Celebrity Parents And Kids That Can Pass As Twins


Having a father who is as famous and good-looking as Will Smith can be quite intimidating for any child, but not for Jaden Smith, who shares his A-lister dad’s appeal and acting prowess. The father and son teamed up in 2006 for the autobiographical drama The Pursuit of Happyness, which is based on a true story of entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s struggle. Positive reviews from critics and moviegoers made the film a certified hit.

One audience remarked, “Excellent acting by Will Smith and his son. So well done, you could feel the despair trying to bring Chris Gardner (Will Smith) to giving up.” It was a great example of sacrificial love for his son. Hopefully, Jaden also follows Will’s money management skills in handling his fat paycheck. The young Smith recently announced that he’s going to release his third mixtape called Cool Tape Vol. 3. Well, let’s all wish him luck in his endeavors!