Hollywood Celebrities Who Lost Their Careers Because of A Mistake

Being a popular celebrity in Hollywood comes with a cost. It would take more than just talent and personality to remain on top and to thrive in the industry. That is why we think that at all times actors and other artists are to be found at their best. However, for the following celebrities, although they tried, they were at one point caught off guard, not in their best state, or just in a bad time. Also, maybe, they just had bad luck. However, some of them were kind enough to let us in their lives and were humble to a degree that they even admitted to their mistakes. We hope this serves as a lesson if not for other celebrities, but at least to us common people, living our lives as if we’re the only ones in the world.


There was a time that Mel Gibson was heralded in the world of film and media for his actions and also directing craft. However, not all that is great on the camera is also good off-camera. Apparently, Gibson had secret thoughts that he should have been best kept hidden. He got involved in a controversy where his racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic opinions got leaked to the public. As a result, he got much hate from fans and even bodies such as Facebook and Twitter in protest. Since then, no one in the film industry would bet on him or admit him to a team. We just hope he does right with his money management after all the successful projects he made before for sure he has earned quite a fortune. It is indeed best to manage them well.


O.J. Simpson is one famous celebrity also who was best known for his NFL professional football career as a running back. He started his acting career way before he retired from football and also capitalized on his earnings by placing them on the right investments. However, while at his prime, he got convicted guilty on the murder trial of his ex-wife and her friend. Although on the initial trial he was first pronounced not guilty, he was not able to get away on the second. Also, he faced other legal issues like tax evasion and robbery adding to the legal damages he has to settle.


Known stand-up comedian and veteran of Saturday Night Live, Robert Michael Schneider, although cast in many box office movies such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, its sequel, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo, and The Hot Chick, was not treated seriously by many producers. They found him not meant for movies with an emotional or intellectual degree higher than the movies he filmed. So Schneider moved himself to shift to voice acting and even produced his own specials. We guess by now, those producers were proven wrong. After all, Scheider proved he can be taken seriously too. Other than what he earned from his successful movies, he seemed to be earning well with his current stints.


Wesley Snipes is a known martial artist in training even when he was as young as 12 years old. He is known to be of high degree level in both Karate and Hapkido. He is also known to be part of the movies, White Men Can’t Jump, Passenger 57, and the Blade movie series. As talented he already is, he also ventured his earnings on business investments such as owning a security firm and a film company. He just committed one mistake though. He failed to pay his taxes and so got convicted and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.


Taylor Momsen started her career in Hollywood when her parents signed her up with an agency for modeling. At that time, she was only 2 years old but one successful thing for her led to another through the years. She is best remembered for her credit role in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and also when she became part of the TV series, Gossip Girl. However, she may have outgrown Hollywood that she had a strong drive to move on to music and take her success in the industry. While she may be talented with acting, it looks like we won’t be seeing her in prime time TV or any movie at all any time soon. Right now, it’s obvious how she’s happy with music.


While Jennifer Grey’s issue is incredibly unlikely to happen to just anyone like her, but it did. It is true that a nose job got to a degree that it caused this actress’s Hollywood career. Grey is best known for her 1980s films, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing. Even though she seriously thought that her nose job would be an investment for her, the industry didn’t think so as it has changed how she looked to a degree that she is no longer recognizable as Jennifer Grey. Not that her nose job was poorly done, it just made her look different to a point that even her closest friends didn’t recognize her too.


Paz De La Huerta is a daughter of a Spanish nobleman, who for sure is already loaded in terms of fortune. However, she appeared to be suffering multiple conditions such as abnormal growth under her arm where despite multiple surgeries, it hasn’t been addressed yet. We are sure that having a rich father would get her covered by some insurance policy, especially on health, so she has probably no worries about that. But she also has a bad case of behavior that led her to cases of assault. She is known for her role in A Walk to Remember, and the drama series, Boardwalk Empire.


Elizabeth Berkley in her film, Showgirls, was set to stardom. However, controversial credit role in the movie raised criticism and hate from fans that it ruined her career. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but such negative feedback from the show and her role backfired on her personally. For two decades she wasn’t able to get any role to prove herself, despite the film’s director admittance to New York Daily News about how the film ruined Berkley’s career. Finally, once more she was given the opportunity to be able to perform in Dancing With The Stars, which she tearfully recalled how the unfortunate event ruined her and how being able to perform in the show has lifted a long time sentence of a sort.


Even a very talented and seriously engaged comedian and TV personality, Andy Dick is not exempted from being destroyed and ruined by substance abuse and alcoholism. He started out as a young comedian in the industry and while even in college he felt the calling to make an investment on himself and improve his talent in comedy. Dick was cast into many roles in films and TV shows, however, his involvement in many controversies lead from one thing to another until such time he had to finally seek professional help. He has admitted to his struggle which has led him to be reckless on many occasions. He is currently under the facility and we hope he gets better in time.


