A Foster Mom’s Discovery That Changed Her Life And Her Foster Children’s Lives Forever

In her early thirties, Katie Page went through a divorce she never imagined for herself that early
on and the whole ordeal had left her feeling alone in life and the world. At that point, her dream of building a family and also to get the career that she always dreamed of already seemed and felt far fetch for her. But later on, she found herself making a life-changing decision that marked and took credit for how her dreams could still happen for her, let alone, shape the lives of everyone involved around her.


Born and raised in Alabama and in her early thirties, Katie Page was faced with a trying marriage that was already on the verge of ending. Such a milestone is one no one hopes to tread on. Such experience gave Katie the undeniable feeling of loss and hopelessness at the face of the future she dreamed of getting and all the dreams she thought she’d be living. To the degree that she thought the possibility of building a family in the near future seemed lost forever. But in her brokenness, Katie searched for something that would fill the void and she knew she needed to make a change.


Filled with a great need to leave the past behind, Katie decided on the move to a new location despite everything she has built in Alabama. She packed everything, with a good amount of help from a dependable moving company, and despite of the good amount of memories Alabama, she moved to Denver, Colorado. It was in 2015 when she decided to make the move and she was fortunate enough to have found and landed on a job as an integrated service manager for GE Johnson. Her work with GE Johnson solved many of her relocating concerns to Denver in Colorado.