Take A Look At These Famous Celebrities And Their Shockingly Expensive Houses

Ron Howard – Connecticut, $27 Million

We all have Ron Howard to thank for our favorite films like Apollo 13, Cocoon and A Beautiful Mind. His talent in the film industry also shows in his acting career. Now that he’s also a producer, he continues to earn investment money to maintain his real estate properties. One of his greatest possessions was a mansion in Connecticut worth $27 million. He, his wife and his children loved their estate and Howard related in an interview that his family made unforgettable memories in their theater, observatory and even by the lake.

Now that his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard is also a famous director and actress, no doubt that Ron is proud of his life decisions. Howard’s residence is a classic New England manor, with six bedrooms, five full baths, and four partial baths. The Howard family owned the property for 20 years. The house itself has more than 17,200 square feet of living space. The manor is only one hour away from New York City and is an ideal place for entertainment and large-scale events. The Howards has hosted two weddings, numerous gatherings and fundraising activities at the property.