Urszula Radwanska – Tennis

Another gorgeous tennis player on this list is Urszula Radwanska. It almost seems as if supermodel looks are part of a female tennis player’s assets. This Polish tennis superstar once placed 29th in the women’s world tennis rankings. She may not have reached the top 10, but she has earned four singles titles along with doubles titles from the ITF and WTA tours. She already looks stunning on the court, but when she gets dolled-up, you would think she was an actress when she walked the red carpet. Whether she wears a tennis outfit or a wedding dress, her beauty and toned-body can absolutely make jaws drop.

Miesha Tate – MMA

If you’ve been a fan of MMA for a long time, then you might recognize the name, Miesha Tate. This female athlete is a retired mixed martial artist who is also a one-time fight star. She may have ended her athletic career, but she has the looks to pursue an acting or modeling career. Every time she shows at an event, you could see the investment she puts on her appearance and shape. No wonder she has a lot of followers on Instagram. If you see her now, it’s hard to imagine that her profession was once punching people.

Laila Ali – Boxing

Seeing the word Ali and boxing together, you can probably guess that this female athlete is the daughter of the famous boxer, Muhammad Ali. It seems that greatness runs in the family as she was able to finish her career with an undefeated record. We’re glad to see that she was able to follow her father’s footsteps. We do hope she had health insurance for unforeseen accidents. But since she has already hung up her gloves, we don’t need to worry about it. In fact, she was able to maintain her beauty and shape, which she shows to the world at events like ESPY Awards.

Silje Norendal – Snowboarding

Recently, the name Silje Norendal has been appearing in the headlines. This female athlete was able to mark her name in the snowboarding world, thanks to her amazing skills. She is a Norwegian surfboarder who has competed at the Winter Olympics and Winter X Games. We do hope she has health insurance as her sport can be dangerous. You should know that not only is she an accomplished athlete, but her beauty stands out from the rest. Her Norwegian blood gave her piercing icy blue eyes and light blonde hair that can give actresses and models a run for their money.

Camila Giorgi – Tennis

Once again, we have a female tennis player on this list, and I bet we could already make a long list of gorgeous tennis superstars. Camila Giorgi is an Italian-born tennis player who was very successful in her athletic career. You could see that she was able to maintain her toned-body as well as become more beautiful after her pro days. Her gorgeousness stands out on the red carpet that some people mistake her for a model or actress. We wonder if she has made any investments in beauty products or cosmetic surgeries, but it’s probably not the latter option.

Carmen Jorda – Racing

Another sport that we rarely associate with beauty is racing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of stunning female racers. To prove it, here is the gorgeous Carmen Jorda, who is a Spanish race car driver. She looks like an actress that if you see her behind the wheel, you might think she was part of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. It’s too bad that sports photographers can rarely photograph her because she is usually wearing a helmet. But that’s fine since safety first! She definitely has health insurance because she’s participating in a dangerous sport.

Tori Bowie – Track and Field

It’s rare to hear about famous female athletes in the world of track and field, let alone a stunning one. But even if it’s not a mainstream sport, there are non-track and field fans who probably know the name, Tori Bowie.She is a three-time Olympic medalist and was the 100m champion during the 2017 World Athletics Championships. Aside from her amazing skills on the track, she is also stunning. If a man ever wants to chase after her, they might have a difficult time, literally and figuratively, because she probably has a lot of suitors. We can’t wait for her to find love and see her in a wedding dress.

Mikaela Shiffrin – Skiing

Mikaela Shiffrin is the definition of talent and beauty. She was able to mark her name in the world of skiing as the youngest slalom champion in history during the Winter Olympics in 2014. She is also an amazing and well-known alpine skier — no wonder she rose to fame. Her skills and good looks make her memorable for anyone who sees her skiing down the mountain or walking the red carpet. It’s a shame that she’s all bundled up when participating in tournaments. But since safety is a priority, we do hope she also has health insurance if ever something goes wrong.

Danica Patrick – Racing

Not only is Danica Patrick a beautiful race car driver, but she is also one of the most popular female athletes. People who aren’t avid fans of racing has heard her name because this racer was the one who broke NASCAR’s gender barrier. She proved to the world that women are also great drivers. However, even the most successful athletes have to retire, and it happened for Patrick just last year. She is currently recording health and wellness videos and has a podcast called Pretty Intense Podcast. We hope she starts doing online classes for her fans and other people who want to have a healthy lifestyle.

McKayla Maroney – Gymnastics

If you are familiar with memes, then I don’t need to introduce McKayla Maroney to you. Who can forget her famous ‘not impressed’ meme when she wasn’t standing on top of the podium during an Olympic event. She may not have won the gold medal, but she did gain worldwide fame after this competition. Currently, Maroney has shifted her career from being an athlete to a musician. We don’t know if she’s progressing in this new career, but her beauty and popularity may help her make it. She’s also probably not nearing bankruptcy thanks to her winnings from her gymnastics career.