Stunning Female Athletes Who Walked The Red Carpet

When some think of female athletes, they imagine a less feminine woman compared to other ladies. We don’t know what these people mean by less womanly, but we do know that it’s not true. It can be proven in this article, since this list contains photos of stunning female athletes who look amazing when they walked on the red carpet. If you’ve seen some give their best on the court or in the gym, you can now see them look their best on the red carpet. Continue reading to see what these gorgeous female athletes in the world look life after winning their games.

Maria Sharapova – Tennis

Maria Sharapova is one of the best tennis players in the world. She was born in Russia but has been residing in the United States since 1994. One of her most unforgettable moments on the red carpet was when she went to the ESPY Awards back in 2011. She wore a memorable dress with a frilly skirt and gold embellishments. What made her stand out is those toned legs, which are a bonus from her training. Aside from tennis, she also has a successful candy company called Sugarpova. We bet she didn’t need a business loan to create this brand.

Jennie Finch – Softball

Jennie Lynn Finch is a professional American softball player who was born and raised in La Mirada, California. She marked her name in this sport when she pitched for the Arizona Wildcats. Finch continued her athletic career and joined the United States National Softball Team and, eventually, the Chicago Bandits. She is a medal-winning Olympian who helped her team win gold. Finch is one of the most beautiful athletes, which can be seen in this photo. Even if she’s retired, she still looks gorgeous and has a great body. All thanks to her career, she probably has a low health insurance premium.

Paige Spiranac – Golf

Paige Spiranac won the hearts of her fans, not only for her looks but for her skills on the golf course as well. She is an amazing golfer with the appearance of a supermodel. Don’t be fooled by her sweet face because this athlete can hit a ball hard. Houses near golf courses she played in would probably need roof repair if ever her ball lands on them. She also disproves the stereotype that golfers aren’t skilled athletes. If people see her on the course, their jaws would probably drop on how far she can whack the ball to the fairway.

Caroline Wozniacki – Tennis

Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish tennis player who once topped the world tennis rankings for women. Aside from her amazing tennis skills, her fans also adore her good looks and excellent shape. Outside the court, she looks as stunning as a supermodel, even with her athlete’s body. Who would have thought how prettier she can look without the sweat dripping down her face and her serious expression when she’s about to whack a forehand. With her earnings from winning tournaments all over the world and brand endorsements, she probably doesn’t have to worry about loans or ever file for bankruptcy.

Anastasia Yankova – MMA

Watch out for this athlete — Russian athlete Anastasia Yankova may look sweet on an ordinary day, but she is one hell of a fighter. This woman is actually a Bellator Fighting Championships’ mixed martial arts fighter, and she is also one of the best flyweight fighters in the world. Even if she’s strong due to her training and the nature of her sport, she can still rock any outfit with her perfectly toned body. We wonder how she was able to maintain her pretty face since it can bruise or worse, get wounded. She probably has health and cosmetic insurance.

Candace Parker – Basketball

If you are a fan of basketball, then you probably know who Candace Parker is. It’s rare for people to look for female basketball players when searching for beautiful female athletes. But Parker proved them wrong with her gorgeous looks. But let’s not just credit her beauty as she has also won multiple college and professional awards and became Gatorade National Girls Basketball Player of the Year two times. Did you know that she is the younger sister for the former NBA player Anthony Parker? It seems that basketball runs in their family as these two excel in it.

Nastia Liukin – Gymnastics

All eyes were on Nastia Liukin when she won the individual all-around gold medal during the Summer Olympics back in 2008. After that event, she gained more attention since people were able to see how gorgeous she looks off the mats. She appeared on several red carpet events, such as the ESPY Awards back in 2014. She showed off her sexy toned-body and proved to the world that female athletes could dress like a supermodel as well. Thanks to her athleticism and training, she was able to maintain her health as she grows older. We bet she was able to get a low insurance premium.

Anastasia Ashley – Surfing

One sport that we hardly ever think about is surfing. But people should tune in to it more as they can watch gorgeous female athletes, such as Anastasia Ashley, skillfully ride the waves. When she went to the ESPY awards, we were amazed at how she looks more stunning without the beach hair and wetsuit. She actually gave us a glimpse of a female surfer’s toned-body. Who knew that this sport can give you a great shape? Even if you have to spend time under the hot sun, it seems worth it. We wonder if it helps maintain a good credit score as well.

Barbara Blank – Wrestling

Some people tune in to WWE because they are fans of wrestling. For others, they also know that there are gorgeous women who do professional wrestling. One example is Barbara Blank, or more popularly known to WWE fans as Kelly Kelly. Pro wrestling is actually not considered a sport, but they still have to train and maintain their body like other athletes. It also takes skill to be able to do staged combat, which is probably why Blank has to watch her shape and health. If you’ve seen some of the stunts in WWE, then you would also hope that Blank has health insurance.

Anna Kournikova – Tennis

When you see professional female tennis players on television, you would sometimes do a double-take because it might be an advertisement or a show. Athletes such as Anna Kournikova can be mistaken for an actress or model. When this Russian tennis player first played on the court, some people would have thought that she lost her way to a shoot. But don’t be fooled by her stunning appearance as she can really hit that ball hard. She gained the hearts of her fans for her amazing tennis skills as well. Kournikova probably has a good credit report, thanks to all her winnings from tournaments.