Tina Turner & Erwin Bach – 32 years

Tina and Erwin have been dating since the ’80s, and eventually, they finally got married in 2013. After long years of dating, the two made it through the celebrity spotlight just fine and managed to stick together until the end. Not many can pull that off, so we got to give them credit for that.

They met in 1986 during the Private Dancer album tour in London. It was during the record label event that she met the German music executive. He was sixteen years younger, but it didn’t stop them from becoming friends and eventually dating the year after. They’ve been lovers ever since. Tina thanked Erwin for loving her without “giving up” who she is. They both give each other the freedom and space they need as individuals while staying as a couple. Erwin shows Tina that true love doesn’t need her to dim her light so that he can shine, as they are the light in each other’s lives.