected. He has many real estate investments in several places. One of Sting’s homes is located in Tuscany, Italy, where he and his wife—Trudie Styler—spent most of the year there.

The Villa II Palagio has been owned by Sting and his wife since late the 1990s. It is a farm estate and a villa built in the 16th century. It has two annexes to the main villa and four guesthouses, which can accommodate up to 50 guests but can hold 500 guests for parties and wedding receptions. The estate has a treehouse overlooking a lake, a giant chessboard, a yoga center, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a huge Buddha statue.


Howard Stern is popularly known for his radio talk show The Howard Stern Show. He’s also a comedian, author, and television personality. He served as a judge on the talent show America’s Got Talent, alongside other celebrity judges in 2012. As with other Hollywood celebrities and personalities, he has several houses and properties in real estate investments. It is estimated that the price value of his properties is around $110 million!

One of his houses is located in Florida, which is also rumored to be the place where Howard plans to retire. The price tag is $65 million, but when he bought the place, it was worth $52 million. However, the radio host had spent an estimated $13 million for the renovation of the 13,000-square-foot home. Now, it has a grand staircase, a custom-made closet for his wife—measuring 1,000 square feet—five beds, and 12 bathrooms.


One of the undeniably iconic superstars in Hollywood that people know is Tom Cruise. He is famously synonymous with action-packed movies like Top Gun, Mission Impossible, and Jack Reacher. In those movies, we see Tom plays the characters of a spy and a government agent. Similarly enough, he brought it to real life. What am I talking about? It’s his house. Yes, Tom’s penthouse is brimming with high-tech home security systems.

The actor has extensively customized the top floor of his posh penthouse—which has a 39-foot infinity pool and an outdoor bar—and completely covered it with a surrounding wall and a roof. The glass window panels have white films on them. However, the penthouse’s interior design is contemporary and elegant, with white, black, and brown complementary colors that accentuate the ambiance. There are also lamps that add an accent of modernity to the place. The dark-colored tiles on the floor and carpets, likewise. Tom certainly knows how to live simply but with a touch of sophistication.


Without George Lucas, there would have been no legendary and iconic movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones for people to enjoy. Fortunately, that’s not the case. He is one of the most financially successful filmmakers in history, with a mind-boggling net worth of $7.4 billion. He built his fortune through his movies and merchandise. That’s why it is not surprising if he decides to buy several houses and properties, no matter the price tag.

George and his businesswoman wife Melody Hobson own a robust portfolio of real estate investments. One of those is their beachfront home in Carpinteria, California, with a price tag of $28 million. He bought the house right next door to his other property back in 2010 for a price of $19 million— only a tad of his fortune, don’t you think? He also has properties in Chicago, Bel-Air, and more.


Dolly Parton is famous for her country music songs. Her prominence was felt in the 1960s up to the 1980s, and her chart-topping songs sold over a million copies worldwide. Dolly was ranked as the wealthiest country music artist in 1998 by Nashville Business. However, she also has other business ventures that she puts her investment money into—like the Dollywood amusement park. Currently, her estimated net worth is a massive $600 million. However, she still lives in a house she purchased back in 1999 for $400,000, a home she shares with her husband, Carl Dean.

The estate has 3,324 square feet of space and a swimming pool, tennis court, chapel, and a farm. Right from the gate’s vantage point, you can see the spacious yard with lush green grass and foliages on both sides, while the backdrop unveils the huge grand house of Dolly. Leading to the house is a long walkway that greets the visitor—a good way to exercise, right?


Emma Watson’s career catapulted after playing the character of Hermione Granger in the fantasy movie Harry Potter. She has a successful career in movies and also some modeling deals. Emma currently has an estimated net worth of $70 million—enough monies to buy her chosen home. She has a posh apartment in New York and a rented apartment in London, allotting her time between them due to her studies and acting job. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Brown University.

The 12-story apartment, located in Lexington Avenue, was the place where she spent part of her time while in New York. It has a mix of modern and traditional décor amenities. Inside, large windows provide natural lighting to the living area. The kitchen is equipped with a Miele appliance that accentuates the chic atmosphere, along with the custom-built glass cabinetry. Oakwood floorings and marble worktops are highlighted by the natural light, making it a truly relaxing place.


Many celebrities today gained their popularity through the video-sharing platform YouTube. One of them is Jake Paul. However, his initial fame came from the now-defunct video application called Vine. In 2018, Forbes said that Jake made $21.5 million from YouTube, making him the second-highest-paid YouTuber that same year. Simultaneously, he debuted his first match in the boxing arena. With all that, his financial success grew and his credit score increased.

Jake purchased a mansion in Calabasas, California,—back in 2017—for $6.9 million and lived there for six years. Recently this year, he listed the mansion that’s fondly called “Team 10” for $7 million. The massive place is 15,000 square feet with eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a gym, an office, a theater, a pool, multiple living rooms, and other amenities. Jake is focusing on his boxing career at the moment, following the footsteps of his older brother, Logan.


