Stars Who Are Graciously Aging

Ursula Andress – Born 1936

Ursula Andress is a former model and actress. Actress Ursula Andrews has secured her place in pop culture history by playing a key role in the film for the first time since viewers first saw the blonde beauty rise from the Caribbean surf. She is best known for her appearance in the movie Dr. No with Sean Connery as a Bond Girl back in 1962. Her love story was more tumultuous than her career as an actress.

Indeed, she had an affair with actor James Dean before his untimely death. Ursula subsequently dated John Derek in 1955, the same year that James Dean died. She also had intimate relationships with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ryan O’Neal and had only son Dimitri Alexander Hamlin whose biological father is Harry Hamlin. At 83 years old, she is still fit and beautiful despite having wrinkles on her face. Hopefully, she makes an investment on her face to reduce or prevent more wrinkles.