Denzel Washington: John David Washington

Denzel Washington is an American Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and director. His role as Private Silas Trip in his first successful film called Glory won him many awards. Another of his successful endeavors was his movie The Hurricane, where he played a boxer named Rubin Carter. Denzel also has several acclaimed acting credits, but his performance as Detective Alonzo Harris in the crime drama Training Day earned him the most critical acclaim in his career and numerous awards.

His son, John David, might just be growing up to be just like his father. He seems to be following in his footsteps as he starred in the films Ballers and BlacKkKlansman. Maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and a promising future in the industry may be in sight for John David. Hopefully, the young Washington will be able to enjoy the same successful career as his dashing father.