Starting anew in Denver, with a new home and a great new job with GE Johnson, it felt like she made the best decision ever. Although her purchased, spacious four-bedroom home needed to have some work done; she took on the project by herself. Without thinking about the bulk of the work to be done and how extensive the work could get not to mention costly, she proceeded not needing anything or thinking of any loan. According to her, it was important that she did it by herself so the house would mean more than just a physical building but more on something that could turn out to be something that would be of great sentimental value to her.


To keep herself busy and mind occupied, renovating her new home was the perfect solution for her, so at last, she started her own little project. A home renovation is not an easy feat. It would require a lot of money, energy in building and checking on it as well as a whole lot of responsibilities like its permits, legalities and insurances and they are just a few of the big reasons why some would avoid or get intimidated by it. However, despite her marriage ending recently and her longing to fill the void in her, Katie remained positive and expectant that she would soon stumble upon more new opportunities for her to move forward.