Gary Busy who is considered as a legendary actor of the 70s is undeniably also one of the most talented personalities of all time. He is one of the few to receive an Oscar nomination while he was at the peak of his career. However, in one uneventful day in December 1988, he met a motorcycle accident where he had to pull some cash loan to pay off medical assistance exhausted. Such incident got into the limelight of media as he was vocal about his opinions about motorcycle helmets, which now after the accident, it has ended his career. Soon after, he fell into drug addiction. From time to time though, he would still do cameos and guest appearances.


Shia Labeouf is known as a child star who has been seen on-screen multiple times, especially for the shows, Even Stevens, Freaks and Geeks, and Project Greenlight. But he became even more famous for his parts in Indiana Jones and Transformer. Labeouf may have been so familiar with the famous celebrity life that he seemed to have developed an entitlement for his status. So much so that it got to a degree that he would be reported acting disruptively in bars and got involved in legal run-ins, and he was also reported to be involved in this weird, gross art project which was just out of this world. Currently doing better than before, he has admitted to having overcome his struggles.


Tatum O’Neal known to have been the youngest actress to have ever won an Oscar for Best Actress In A Supporting Role was such a great talent during her time. However, somewhere along her journey to stardom, she may have lost her way and met drugs. Just like many of the Hollywood stars, substance abuse took the better of her and ruined her career, marriage, and her life eventually. She was married to tennis athlete John McEnroe before she suffered a very public divorce which for sure has put so much pressure on her lawyers as the divorce also ended with her losing custody of her kids.


It happened in 2001 when Jawbreaker actress, Rebecca Gayheart, got involved in a car accident that hit and killed a third-grader. According to reports, her negligence became the cause of the incident as she was unable to see how the other cars stopped to let the boy cross the street. Even with the help of the best lawyers, she knew she was at fault and had to settle. Her settlement caused so much and has affected her credit reports. Since that unfortunate event, Gayheart has not been back on her feet despite her appearances on TV shows and movies, Dead Like Me and Vanished.


Popular R&B and pop star of the ‘90s, Brandy was every teenager star. Her hit songs have easily dominated the industry with her TV appearances, merchandise, and judging stints. For some time it did seem that her career is going somewhere until she met an accident involving a car domino effect on the highway. The accident was so serious to a degree that it resulted in the death of one. With the help of her lawyers, she was able to settle accounts with the victim’s family but with the headlines, she lost many projects and soon flopped everything she started thereafter.


Known to be one of the world’s best sportscaster, James or better known to be Jimmy the Greek, used to be on every avid sports fan faces on screen. He, in fact, was the one to launch The NFL Today, for which he worked with for at least a decade before they sadly let him go for his racial comments he made on air. Unfortunately, no matter how entertaining he was when it comes to sports, he will now be remembered for his controversial rant about how the white American athletes are being robbed by black athletes of sports roles and how the latter are of better advantage due to their long history of slavery. Sadly, his comments became also the cause of bankruptcy agency calling.


2013 X-Factor: New Zealand hired successful pop artist couple, Natalia Kills and Willy Moon to be among their judges for the season. However, it was in the same show that the career for this duo ended. They were shown on-air when Natalia Kills made a mean comment on contestant Joe Irvine. A ‘mean comment’ is even a kinder degree of wording it given how she totally maligned, demeaned, and even accused a contestant of copying her partner Willy. While no legal actions were taken against them, the couple were both fired from the show on that very day. How very unfortunate.


Popular American singer, Jessica Simpson’s sister, Ashley Simpson first became a back-up dancer for her sister when she started her career. When she finally started her own album, Jessica became a sensation almost instantly. However, on one occasion of October 2014, she accepted an appearance engagement in Saturday Night Live. Although her performance was very good while singing her hit single, Pieces of Me, a slight audio accident gave away her lip-synching. Her degree of embarrassment got the better of her that for her second performance she wasn’t able to contain herself anymore as well as her other comebacks thereafter.


2010 hit hip-hop rap, Airplanes, was performed by B.O.B. and became very popular across America and even internationally. However because of his controversial tweet back in 2016 where he tweeted that the earth is flat, caused public uproar or criticism of some degree and even caught the attention of astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson responding to his tweet where he was assured by Tyson that despite his reasoning his music is still liked. This again was replied to by B.O.B with a “Flatline” to refer to Tyson’s recording that about the earth’s formation. This whole Twitter incident sadly resulted to indeed a regress in B.O.B’s career.


American director and screenwriter of two films, Troy Duffy who was also a musician and was mainly the subject in the documentary film, Overnight, became quite an example for someone to be given credit too much too soon. In the film, his infamous story of being the director and screenwriter of the two 90s cult classic, The Boondock Saints was featured by documentarians Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith. In the documentary, Duffy worked as a bartender who came home to witness a dead woman being wheeled out of a drug dealer’s apartment and in his angst against what he just saw he turned it into a beautiful story that Harvey Weinstein of Miramax bought. However, Duffy turned out to be an egotistic alcoholic who couldn’t work with some artists like Ewan McGregor and so he was eventually dropped out as his film.