Jerry Seinfeld is best known for his semi-fictionalized character of himself in the television sitcom Seinfeld—which he produced with Larry David. He is also a stand-up comedian, writer, and producer. Comedy Central named Seinfeld the 12th greatest stand-up comedian of all time back in 2004. With the show’s success comes tremendous wealth for Jerry. His estimated net worth is a staggering $950 million—we wonder who his financial advisor might be?

One of his many properties is a house he bought from Billy Joel—back in 2000—in East Hampton for $32 million. The large manor house is on a 12-acre estate and has its own baseball field, a barn, guesthouses, and a pool. The interior has lots of window panes, allowing much natural light to enter the house. Oakwood floorings are all over the kitchen and dining room, while big sofas and a fireplace can be seen in the living area, making it a perfect place to unwind.


For most of Dwayne Wade’s 16-year career, he played for the Miami Heat in the NBA. During his playing years, he capitalized on his profession and acquired many endorsement deals—which eventually paid off to around $120 million. Now that he’s retired, Dwayne is focusing on his business investments. Since he is into fashion, he ventured toward a bow tie company called
The Tie Bar. Soon after, he put up his sock company called PKWY. With all his business ventures, Dwayne has undoubtedly accumulated a huge fortune.

Dwayne and his wife—actress Gabrielle Union—have several properties. One of them is a house in Hidden Hills, California, which the couple bought for $17.9 million last year. It has 22,000 square feet of area and has a contemporary design. It is perfectly situated on top of a hill where one can enjoy the surrounding scenery with the freshness of the air.


Kristin Cavallari is best known for being a cast of MTV’s reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. In the following years, Kristin starred in various television series and was eventually given her own television series, Very Cavallari, which ran for three seasons, from 2018 to 2020. It seems that recently, the reality TV star has been focused on her fashion jewelry company called Uncommon James—indeed a wise business investment for the actress.

In early 2012, Kristin and husband football quarterback Jay Cutler bought a mansion in Nashville, Tennessee, for $5.3 million. The Mediterranean-inspired house is located on a small hill and surrounded by dense foliages and trees. It has 20,000 square feet spread with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. An entertainment complex with a lounge, home theater, and professional bar will entertain the guests. They will also enjoy outdoor dining on the terrace and unwind near its fireplace. TV stardom certainly did Kristin good!


Popularly known in movies such as Con Air, The Rock, and Face/Off, Nicholas Cage is one of the acclaimed actors in his prime. In 1995, he won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in the movie Leaving Las Vegas. Apart from his numerous awards and accolades received, Nicholas also acquired many properties with his investment money. He bought 15 palatial mansions, a fleet of yachts—and to top it all—two castles!

At the peak of his career, Nicholas had purchased a bayfront mansion in Newport Beach in California. The actor bought the property for $25 million but eventually sold it for $35 million. Facing the sea, guests can enjoy the relaxing scenery of boats passing by the harbor. At night, the patio is perfect for unwinding while savoring the scent of the sea and the freshness of the air. Though Nicholas doesn’t own this property anymore, he certainly enjoyed the place back then.


His Airness. Air Jordan. These words are synonymous with the greatest basketball player in the NBA and of all time—Michael Jordan. Most famous for sticking his tongue out when driving to the basket, Jordan had entertained fans from all over the globe in the arena of basketball from his prime up to his last game in the court. The basketball player’s celebrity status landed him lucrative deals from giant companies like Nike, Gatorade, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s, to name a few. Out of those deals, he made hundreds of millions collectively. He became the first billionaire player in the history of the NBA—perhaps Jordan himself is his own financial advisor, after all.

One of the things that the legendary athlete bought with his tremendous amount of money was his iconic Chicago mansion, where he lived for 19 years. It is located in a Chicago Suburb called Highland Park. The estate is measured at 56,000 square feet. It also has a basketball court—yeah, of course—nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 14 garage spaces, and a circular infinity pool. Currently, the house is for sale—and we’re sure any prospective buyer can see that the place is certainly a steal!


LeBron James spent his investment money buying his third home in Los Angeles with a staggering price of $36.8 million. The famed basketball star got a slight discount from the late Lee Phillip Bell, paying a little low compared to its original listing of $39 million. The house had stellar former owners, such as Charles Boyer and Howard Hughes, proving it belongs to a superstar like LeBron.

It has everything you can think of for its price— like 13,000 square feet of living space featuring four beds, seven baths, two guesthouses, a tennis court, and a movie theatre. The house boasts 2.5 acres of land that gives LeBron the perfect view of Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean. According to reports, the 36-year-old LA Laker player has plans to tear down the house built in the 1930s to create a new one. LeBron may make it more modern by the looks of it, so now, we can’t wait to see the NBA legend’s revamped home.


