A Foster Mom’s Discovery That Changed Her Life And Her Foster Children’s Lives Forever

In her early thirties, Katie Page went through a divorce she never imagined for herself that early
on and the whole ordeal had left her feeling alone in life and the world. At that point, her dream of building a family and also to get the career that she always dreamed of already seemed and felt far fetch for her. But later on, she found herself making a life-changing decision that marked and took credit for how her dreams could still happen for her, let alone, shape the lives of everyone involved around her.


Born and raised in Alabama and in her early thirties, Katie Page was faced with a trying marriage that was already on the verge of ending. Such a milestone is one no one hopes to tread on. Such experience gave Katie the undeniable feeling of loss and hopelessness at the face of the future she dreamed of getting and all the dreams she thought she’d be living. To the degree that she thought the possibility of building a family in the near future seemed lost forever. But in her brokenness, Katie searched for something that would fill the void and she knew she needed to make a change.


Filled with a great need to leave the past behind, Katie decided on the move to a new location despite everything she has built in Alabama. She packed everything, with a good amount of help from a dependable moving company, and despite of the good amount of memories Alabama, she moved to Denver, Colorado. It was in 2015 when she decided to make the move and she was fortunate enough to have found and landed on a job as an integrated service manager for GE Johnson. Her work with GE Johnson solved many of her relocating concerns to Denver in Colorado.


Starting anew in Denver, with a new home and a great new job with GE Johnson, it felt like she made the best decision ever. Although her purchased, spacious four-bedroom home needed to have some work done; she took on the project by herself. Without thinking about the bulk of the work to be done and how extensive the work could get not to mention costly, she proceeded not needing anything or thinking of any loan. According to her, it was important that she did it by herself so the house would mean more than just a physical building but more on something that could turn out to be something that would be of great sentimental value to her.


To keep herself busy and mind occupied, renovating her new home was the perfect solution for her, so at last, she started her own little project. A home renovation is not an easy feat. It would require a lot of money, energy in building and checking on it as well as a whole lot of responsibilities like its permits, legalities and insurances and they are just a few of the big reasons why some would avoid or get intimidated by it. However, despite her marriage ending recently and her longing to fill the void in her, Katie remained positive and expectant that she would soon stumble upon more new opportunities for her to move forward.


Despite her apprehensions, Katie was just very positive that something she really needed out there would find its way to her and give her a new meaning in life. With many important things that went wrong in her life, her marriage, and her heart-breaking fertility issues, she has sought different ways to realize her dreams of building a family. She even considered meeting with lawyers to explore her options on both adoptions and fostering as her way of finally meeting that personal need.


In one ordinary day, in the church she’s attending in her community, there had been a discussion regarding an upcoming seminar for a fostering program. Katie’s heart leaped with excitement as she quickly expressed her interest to join the seminar. Within her, she knew her home security and finances were ready as she was and she just couldn’t help; but feel that this could be the opportunity she has been long waiting for.


For Katie, the church meeting itself was more than enough to convince her that fostering children in need was just the right path for her. It was a nerve-wracking experience but to her, it was just right that her longing for a family was about to be realized from a no better way than to start it with children who needed someone willing and able like her. She knew from then on her life, ways and even her money management are about to change.


Katie would always look back to the Mother’s day of the year 2015 when she filled out the application that would change her life forever. And she just couldn’t wait to finally get to the legalities of it, maybe with her own attorney, to at last put finality to her decision. As her decision was one that would shape her and her foster child’s future. From that point on there would be no turning back. There’s just no amount of doubt that could get in the way of Katie’s anticipation of the exciting journey she was about to undertake.


In the face of a very important decision, some of her apprehensions would be considering that raising her foster child alone as she would now be a single parent. No matter how thrilled she was to a high degree; still, there were other factors she had to consider before making a massive life-changing choice to foster children in need. Another apprehension was that she would be totally new in motherhood and it would mean her to be adjusting a whole lot while discovering life as a single mother. Nonetheless, she remained hopeful of the given grace through her decision.


Shortly after she filed her application, Katie received feedback that the potential children who will be opened to fostering were no ordinary children as they were ones who experienced traumas early in their lives. But while others would think twice over this fact, all the more that Katie was eager to open her heart to them. After all, with great love as an investment, there’s nothing that time cannot heal.