Short-time worldwide sensation, Sinead O’Connor was the artist behind the popularized smash hit single, Nothing Compares 2 U. For a time, she was also a regular on TV until her guesting gig at the Saturday Night Live happened. In the episode, the Irish singer performed her own rendition of the song, War, where her performance went out of hand to a degree that she tore apart a picture of Pope John Paul II. Her act sparked outrage among the studio audience and in the media where she was called disrespectful and so her records, CDs, and tapes suffered the same in the hands of devout catholic Christians as a reflection of her own actions.


Oscar Pistorius who is also known as the Blade Runner is a six-time Paralympic gold medallist making Olympic history in the 2012 Summer Olympics which was held in London. He won the sprint competition marking the 400m semi-final round. However, no matter the consideration of what a champ he is, the unfortunate murder of his model and actress girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was something to matter much more. The brutal murder of the model which was poorly defended by Pistorius and his lawyer has initially issued a verdict of manslaughter but was later reversed by a higher court to murder and sentenced him to jail time of six years instead.


Following the release of a very controversial video, NFL The Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice was immediately cut off the team. The said the video showed how he violently handled his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer who still, in the end, married Rice. However, due to such violent act displayed by him, his NFL team did not anymore take him back so he made the bold move with the help of his lawyer in filing a legal suit against the team for wrongful termination and won at least $27 million for the remaining part of his $40 million, five-year contract. Since then, however, Rice was not able to bounce back in sports.


Isaiah Washington was a major character as Dr. Preston Burke in Grey’s Anatomy. However, due to his lack of better judgment of calling his co-star, T.R. Knight a faggot and repeated the same sentiment when reporters asked him at the Golden Globes backstage about the leaked argument with Patrick Dempsey. Despite airing out a public apology, such an act did not turn around the show producer’s decision of cutting him out of the popular TV series. In 2013, Washington admitted to his mistake that cost him his career and financial security. According to him, it eventually led to his bankruptcy as he couldn’t anymore afford an agency and publicist to fix things up for him.


Even though she was highly recognized when she was awarded by an Academy Award for her powerful performance in Precious, Mo’Nique was not able to push through the path of becoming Hollywood’s A-lister. In fact, it took another five years for the actress to win another role which was with the indie film, Blackbird. Reports have it straight from Mo’Nique about how Daniels revealed that it was her husband’s salary demands that caused producers to blackball her. However, instead, she accused Daniels of pulling her down and dragged Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey to also conspire against her. We guess, no lawyer could really fix and win her case with this allegation she has put out there.


Australian DJ Mel Greig was caught off guard by a prank call which went wrong and caused her career to go down. The prank had her to pose as Queen Elizabeth calling the hospital where Kate Middleton was having medical treatment. So when Nurse Jacintha Saldanha, an actual nurse in the hospital took the call and was fooled to give away confidential details about Kate’s condition, it led to the nurse’s suicide leaving a note that the Radio Australians Mel Greig and Michael Christian are to be taken responsible for this act. After their suspension, their show was also canceled affecting the station’s credit score to drop.


Hayden Christensen became a regular in the Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes 1-3 and due to his close association with the franchise, it has done him much harm as people have left his other movies with equally showcased acting skills down the drain. As a result, investment in such films also flopped so much so that having Christensen in the movie became very bad for business. So Christensen decided to take a break from the limelight, got married, raised a family working his farm. In 2015, he made a comeback, but just the same it movie didn’t turn out as well as his Star Wars did.


American Pie 1999 to 2012 actor and comedian, Seann William Scott became best known only for his credit role as Steve Stifler in this hilarious film series. Scott got typecast into this role for so long fans found it hard to relate to him with his other roles. According to him, there were other movies he’s done that just passed by and failed to establish for him a growing fan base. So the actor instead tried his luck in voice acting to avoid getting himself in money trouble and into loans he wouldn’t be able to pay. Lo and behold, success came to him once again in this field when his voice starred in four Ice Age movies.


Tobey Maguire was the awkward and emotional Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3 and was still favored by Sony to be the lead on the sequel of the movie he was still up to produce. However, because of dir. Sam Raimi failed to put together a script as quickly as he could before Maguire turn 35, Sony’s interest has shifted to yet another rising star, Andrew Garfield. As a result, Maguire turned to produce movies which at his first two attempts acclaimed good reviews and produced revenue as well. But the succeeding ones didn’t go well and so has put his investments on the line.


Vince Vaughn has been one of the Hollywood actors to have produced movies that became box office hits, such as 2003, Old School and 2005 movie, Wedding Crashers. He thought he had everything figured out as far as his career is going by retaining his cocky guy image. As a result, Hollywood kept casting him on films of a lesser caliber such as Four Christmases, and 2009’s, Couples Retreat. These movies became quite a turndown for his talents which eventually affected his marketability. Currently, Vaughn seemed to be putting on investment on himself and rebranding his image to get on a better spot in the industry.


