Hollywood Celebrities Who Lost Their Careers Because of A Mistake

Being a popular celebrity in Hollywood comes with a cost. It would take more than just talent and personality to remain on top and to thrive in the industry. That is why we think that at all times actors and other artists are to be found at their best. However, for the following celebrities, although they tried, they were at one point caught off guard, not in their best state, or just in a bad time. Also, maybe, they just had bad luck. However, some of them were kind enough to let us in their lives and were humble to a degree that they even admitted to their mistakes. We hope this serves as a lesson if not for other celebrities, but at least to us common people, living our lives as if we’re the only ones in the world.


There was a time that Mel Gibson was heralded in the world of film and media for his actions and also directing craft. However, not all that is great on the camera is also good off-camera. Apparently, Gibson had secret thoughts that he should have been best kept hidden. He got involved in a controversy where his racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic opinions got leaked to the public. As a result, he got much hate from fans and even bodies such as Facebook and Twitter in protest. Since then, no one in the film industry would bet on him or admit him to a team. We just hope he does right with his money management after all the successful projects he made before for sure he has earned quite a fortune. It is indeed best to manage them well.


O.J. Simpson is one famous celebrity also who was best known for his NFL professional football career as a running back. He started his acting career way before he retired from football and also capitalized on his earnings by placing them on the right investments. However, while at his prime, he got convicted guilty on the murder trial of his ex-wife and her friend. Although on the initial trial he was first pronounced not guilty, he was not able to get away on the second. Also, he faced other legal issues like tax evasion and robbery adding to the legal damages he has to settle.


Known stand-up comedian and veteran of Saturday Night Live, Robert Michael Schneider, although cast in many box office movies such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, its sequel, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo, and The Hot Chick, was not treated seriously by many producers. They found him not meant for movies with an emotional or intellectual degree higher than the movies he filmed. So Schneider moved himself to shift to voice acting and even produced his own specials. We guess by now, those producers were proven wrong. After all, Scheider proved he can be taken seriously too. Other than what he earned from his successful movies, he seemed to be earning well with his current stints.


Wesley Snipes is a known martial artist in training even when he was as young as 12 years old. He is known to be of high degree level in both Karate and Hapkido. He is also known to be part of the movies, White Men Can’t Jump, Passenger 57, and the Blade movie series. As talented he already is, he also ventured his earnings on business investments such as owning a security firm and a film company. He just committed one mistake though. He failed to pay his taxes and so got convicted and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.


Taylor Momsen started her career in Hollywood when her parents signed her up with an agency for modeling. At that time, she was only 2 years old but one successful thing for her led to another through the years. She is best remembered for her credit role in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and also when she became part of the TV series, Gossip Girl. However, she may have outgrown Hollywood that she had a strong drive to move on to music and take her success in the industry. While she may be talented with acting, it looks like we won’t be seeing her in prime time TV or any movie at all any time soon. Right now, it’s obvious how she’s happy with music.


While Jennifer Grey’s issue is incredibly unlikely to happen to just anyone like her, but it did. It is true that a nose job got to a degree that it caused this actress’s Hollywood career. Grey is best known for her 1980s films, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing. Even though she seriously thought that her nose job would be an investment for her, the industry didn’t think so as it has changed how she looked to a degree that she is no longer recognizable as Jennifer Grey. Not that her nose job was poorly done, it just made her look different to a point that even her closest friends didn’t recognize her too.


Paz De La Huerta is a daughter of a Spanish nobleman, who for sure is already loaded in terms of fortune. However, she appeared to be suffering multiple conditions such as abnormal growth under her arm where despite multiple surgeries, it hasn’t been addressed yet. We are sure that having a rich father would get her covered by some insurance policy, especially on health, so she has probably no worries about that. But she also has a bad case of behavior that led her to cases of assault. She is known for her role in A Walk to Remember, and the drama series, Boardwalk Empire.


Elizabeth Berkley in her film, Showgirls, was set to stardom. However, controversial credit role in the movie raised criticism and hate from fans that it ruined her career. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but such negative feedback from the show and her role backfired on her personally. For two decades she wasn’t able to get any role to prove herself, despite the film’s director admittance to New York Daily News about how the film ruined Berkley’s career. Finally, once more she was given the opportunity to be able to perform in Dancing With The Stars, which she tearfully recalled how the unfortunate event ruined her and how being able to perform in the show has lifted a long time sentence of a sort.


Even a very talented and seriously engaged comedian and TV personality, Andy Dick is not exempted from being destroyed and ruined by substance abuse and alcoholism. He started out as a young comedian in the industry and while even in college he felt the calling to make an investment on himself and improve his talent in comedy. Dick was cast into many roles in films and TV shows, however, his involvement in many controversies lead from one thing to another until such time he had to finally seek professional help. He has admitted to his struggle which has led him to be reckless on many occasions. He is currently under the facility and we hope he gets better in time.


Gary Busy who is considered as a legendary actor of the 70s is undeniably also one of the most talented personalities of all time. He is one of the few to receive an Oscar nomination while he was at the peak of his career. However, in one uneventful day in December 1988, he met a motorcycle accident where he had to pull some cash loan to pay off medical assistance exhausted. Such incident got into the limelight of media as he was vocal about his opinions about motorcycle helmets, which now after the accident, it has ended his career. Soon after, he fell into drug addiction. From time to time though, he would still do cameos and guest appearances.