Hugh Jackman has successfully climbed up the ladder of success, credits to his hit movies Wolverine, The Greatest Showman, and Les Miserables, to name a few. This gave Hugh and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, a chance to live not just an extravagant life but also to have a lavish home worth $21 million in New York City. Gone are the days that the couple has to live in a small apartment house in Melbourne that they bought for $240,000 back in 1997 and sold for $740,000 in 2015.

Hugh and Deborra are now enjoying their luxury apartment that boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, giving them an excellent view of the Hudson River. It comes with five beds, five baths, a professional-grade kitchen, and a gym, of course, for Hugh and his wife to use. The house also features terraces where they can relax after a hard day’s work.


According to the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires ranking, Jeff Bezos is dubbed as the wealthiest person in the world, so it only fits that he lives in one of the most lavish homes in the US. He doesn’t just have one house, though; the tech mogul has a massive real estate portfolio across the United States— from Washington to New York City.

In case you did not know, the Amazon founder is, in fact, the country’s 28th largest landowner. One of his vast land and properties is his gigantic Washington home. Jeff might have thought of careful investment planning when he bought the former Textile Museum for $23 million in 2016 and spent another $12 million for its renovation, updating its 1914 look. It comes with ten beds, eight baths, six powder rooms, and 11 fireplaces, sprawling on 27,000 square feet of living space. The house also boasts of its brick exterior, which is primarily Roman columns and balconies.


Joel Osteen is living the grandest life with his wife, Victoria Osteen, and two kids, Jonathan and Alexandra Osteen. As one of the US’s wealthiest pastors, the 58-year-old personality has the funds to buy anything he wants without opting for a loan, including this $10.5-million home in Houston.

The house in question is located in the wealthy suburb of River Oaks, and it brags a lot of unique and luxurious features and amenities. It has six beds, six baths, five open wood fireplaces, a one-bedroom guest house, a pool, and a pool house. To top it off, it has three elevators that they can use to go around the 17,000-square-foot home that sits on 1.86 acres of land. With this big, who wouldn’t get tired running back and forth here? It also has a vast ornamental fence to keep the house out of the public’s eye, keeping the mega-mansion private.


Mindy Kaling made a good investment when she bought Frank and Barbara Sinatra’s home for $9.95 million. According to reports, public records showed a trust tied to the 41-year-old star who purchased the said property. Mindy has been selling a number of real estate pieces for the past few years, including her Hollywood Hills home and Beverly Grove Spanish-style spot in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Her latest purchase used to be Frank’s hangout for his star-studded crew, such as Dick Martin, Jack Lemmon, Gregory Peck, and more. They used to enjoy its oceanfront view, which Mindy is now calling her own. The mansion features seven beds and nine baths, sprawling on 5,284 square feet of living space. Some of the amenities that it’s proud to have are its terrace, a courtyard with a plunge pool, and a huge patio overlooking the ocean, designed by the famed architect Ten Grenzbach.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry once again got everyone’s attention. It seems like the entire planet wants to know about their new lives in the US after they stepped down as senior royals. They’re now living in Santa Barbara, California, with their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, having moved into their new home last July 2020.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new house cost $14.65 million and reportedly secured a $9.5-million mortgage to have the property to themselves. If there’s one thing that the couple wants their new home to have, it’s probably privacy. The 7.4-acre compound is securely tucked away on a private and gated street. The community’s quiet solitude might have enticed the two to stay here, making it popular with other celebrity clientele. The place is 100 miles away from Los Angeles, and it’s also renowned for its secluded hillside estates, private roads, lengthy driveways, and significant security gates. Meghan and Prince Harry will be sure of their safety here.


Kris Jenner said goodbye to her lavish Hidden Hills mansion after unloading it for $15 million in an off-market, all cash-deal. The accord is reportedly unexpected as the house never hit the market or went publicly for sale. What made it more surprising was it was bought by the German heiress Katharina Harf, the daughter of the cosmetics guru Peter Harf, the current chairman and CEO of Coty Inc. The said company acquired Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand for $600 million. What a small world, indeed. Peter might be too busy back then moving into her new house, hiring a moving company to do so.

Now back to Kris— the famed momager spent almost $10 million in buying this property in 2017. It was a modern farmhouse-style mansion that the acclaimed designers Tommy and Kathy Clements and Waldo Fernandez gave a sophisticated makeover. Peter will surely enjoy every inch of this home.


Harry Styles made a considerable investment when he decided to buy this third home in London. The former One Direction member had spent £15 million in properties in the UK. His latest purchase was just next to the £9-million real estate piece that he bought in summer 2019. Rumors had it the 27-year-old singer was following in Ed Sheeran’s footsteps in buying neighboring properties in Suffolk to build a mega-mansion that would turn into his main base in London.

Harry reportedly started buying off properties in the country when he’s only 18 years old. He already began a number of major renovation works for his home, though, adding in a pub of his own called Harry’s Bar. It remains to be seen what Harry plans to do with these houses, but he may combine and restore them all to their former glory after separating one mansion into two semi-detached houses.

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