Jay Mohr is an American comedian and radio host who was one of the 90s most prominent figures due to his Saturday Night Live stint as well as his highly regarded performance in the movies, Jerry Maguire and Picture Perfect. However, on his first credit role on Fox’s comedy, Action, despite his steady fan base, turned out to be a disaster proven by the show’s ratings, his sitcom, Gary Unmarried, after the first fail, was no better. To preserve his name, he stayed clear of acting and instead dug on hosting to as to be sure he to keep his credit score managed.


Dane Cook is known to be America’s Funnyman, he also used to be referred to like the humor go-to guy by many. He was so popular back then that it was only him and Andrew Clay who could be a sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden. He was also known for his smash-hit albums, Harmful if Swallowed and Retaliation. So there was a time for him that paying off mortgages and insurances was easy for him with all the sold-out success he gained in terms of sales. However, as quickly as his fame rose, his succeeding project becomes unsuccessful and went unnoticed. Some blamed his inflated ego as a reason for him to lose his sense of being funny.


Lost star Matthew Fox fell off Hollywood’s radar due to his personal issues which affected his behavior. His last few movies, Alex Cross and World War Z turned out to be a fail for him as he barely even made it a substantial time enough to showcase his presence in these films. Although there was a time that his performances were recognized by prestigious bodies like Golden Globe and the Emmy’s, his public behavior though overshadowed it and went to a degree of being reported for hitting a lady bus driver. His Lost co-star also revealed him to be a woman beater. Of course, other than these testimonies, he also admitted to a case, with the advice of his lawyer, that he too committed driving under the influence of alcohol and maybe even drugs.


Everyone who once enjoyed John Cusack on screen might be wondering where he went. But really, he never left the industry. In fact, he has starred in these movies which you can still catch on HBO or in DVD, The Carrier, Love & Mercy, and The Factory. It’s just that for his credit role in these films, it may have not been quite a buzz and so just went by just like that. Unlike his movies like Serendipity and Must Love Dogs that really became everyone’s favorite and still could be anyone’s feels good movie. Still, though, the used-to-be heartthrob, maintains his plus factor by being busy with his passion projects of writing books of good sense, so really what’s not to love about him?


Jessica Alba was one of the stars in 2005 film, Fantastic Four, also in 2007, Awake, and again in 2008 for her credit role in The Eye. However, these movies didn’t become the success they were projected to be and so when asked about how she felt about her last projects, Alba made a not so pleasant remark of blaming bad scripts and inexperienced directors for the flops. After her remarks, it wasn’t such a surprise that The New York Times described Alba to be one vapid actress in Hollywood. Such remark from this highly esteemed newspaper sure cut her feeling to a degree that she rebutted an excuse in Elle magazine how acting anyway is not her priority as she has put in a big investment in her own consumer brand company. The Honest Company.


Being known for her the long-time credit role as Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar was type-cast and constricted in horror films which a lot of them flopped significantly. It went so bad for her career to a degree that even her roles in other genres films like Simply Irresistible and Scooby-Doo, failed in rating and sales. Once again, the actress made another comeback hoping to get it right this time, however, in the series, Ringer, and The Crazy Ones were ones that had shorter airtime that ended too soon for the actress. With her new set up as mom to two kids, Mrs. Freddie Prince does well with voice-over jobs.


Being another victim of typecasting, Billy Zane became a success in vexing audiences and fans with his effective portrayals of being the antagonist in movies. But it got to a degree that he never got out of being under the villain’s shadow. SO much so that despite the praises he got and reviews for his portrayal, he found it hard to succeed in his own starred movies. His character failed to establish for him a fan base that would follow his craft. His TV appearances in Guilt, Curfew, and Mad Dogs although made noise, they still did not do anything for his own career.


Tom Welling was popularly known to be the young Clark Kent in his long-time running TV series, Smallville. The series become one of the long-time running shows on TV that aired for ten solid years, having 217 episodes and became a very good success even for the young Tom Welling. However, after the show ended, with Welling going off for a well-deserved break from the spotlight, his comeback in Hollywood seemed to have not been quite a welcoming one as it took the actor a long time to get his pace back. He became picky with his roles also but in no success were they able to establish a fan base solid enough for him. It was not until he finally landed at a credit role with Fox’s, Lucifer. We hope this goes well.


Christopher Mintz-Plasse fell victim into Hollywood’s typecasting curse and for a time was put on hold in between his successful villainous nerdy persona in movies to a potential mature leading man role. He has been successful and known as the geeky character in series, Superbad, even in his roles in Kick-Ass, Role Models, and the popular musical movie, Pitch Perfect. And though he seemed to be the type who can breeze through any college degree, his time off right now, if done right, could set him off to the right roles with his charming face and dapper looks. His next film projects gotta be good.


