Famous Women In The 60’s: Then And Now

Rita Tushingham

In 1961, Rita Tushingham debuted as a film actress in the film A Taste of Honey. Since then, she kept scoring roles for various movies such as Doctor Zhivago, Smashing Time, The Bed Sitting Room, The Leather Boys, and many more. Rita has also collected countless of awards and recognitions for her contributions to the world of cinema, as well as for her fantastic performances. There’s no doubt that her credit cards are also benefitting from her acting success.

More than that, the world will always be inspired by her rise to fame and her portrayals of iconic and interesting characters. Oliver Reed once said: “She’s not the most classically beautiful woman England has ever had, but she has a pair of eyes and I want to go swimming.” Rita Tushingham has a pair of turquoise eyes that are intoxicating. In the second half of the 1960s, her popularity began to erode, but christie in Zhivago began to soar, making her the face of swinging London.