Judge Reinhold is known to be one of the ’80s it-guys. He is one of the main casts in hit films, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Beverly Hills Cop. Most of his opportunities in the ‘80s were because of his dapper look that could even make it to the cut of casting for lawyer roles.
However, since those days, he only got to do cameo roles in Arrested Development and The O’Keefe as Beverly Hills Cop’s remake and another unnamed TV sitcom were not able to make it on air. We hope to see him take a role though in future opportunities for a sequel of Beverly Hills Cop.


Brendan Fraser who became popular for his lead role in The Mummy trilogy is one who made sure to have a steady career in the industry. He seemed to be one of the few stars who are drawn more to films with adventure and the knack for animation and effects just like his other film projects, Monkeybone, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and Furry Vengeance. In his attempt to take on more serious roles, Fraser passed upon one prestigious movie that could have been his chance to get back up as it the movie easily became a hit, Journey to the Center of the Earth in 2008. Oh well, it could have been easily nailed the movie with his credit role.


Taylor Lautner was the guy behind the character, Jacob in The Twilight Saga. After the first movie, he gained much popularity because of his role. At the brink of taking flight in his career however, he experienced turbulence and finally went downhill when he was not able to maintain image and performance in his succeeding projects, Abduction, and Tracers. The movies were filled with a bad review and the hike in his pay also somehow warded off redemption projects. Although his shift in comedy is able to rake in investment money for him, we do think he knows very well that these won’t be the industry that’ll help him win awards. We hope to see him back on track soon!


Hugh Grant, although being one of those celebrities who would sometimes make it to news headlines for something negative, manage to maintain his career and remain unbothered. There was one scandal back in 1995 that involved a prostitute yet he still nailed his movies, Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Bridget Jones’s Diary. Lately, though, there has been an obvious decline in his career whereby it has been hard for him to land in major movie roles. It seems that his credit roles of being a sweetheart leading man in movies have caused him to be type-casted as such and is unable to adjust in any other roles. From here on, if it were true, it’s tough luck for this heartthrob.


Another of Hollywood’s known it-guy, Freddie Prinze Jr. seems to be not so much of it anymore nowadays. In his latest sitcom, Freddie, it has been quite obvious how his career has been going downhill such project didn’t grow or even activate his fanbase and so it was considered a flop. Also, with the number of underperforming roles and results of his projects, it looks like it’s going to take a while for us to see him back on screen. To pay off mortgages, and just to keep the flow moving, Prinze shifted to voice credits and apparently seemed to have been a flop too. Hopefully, the new hobby of gaming would yield success and credits soon!


In 2013, Robin Thicke became known in the music industry of pop. With the chart-topping single, Blurred Lines he easily became quite a sensation in all America. But due to some unfortunate events, one bad decision led to another when he got sued by the family of the late Marvin Gaye for some serious similarity of his hit song to Gaye’s Got to Give it Up. Involving the help of lawyers in both parties a settlement arrived. But this shortly also led to another court proceedings of divorce between Thicke and his wife. And even though, he tried to win her back publicly by releasing a new album and crediting it to his wife’s name, success didn’t follow suit both for the album and the divorce.


Warren Beatty’s unfortunate threat in his career happened when he became one of the presenters in the 2017 Academy Awards for Best Picture. It was said that he was given the wrong envelope by the accountant of the ceremony when he was supposed to announce the winner for best picture. However, he passed the envelope on to his co-presenter, Faye Dunaway – which she erroneously announced La La Land the winner instead of the true winner of that category to be Moonlight. Although it was purely not their fault really, Beatty faces the downhill effects of his showbiz investment. Too bad, we hope it won’t be for long.


It may have not meant anything to Jamie Kennedy when he starred in failed commercial credits such as Son of the Mask and Malibu’s Most Wanted. But those flops should have been like a red flag to him so he could have done well to adjust and avoid such end. However, he has some projects that became okay such as Scream and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Finally, in 2013 another opportunity presented itself to him and he became the New Year’s Eve special broadcast host in Los Angeles, First Night 2013. To start the night off he joked about Psy, the Korean artist and it was borderline vulgar. Long story short, the event was a flop and was followed by technical issues as well as with poor product placements. Just like that, the start-of-the-year broadcast became to him also the end Kennedy’s career.


Robert Blake is one of the prime Hollywood actors who have graced the industry for six long decades. He started as a child actor and has maintained a career in front of the camera until in 2001 when news about how his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley was violently murdered. News reported that his wife was found shot in the head in Blake’s car which was parked near the restaurant where they just had dinner. He was acquitted at first for lack of evidence to prove that he murdered his wife. However, years later, he was found guilty by a jury and was made to pay millions and this led to his bankruptcy as well.


Renowned singer and songwriter, CeeLo Green is a top-charter artist for his soul music songs. His songs become easily a hit worldwide. Not only is he known for his musical talent, but he is also a known businessman and voice talents in movies as well as appears on TV shows. With good money management, he is able to win and gain some more. However, his behavior somehow became quite a problem and has caused him legal troubles. Also, there have been some social media comments he made that were just to off for his fans to take, like comments that defended rape and the likes. Yikes.


In 2017, comedian Kathy Griffin who is a known broadcaster of CNN also appears in many comedy shows on TV and even accepts supporting roles in films and TV productions. It was in a very unfortunate social media post she made on that year that her biggest career threat happened. She took to social media a photo of her with the U.S. President Donald Trump mannequin which was covered in blood. It was so out of bound that it was taken as a threat to the life of the president. Though it was only a joke, it backlashed on her and caused her dismissal from CNN just days after she posted the photo. Also, all her tours and events were canceled. While all artists like her make sure everything they do is an investment for their next project, hers seem to have been a bad one and stopped the succeeding.


Jared Fogle made a name for himself back when he was just a college student who credited his significant weight loss to eating Subway sandwiches. His story was featured in the school’s newspaper and got the attention of the Subway. Soon he got hired to be the Subway’s spokesperson. Soon, this opportunity led him to a series of success in appearing on TV commercials and even in the film series, Sharknado. But in 2015, upon advised by a reporter, the FBI investigated him and was eventually arrested for child pornography and child prostitution. The next thing about him was a sentence of 15 years in prison.


Stephen Collins is one of the actors who remained active in Hollywood since the time he stared in 1974. He is most known for his role in the movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the Commander. Also, he is most remembered also for the long-running family drama TV series, 7th Heaven. Of course, an actor like him has appeared in so many films and TV shows already and has gained a record of many successes included in his list is also his degree earned from Amherst College. However, due to a leaked recording of one of his therapy sessions, his career was disturbed and turned sour, especially when the content of such recording involved his own admission of molesting underage girls. A scandal he eventually admitted also in People magazine.


Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes is known for her TV series, All That and The Amanda Show. Also, she was featured in films such as Big Fat Liar, Hairspray, and Easy A. Bynes for a time became ladies’ trendy fashion influence as she also started and made an investment in having her own fashion line where she partnered with Steve & Barry’s. However, in 2008 the retail chain filed for bankruptcy and Bynes suffered from mental health and substance abuse. These eventually led her career to suffer as reports of her public offenses grew. During this difficult time for her, she has not just ruined her career but also burned some relationships. She was later reported to have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Jim Carey is one of the unforgettable comedy actors of all time. Who can forget his amazing performances in the hit movies, The Mask, Ace Ventura, and The Truman Show which were just some of the box office legacies which put him on the sit of being Hollywood’s comedy king, His movies were consistently earning at least $100 million revenue and it made him such an important actor of his time. However, as the most constant thing in this world is change, the world of Hollywood also changed, and with it came the shift to another genre of film production. The change got to a degree that the actor was unable to keep up as it was something he was unprepared for.


Paul Reubens was the one who created and also portrayed the popular, fictional character, Pee-Wee Herman. The character becomes so popular it has graced many productions successfully on film and on tv in the ‘80s. Prior to this break-in Reubens life, he worked in kitchens and even as a salesman when he was just a fresh graduate. Of course, back then he would have money management issues as would any normal fresh graduate would have. When his career break came, however, it changed him in the inside. He soon got involved in legal troubles that have blocked many things for him eventually as his legal battles grew in number and worse.


Tila “Tequila” Nguyen is one of those MTV artists who became popular because of her social media presence. She used as a platform, MySpace where her fanbase grew so much in that network so much so, even MTV recognized her and considered her an investment because of her online fanbase. As a result, MTV produced a dating show called, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. However, one of her posts gave away something that alarmed and even shattered her fans, as she posted an article expressing antisemitic and pro-Nazi sentiments. Finally, she came out to another article titled, Why I Sympathize with Hitler, followed by a photo of her in a Nazi-inspired outfit.


Randy Quaid is one of the few talented actors out there who can do well not just in comedy roles but also in drama ones. Many times, he was recognized for his appearances and performances in many films and TV shows too. However, later on, while Quaid was at the peak of his career, news of him and his wife surfaced hinting how both of them are facing serious legal issues. They were even both arrested for using an invalid credit card to pay their bills. Their issues went to a degree of being yet again charged for burglary when they squatted outside their already sold property. In 2010, when the couple finally made a move in Canada, it was said that it was because their lives were in danger in America.


No doubt that Chris Brown’s music is good. He really makes such a fine artist in the music industry. However, when news in 2009 broke out about how he has battered his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, things started to shift for Brown. Even with his successful albums and fantastic talent, news of what he did destroy his image totally. Good thing he made a quite good investment with the money he earned at his prime. But for his publicized issue, he was charged to a five-year period of being on probation, subjected to counseling and community service. There has been news again though of his violent behavior and some substance abuse. Oh boy, we pray for no further trouble for him.


One of the highest-grossing actors, Johnny Depp has been the man behind the lead roles and characters in the successful films series, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series, and the movies, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is also known to have put high investment stakes on companies such as film production, wine-making, and on a high-end restaurant in Paris. However, in 2016, troubling news about domestic violence spread when his ex-wife Amber Heard came out about it following her move of filing the divorce. Although charges had been dropped and settled, another legal issue surfaced about his financial managers mismanaging his money where they also countersued proving him wrong. We sure hope Depp would just be fine and get back up.


Charlie Sheen used to be among the list of highest-paid actors on TV. He starred in successful films like Wall Street, Hot Shots!, and The Three Musketeers. Also, Sheen can be seen in numerous TV shows he also made sure to have an investment other than on his career and so he put a good amount of money on children’s clothing line and even did great in endorsing products. However, in 2006, his ex-wife accused him of domestic abuse, and yet again in 2009 his third wife did the same but this time he was arrested and was put on probation.


Phil Spector used to be a highly regarded music producer who was known for his multi-talents. He also was noted for his very excellent and meticulous way of handling stages in recording music. He took his craft very seriously and handled it in such a high degree. Spector is known to have worked with some of the biggest stars in the industry such as The Beatles, Cher, and Tina Turner to name a few. However, in 2003, actress Lana Clarkson was found dead in his home which he was unsuccessful to prove his innocence in 2009 and so he was sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment.


Dr. Luke is one of the biggest names in the music industry. He is known for producing music along with big stars in the genre of pop music and to have successful collaborations with pop stars such as Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and Britney Spears. In 2004, however, Kesha came out publicly and accused Dr. Luke of sexual assault as well as other offenses. With the highly publicized legal battle between the two and despite the dismissal of other offenses against him, fans and other people expressed support on Kesha’s claims. And though lawyers may have helped him out, Sony Music, however, had made a sound decision of distancing from him. Too bad.


There was a time that Bill Cosby almost got the crown of being King of Sitcoms back when he was at his prime shooting for his very own show, The Cosby Show. With a could-have-been, another successful project on the way with NBC, a very unfortunate event surfaced when 50 women or more came forward about the sexual advances made by the actor against them. As a result, his project was put on hold and finally got canceled especially when he was pronounced guilty on three of those accounts. Well, all that money he earned from the past, sad to say, probably mostly paid for professional fees of his lawyers and lawsuit damages.


Political drama TV series lead actor, Columbus Short worked as a choreographer to Britney Spears for her tours. According to reports, he was able to make use of his many talents and learned how to capitalize on them as his own mother runs a talent management company. With his talents, he was able to place himself well in the industry and made such a good investment in them. However, unsure whether which came first, he was reported to be suffering from legal problems and substance abuse. As a result of such issues, his career got affected just as well as his personal life was, too. Finally, in 2014, he was charged guilty of domestic violence and it has been hard for him to get back up ever since.


Cameron Diaz has been noted to be one of those who’s performance on movies and even her choices of movies to be inconsistent. There was a lot of time of course that she was recognized for her choice of films and for her performance such as in the movies, Being John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky, and Gangs of New York. However, there were also the films, Sex Tape and Annie where such movies became a commercial flop. Some fans would plea for her that she start to commit and look at every project more than just an opportunity for exposure but truly an investment as it is for the next successful project, maybe, it’ll all go smoothly and consistently for her.


Ashley Greene is most remembered for her role in the successful and top-grossing film, Twilight film series. However, succeeding projects for her hasn’t been all that good just like her 2012 film, Apparition. Even if the flop wasn’t entirely her fault, there could’ve been something she could have done or their production team to have done to avoid it. Also, Greene could have learned from that experience, too, considering that it was the first movie she did where she was the lead actor. Anyhow, we hope she gets to finally land a deal project that’ll set her to a higher degree in her acting career.


After playing Althea in The People vs. Larry Flynt, Courtney Love had a whole career work on and flourish. However, things went spiral and she got caught up in drug addiction the very reason for her to start losing grip on the career that could have taken her to places and even to a higher degree in life. Her drug problems have led her in and out of courts and her money wasted on lawyer fees and damages. Due to a lack of sound judgment, Love also drove away any possible projects and collaborations because of her mess. Oh well, we just hope to hear good about her soon.


Teen star, Julia Stiles is most remembered for her teen films. She was also in the film series, Bourne, and was recognized for her performance in the TV series, Dexter, by the Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. However, her career has long been challenged in landing good roles in good films. Usually, it would take her years to find the next good one. She even came out in one interview where she shared sentiments about how it is easy and quick for the industry to lose interest in actors. So even though she expresses a strong desire to press on in the industry, she somehow also considered time and effort investment in studies and building her family.


Jennifer Love Hewitt is famous for her teenage roles in Party of Five and I Know What You Did Last Summer. She was also the lead actor in the supernatural TV series, Ghost Whisperer.
As a lot of her fans may be wondering why she hasn’t been cast anymore, rumors have it that it is because the actress seems to be known to be difficult on set. Although we may probably never find out how true this rumor is, what we can know for sure is she is currently married to her The Client List co-star, Brian Hallisay and they are now parents to two amazing children they are raising in the coastal area of Los Angeles in a property they have put their investment money in.


Tiger Woods used to be known for his superb talent and ability. He is a well-known professional golfer, who even received many awards for being an outstanding one and for setting many records for the sport. Also, he is a known philanthropist who supports and funds children and youth education. However, his good name and reputation got tainted to a degree that his being a womanizer became more of what he is known for nowadays following his marital problems which eventually led to a bound-to-happen divorce with his wife. Such events ruined his family-man image and ss a result also, many companies had withdrawn their sponsorship deals with him.


Katherine Heigl despite her performances in her own films and the recognition she gets, has this thing of throwing shade against her own movies. She referred to her successful movie, Knocked Up, to be a sexist film, and also when she was recognized for her performance in her credit role in Grey’s Anatomy, she declined and explained that she was undeserving of the nomination as their material wasn’t worthy of it. Her moves so far haven’t been that great so much so that while she would still appear in romantic comedy films, not much has been successful since. Oh well.


Even though Lindsay Lohan started young in the industry and may get homecourt advantage when it comes to winning roles, there is still this rampant issue among actors with regard to substance abuse. With her successful teenage films and chick flicks, Lindsay could have easily been so much more if not for this thing among stars. Now, Lohan just has got to find herself first and focus on getting better. Who knows one day we might just get her back on the screen better than ever. With her earnings from childhood, we have yet to hear of any bankruptcy threat yet. She might have had it on investment somewhere and get it to earn more for her to live off.


Howard Dean was a former governor who won fair and squares the crowd’s choice to be the democratic’s party nominated president in the year 2004. However, just because of one indiscriminate expression of he made during his speech, the people somehow got put off him. The blunder was captured by media and became the subject of ridicule of many people across the globe. He probably was humiliated by it to a degree that he decided of dropping his candidacy as he knew it affected his popularity so much. At the same time, it also became a big lesson for him to learn from.


Michael Richards is a stand-up comedian who has achieved great success in the industry. Despite his steady career since 1979, he has somehow never learned what causes actors to flop or die in the field. So much so that he failed to observe how racist comments are easily disapproved by fans and even production companies alike. It was in 2006, in an incident in a comedy club where he was criticized for his stand-up routine. He failed to be a sport about it that he went to a degree of responding through a long, angry, racist speech that went public and forced him to take early retirement from comedy.


Brat Pack member and the teen idol from the ‘80s, Rob Lowe achieved so much in the industry. His successful career has so far earned him a Hollywood star proving the impact he was able to make in the industry. However, in 1988 the public got hold of his sex tape with a sixteen-year-old girl he only met at a night club. Despite his achievements and advocacies, the incident overshadowed them all and his tape became one of the first to be sold commercially. Since then, his teen idol image didn’t do so much. Good thing he had good skills in budgeting of all his earnings and was able to evade bankruptcy.


Sung Hyun-ah started her career from joining beauty pageants in Korea. She was second runner up in 1994 Miss Korea pageant where she proceeded to represent her country at the Miss International pageant in the same year. From then on, she rose in the career of being featured in films on credit roles of being sexy and strong. However, in 2002, the actress got into trouble when she was found using illegal drugs. This was also followed by a full album of nude photos of her which was taken against her and she was charged with prostitution. However, in 2014 she was proven innocent in the lower court.


Known for her cooking show hosting, Paula Deen became quite the TV personality in the field. No matter how situational this choice was for her as she could be so much more in the industry, her anxiety disorder so early in life and in this career left her no choice but to focus on cooking show hosting. As cooking is the only way for her to work without leaving her house. After her divorce and being a single mom pushed her to show great money management skills as well as investment planning skills which later on led her to a new business venture of catering which later on led to starting a restaurant. From then on, as they say, is history. But the very main reason why she doesn’t have any cooking show anymore was because of her racist remarks she once said on air that led her to a court decision of cancellation of all her shows.


Jeffrey Jones is known for his acting career that started on stage before it even came to screen. He first started on this career in Minnesota where eventually he was moved to London and then to Broadway. Although stage acting maybe some kind of rush for him, he also enjoyed film and TV acting where he was fondly remembered for his credit roles in the movies, Amadeus, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Deadwood. Despite his success in his career, in 2002, he got arrested for child pornography when he said to have hired a 14-year-old boy to pose nude for the pictures when he isn’t even a photographer. He was later put on probation and required to go through counseling.


Every big event or show always strive to start with a big production number, especially one like the Academy Awards. In 1989, Eileen Bowman was honoured of such opportunity to open the Awards show. However, no matter the honour it could have been to her, the 11-minute opening number that featured her was one referred to by many as cringeworthy. Bowman’s sequence involved her singing and dancing around the stage while dressed as Snow White. Not that it wasn’t anything, but to perform on stage in front of the industry’s biggest names should mean so much as an investment for the featured celebrity. That, Bowman failed to work out.

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